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# 215 APLE's ham-fisted attempt to silence a critic in the post-factual world Donald Trump has inflicted upon us!

Oh dear!
Taken to court again in Cambodia, by Action Pour les Enfants (APLE) this time,  and not invited to attend!
Am feeling unloved!
First I heard of this latest Cambodian court farce was when I got en email from the Cambodia Daily asking if I would like to comment on the court’s verdict?
“What case?” I asked.
Here it is, with comments interspersed:
APLE Cambodia Welcomes Phnom Penh Municipal Court’s Decision on Defamation case
Wednesday 8th February 2017
“Phnom Penh. On 5th December, 2016, the Phnom Penh Municipal Court heard a defamation lawsuit filed by APLE Cambodia against a 46 year old Australian national James Ricketson and on 15th December 2016 the court pronounced a verdict finding James Ricketson guilty and sentencing him in absentia to compensation of 10 million Riel and 5 million Riel fine according to article 305 of the Criminal Code…”
COMMENT: I was in Phnom Penh on both 5th and 15th of Dec 2016 but today (8th Feb 2017) is the first I have heard of this matter.
Article 305 reads as follows:
Appearance of Accused upon Indictment
Where the court has been seized by an indictment, the accused will remain free to present himself unless the investigating judge or the President of the Investigation Chamber decides to provisionally detain him.
Difficult to present myself to the court if I am not invited?
On the plus side APLE, with an approach to ‘facts’ not dissimilar to Donald Trump’s, has shaved 20 years off my age. We must be grateful for small mercies!
“…In October 2015 APLE brought a lawsuit against James Ricketson after he had made plentiful attempts to defame the organization. In September 2015, in his letter to the Editor of the Cambodia Daily alleged that APLE was not being honest in the rape case involving British national, David Fletcher, who was convicted by the Phnom Penh Municipal Court.”
COMMENT: As has happened to me (with Citipointe church and now APLE), David Fletcher was not notified that he had been tried and found guilty in absentia until after the case had been heard. This is standard operating procedure in Cambodia.  
David Fletcher was not in Cambodia at the time of the alleged rapes (in Phnom Penh), the doctor who examined Yan Dany after the supposedly ‘brutal’ rapes declared her to be a virgin still and Yang Dany (and her mother, Sekun) deny that any rape took place.
Seila Samleang of APLE has no respect for facts but if the reader has an interest in facts (as opposed to whrt is to be found in APLE press releases!) they are to be found below, under ADDENDUM # 1
“On other occasions he accused APLE Cambodia of bribing the police and judicial authorities to convict innocent men like David Fletcher. In the same case he accused APLE of paying the victim and her family to lie about the alleged rape and of being involved in the trafficking of the girl to China.”
APLE did not want me to be in court for the simple reason that Seila Samleang knew that I could prove this last statement (and many like it) to be false. The last thing APLE wanted was for evidence to be presented to the court that was at variance to the ‘fake facts’ it was presenting.
“In many of his blog posts between 2014 and 2015 Ricketson repeatedly wrote to accuse APLE Cambodia of putting innocent men behind bars in order to raise funds with the impressive arrest and conviction rate; buying judges to deliver the verdict in any direction APLE wants; being a corrupt NGO with no respect for Cambodian law or for the legal and human rights of innocent men; and manipulating witnesses and the courts to secure the outcome APLE desires.”
Given that I have not been appraised of any evidence in relation to the charges made against me in this preceding paragraph, it is difficult for me to comment.
However, I can make a statement of the obvious – namely that the Cambodian  Judiciary, on a regular basis, convicts, fines and jails men and women who are denied the legal rights accorded to them by the Cambodian Code of Criminal Procedure. Anyone who thinks otherwise will feel quite at home in the post-factual world Donald Trump has ushered us all into.
The Emperor (the Cambodian judiciary) has no clothes on!
For anyone interested I have, in ADDENDUM # 2, listed all the sections of the Cambodian Code of Criminal Procedure that have been breached by this latest example of ‘justice Cambodian style’.
Hell will freeze over before I pay $1 to APLE. I will, however, appeal its verdict, if the Phnom Municipal Court can bring itself to provide me with the documents I am entitled to in accordance with the Cambodian Code of Criminal Conduct.
Am feeling a new lease of life, having been declared to be only 46 years old by APLE J
June 20th 2010

Journalist Andrew Drummond publishes an article in which Yang Dany refers to David Fletcher as her ‘sweetheart’, her ‘boyfriend’, her ‘fiance’ and as a ‘good man’.

These are not the descriptions one would expect a young woman to use when talking about a man who had, according to later testimony,  ‘brutally raped’ her 15 months earlier – on 15th and 22nd March 2009!

Andrew Drummond had been provided with no evidence at all that Fletcher had  raped Yang Dany or been ‘grooming’ girls.

23rd June  2010

APLE  informs the Department of Anti—Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection that APLE has been “watching” Mr Fletcher since 22nd Jan 2009 on the grounds that the NGO “suspected he may have sexual relationship with minor girls.”

Despite having been ‘watching’ Mr Fletcher for 17 months, APLE had yet  to come up with any evidence of inappropriate sexual behavior on Mr Fletcher’s part. This 17 months of ‘watching’ includes 15th and 22nd March 2009 - the dates when, it is alleged, Mr Fletcher raped Yang Dany.

An extract from this 23rd June APLE Report reads:

“On 30 May 2010, Mr Fletcher had built a relationship with a new girl at Stoeng Meanchey named Yang Dany, aged 17 (according to Residence Book). At that day he took her to visit Prey Veng. According to questioning, Dany told that Mr Fletcher was her sweetheart, and he proposed marriage to her by promising that he would give bride price in the amount of $5,000. On 7th June Mr Fletcher took some items like glasses, plates, wardrobe to Dany’s house and stayed there till over midnight without returning.”

Other than the innuendo inherent in “stayed there till over midnight” there is no suggestion in this APLE report that Mr Fletcher had had either consensual or non-consensual sex with his ‘sweetheart’ Yang Dany.

25th June 2010

Department of Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection files a report of its own - the subject of which is the allegation that David Fletcher was “suspected of having sexual relationships with minors.”

The outcomes of the Anti-Human Trafficking investigation relevant to the charge of rape are, according to court documents, as follows:

“A girl named Yang Dany described that in May 2010, Fletcher tried to get in touch with her and asked her to go sightseeing with him in Prey Veng province. She revealed that Fletcher was her boyfriend and that he had asked to marry her by offering her a dowry of $5,000. The man bought her glasses, plates and wardrobe.”

There is no reference at all in this Anti-Human Trafficking report to Mr Fletcher having raped Yang Dany twice in 2009. There is no suggestion, in the report that David Fletcher and Yang Dany had engaged in either consensual or non-consensual sex. The very worst offence Mr Fletcher could be accused of, on the basis of this Anti-Human Trafficking report, is that he asked her to go to Prey Veng and offered to marry her and pay $5,000 bride price.

The request made by the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit on 25th June 2010 reads as follows:

“To continue to work with APLE to monitor the activities and locate victims for interviews to collect evidence against the suspect.

To work with the British Embassy and CEOP organization to collect additional related information and background of David John Fletcher.

In the event of lack of charging evidence and citing his dangerous behaviours on Cambodian children, the department hereby.”

From these observations, to be found in court documents, certain assumptions can be made:

- APLE, the Anti-Human Trafficking unit, the British Embassy and CEOP had been working together in hopes of finding evidence of ‘dangerous behaviours on Cambodian children’ prior to 25th June 2010.

- APLE, the Anti-Human Trafficking unit, the British Embassy and CEOP had not, as of 25th June 2010 uncovered any evidence at all that Mr Fletcher had raped Dany, had sex with her or had committed “dangerous behaviours on Cambodian children.”  

24th July 2010

David Fletcher accused of “sexual carnal knowledge offense commitment on some of children in Cambodia”. 

No such evidence had existed 4 weeks previously but now, in the wake of Andrew Drummond’s 20th June 2010 article, there is sufficient evidence to warrant Mr Fletcher’s arrest for raping Yang Dany!

What new evidence had come to light in the previous 4 weeks? Other than Yang Dany’s declaration that she had been raped 15 months earlier by the man she described as her ‘fiance’ and under the noses of 4 different investigating bodies monitoring Fletcher’s activities?

June 27th, 2010 

David Fletcher arrested in Bangkok.

Now, with this chronology in mind, gleaned from court documents, lets look again at APLE’S 15th Sept Press Release:

“As a result of the testimony made by the victim and a complaint filed by her mother, APLE offered legal representation to the victim. Mr Fletcher, however, had already left the country and was in Thailand at the time. He was arrested and detained in Thailand.”

By implication APLE is confirming here that it played a role in the arrest in the arrest and detention of Fletcher in Thailand. However, the time of Fletcher’s arrest, Sekun and Dany have not alleged that Fletcher raped Dany. Two days before Fletcher’s arrest there are nothing but allegations. One week before his arrest he is a ‘good man’ and Yang Dany’s ‘husband to be’; her fiancé.

How does APLE explain the discrepancy between the dates it has given in its press release (vague, to say the least!) and the dates that appear in court documents?
Article 44. Opening of Judicial Investigation
In the case of a felony, the Prosecutor shall open a judicial investigation. (1) The judicial investigation shall be based upon the initial submission provided to the investigating judge. The judicial investigation may be opened against identified or unidentified individuals.
The initial submission (to be prepared by the Prosecutor) includes:
  A summary of the facts; (2)
  A legal qualification of the facts;
  The indication of relevant provisions of the criminal and sanction for offense;
  The name(s) of the suspects, if known. The initial submission shall be dated and signed. These formalities shall be strictly complied with or the initial submission shall be void. (2)
COMMENT: Is there an ‘initial submission’ that contains a ‘summary of the facts’?

Article 93. Interrogation Records
      Judicial police officers may order to appear or bring any person who is suspected of committing an offense to their offices. Judicial police officers shall interrogate any such person.
      For each interrogation, a written record shall be established. (3)
      The written record shall be an accurate account of the interrogated person’s responses.(3)  If it is necessary, judicial police officers may use an interpreter/translator who shall take an oath according to his own religion or beliefs. The interpreter/translator shall not be chosen from among the police or military police or any person with a connection to the case.
      The interrogated person shall sign or affix his finger-print to each page of the written record.(3)
      Before signing or affixing the finger-print on the written record, the interrogated person shall re-read the record. If necessary, a judicial police officer shall read the record aloud. Judicial police officers may call for an interpreter/translator. If the interrogated person refuses to sign or affix his finger-print on the written record, the judicial police officer shall so note on the written record.
COMMENT: I have not been ‘interrogated’ and nor have I affixed my finger print to any written record.

Article 124. Introductory Submissions
In compliance with Article 44 (Commencement of Judicial Investigation) of this Code, a judicial investigation is opened by the introductory submission of the Royal Prosecutor. (6)
As provided in the Article 44 (Commencement of Judicial Investigation), paragraph 2, a judicial investigation can be opened against one or more persons whose names are specified in the introductory submission or against unidentified persons.
An investigating judge may not conduct any investigative acts in the absence of an introductory submission. (6)
COMMENT: Is there an ‘introductory submission’?

Article 127. Investigation of Inculpatory and Exculpatory Evidence
An investigating judge, in accordance with the law, performs all investigations that he deems useful to ascertaining the truth.
An investigating judge has the obligation to collect inculpatory as well as exculpatory evidence. (7)
COMMENT: in addition to not being told that charges had been brought against me, in addition to not been notified that I had been summonsed to court, nor have I been given any opportunity to present an Investigating Judge with ‘exculpatory evidence’.

Article 133. Investigative Actions Requested by Charged Persons
At any time during a judicial investigation, the charged person may ask the investigating judge to interrogate him, (8) question a civil party or witness, conduct a confrontation or visit a site. The request shall be in writing with a statement of reasons.
If the investigating judge does not grant the request, he shall issue a rejection order within one month after receiving the request. This order shall state the reasons. The Prosecutor and the charged person shall be notified of the order without delay.
COMMENT: I have not asked an investigating judge to ‘interrogate’ me as I was only informed of the existence of this court case after it had occurred.

Article 143. Notification of Placement under Judicial Investigation
When a charged person appears for the first time, the investigating judge shall check his identity, inform him of the imputed act and its legal qualification, and receive his statement after informing him of the right to remain silent. This notification shall be mentioned in the written record of the first appearance. (9)
If the charged person is willing to answer, the investigating judge shall take the statement immediately.
The investigating judge shall inform the charged person of his rights to choose a lawyer or to have a lawyer appointed according to the Law on the Bar. (10)
COMMENT: If I had been invited to attend the court I would not have remained silent but would have presented exculpatory evidence – if, that is, the evidence against me was provided to me!

The option of choosing a lawyer was not available to me as I did not know (a) that I had been charged with an offence or (b) that I was required to attend court. The latter would have been difficult anyway as I live in Australia. With some notice, however I could have (and would have) travelled to Cambodian to appear in court and defend myself.
Article 145. Presence of Lawyer during  Interrogation
When a charged person has a lawyer, the investigating judge shall summons the lawyer at least five days before the interrogation takes place. (11) During that period, the lawyer may examine the case file.
A charged person can be interrogated only in the presence of his lawyer. (11) However, if the lawyer was properly summonsed but does not show up on the specified date and time, the investigating judge can question the charged person without the presence of his lawyer. The absence of the lawyer shall be noted in the written record of the charged person’s interrogation.
COMMENT: At the risk of belabouring the point, I had no idea that I was due in court today – precisely the same dynamic that prevailed in the case brought against me by Citipointe.

Article 252. Mandatory Rules
The rules and procedures stated in the following Articles regarding general provisions are mandatory and shall be complied with, otherwise the activities shall be null and void.
  128 (Assistance of Court Clerks) of this Code. Proceedings shall also be null and void if the violation of any substantial rule or procedure stated in the Code or any provisions concerning criminal procedure affects the interests of the concerned party. Especially, rules and procedures which intend to guarantee the rights of the defense have a substantial nature. (16)
COMMENT: There is not one part of the Code of Criminal Procedure in this matter that has been adhered to by the Phnom Penh Municipal Court.

Article 318. Establishment of Order in Hearing
The presiding judge shall conduct and lead the trial hearing. The presiding judge shall guarantee the free exercise of the right to defense.

COMMENT: I have been provided with no opportunity to defend myself.

Article 321. Evidence Evaluation by Court
Unless it is provided otherwise by law, in criminal cases all evidence is admissible. The court has to consider the value of the evidence submitted for its examination, following the judge’s intimate conviction.
The judgment of the court may be based only on the evidence included in the case file or which has been presented at the hearing. (20)

COMMENT: I have not been given an opportunity to present evidence in my defense as I have not been provided with evidence of the crimes I am alleged to have committed.

Article 325. Interrogation of Accused
The presiding judge shall inform the accused of the charges that he is accused of and conduct the questioning of the accused. (21) The presiding judge shall ask any questions which he believes to be conducive to ascertaining the truth. The presiding judge has a duty to ask the accused both inculpatory and exculpatory questions. (21)
COMMENT: I have not been informed of any charges against me. I have not been questioned by anyone – the police, an Investigating Judge, a Presiding Judge or anyone else.

Other than APLE’s Press Release  of 8th Feb 2017 I know nothing of this case at all.


  1. Samleang Seila is a con artist. A fraud. He in hoping to make a quick buck out of you Mr Ricketson now that his APLE scam has fallen on hard times and is no longer producing an income for him

    1. James Ricketson Arrested in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for allegedly spying with a drone?

  2. APLE finds a home in a crooked Country; Just takes a little money to own these officials, judges, lawyers, police and about anyone they want to influence.
    David Fletcher sits in a prison in Cambodia for a crime that he did not do; accused of rape but the so called victim is still a virgin two months after the supposed crime; APLE suing James for pointing out that fact; I do hope the western world realizes this place is a place of evil with no justice. Stay away form this Country; David attempted to do good, look how he was rewarded; APLE is evil, the Cambodian justice system is owned by any one with money; All pigs; well maybe that's unfair to pigs;

  3. Mr Ricketson you can take some credit for having exposed APLE as a fraudulent NGO and seen its funding cut off as a result. Taking you to court like this is APLE's payback. I wish you well.

  4. What has the media response we been on this illegal trial? Is it the same (silence) as their response to David Fletcher's illegal arrest, conviction and imprisonment? An uprising on this judicial system and government is necessary!

    1. Dear Anonymous 4.04

      It is to be hoped that The Cambodia Daily will look at the facts and not simply cut-and-paste the APLE Press Release. As for the Phnom Penh Post I imagine that it will deal with this in whatever way Scott Neeson wishes it to be dealt with.

      My email correspondence with Colin Meyne re the court case to which I was not invited!

      COLIN: We plan to write a story today about this case. Do you care to comment on the decision? Will you return to Cambodia to appeal?

      JAMES: What case? I am in Australia. What care are you referring to? Have I been taken to court (again!?) without being served with any papers or notified about a court date? Any information you can provide me with would be much appreciated.

      COLIN: I have attached the PDF and image files. In short, you have been found guilty of defaming APLE. 

      JAMES: Colin

      I managed to open the file. This is the first I have heard about the charges laid against me - as was the case with Citipointe church a few years go. Natural justice, along with Cambodian law, demands that an accused person be notified of the charges brought against him, be provided with a date s/he is required to appear in court, to be provided with evidence in support of the charges and be able to mount a defence. None of these have been accorded to me.

      You need to ask the court when (or if) any papers were served on me. They have not been. APLE, as did Citipointe church a few years ago, used the Phnom Penh Municipal Court to silence a critic.

      If, perchance, you have any paper work relating to the chrges against me and the evidence presented in court, please do forward it to me.

      COLIN: Do you care to respond to the claims in APLE's complaint, that you defamed them -- presumably meaning you intentionally damaged the organization with accusations you knew to be false. be continued...

    2. ...following on...

      JAMES: How can I respond to the claims APLE presented to the court when I have no idea what was presented to the court? I had no idea that I was required in court today. (I am in Australia, where I live) I was not notified. I had no idea that charges had been laid against me by APLE.  If you can provide me with whatever documents APLE presented to the court in support of its allegations I will happily respond to them - though the appropriate time to respond to them would have been in court today.

      Was a journalist from the Cambodia Daily in court today? If so, did it occur to him/her to ask if I had been notified that I was due in court - especially since today's proceedings are identical to the matter with Citipointe church a few yeas ago.

      I have quickly run through the Cambodian Code of Criminal Procedure and identified those part of it that the Phnom Penh Municipal Court is in breach of. Indeed, the court has not adhered to ANY of the procedures laid out in the Code.

      When I find out what the nature of the charges are against me, and am provided with evidence in support of them, I will consider the possibility of an appeal.

      I trust that this time around the Cambodia Daily will report the facts and not merely do a cut and paste of APLE's press release. If APLE and/or the court insists that I was presented with papers relating to this matter and notified of a court date, ask them for some evidence of this. I can assure you neither of these has occurred. be continued...

    3. …following on…

      After re-reading the APLE Press Release:

      JAMES: This has happened so fast that I did not read APLE's Press Release carefully enough. These court hearings took place on 5th and 15 Dec - on both of which dates I was in Phnom Penh! Why was no attempt made to contact me?

      And there was a court case in Oct 2015 also? And I was notified of this either.  Why, you might like to ask APLE, (and the Phnom Penh Municipal Court) was no attempt made to contact me prior to either the 5th Dec or 15th Dec since both knew where I was staying - at the Europe Guest House on Street 136?

      You might also like to ask APLE why it has waited to until 8th Feb to issuer a press release?

      This is high farce and hard to take seriously. On the plus side, APLE has shaved 20 years off my age, so I guess I should be thankful for that. :-)

      COLIN: Do you know at this point if you will attempt to appeal this decision, and if so how and when do you plan to do that?

      JAMES: Colin, I know you well enough to know that you know what is going on here. It is high farce! I am trying hard to take it seriously but finding it difficult. The post-truth, post fact world arrived in Cambodia ell in advance of Donald Trump.

      COLIN: Speaking of facts, how old are you actually?

      JAMES : I am an old fart! 67, rapidly approaching 68.

      I do hope that you subject APLE facts to the kind of fact-checking that we all hope will be applied to Donald Trump in this strange new world in which facts, verifiable evidence, play second-fiddle to spin and press releases.

      Have posted my response to all this on my blog:

      Yes, I will appeal the Phnom Penh Municipal Court decision if and when I am appraised of he evidence against me. I will do so not in any hope that the Phnom Penh Municipal Court has any interest in fact, in evidence, but because I care about the Cambodian people, about Cambodia's fledgling democracy and want the country's judiciary exposed for what you and all those copied on this email know to be the truth - namely that it is corrupt to the core and that verdicts such as this one can be acquired by anyone who can afford to play the price you can quote me on this. 

      This case is of no consequence in the grand scheme of things. What is of consequence is that Cambodian jails are being filled with political prisoners who have the courage to stand up to what you and I and everyone not living in Donald Trump's  alternative fact-free universe knows to be the case...

      You know this. We all do. Don't pretending otherwise.

      I realize, and appreciate, that this is a ore difficult call for you than it is for me!

      Stay as strong as you can, in defence of the truth, of facts.


  5. Hardly shocking that there is no justice in Cambodia. When is this going to stop? Obviously this was instigated by one of the most corrupt organizations on the planet. Their indifference to human life continues! What about the Supreme Court hearing for David Fletcher? Hasn't it been almost a year that he has been waiting?

  6. As has happened before, a comment appeared on this blog and then rapidly disappeared. I have yet to figure out precisely why this happens but, in any event, the comments always wind up in my INBOX and I can re-post them. Here it is:

    Congratulation James, you got the Gangstalking NGO "Action pour les Enfants" (APLE) which  has a history in twisting the truth (Katherine Keane, former Country Director of APLE resigned because APLE's founder Thierry Darnaudet forced her to write reports which did  not reflect the truth) as well of it's leading Executives being Child Sex Predators (Hang Vibol, former country director is in jail because of child sex abuse charges) to come out of it's secrecy and confront the real world.

    We now have a scenario in which the western media (Khmer Times and Phnom Penh Post) are willing to take a part in APLE’sd lies. You are not alone, (one has just to search the web) is exposing APLE as a fraud. Perhaps now we can start a serious discussion about APLE's general Business Model and Ricketson's claims.

    I'm not surprised you weren't invited to the case even though the Immigration had a record that you were in the country and even in which hotel, at the time. This is APLE's style and has now being used , again. APLE is the foremost NGO in smearing not only every western man in Cambodia as a "potential pedophile" but the entire country as a "pedophile heaven". This ruse has been going on for more than 13 years. APLE has succeeded in getting western countries and many foreign funded NGOs to support the Organisation with funds. As critics including yourself grew louder donors silently stepped back because they did not want to end up in yet another "Somaly Mam Type" disaster.

    Why it took Samleang Seila, Aple's current country director so long to launch it's defamation case against you is pure speculation. It's widely believed that APLE is in financial dire straights. All possibilities to raise more funds seem to have been exhausted already some time ago when APLE announced that it was going to chase pedophiles on the world wide web chat and on porn sites. The Org hasn't been able to produce the kind of horror scenario that would trigger more donors to release funds.

    At the same time it was reported recently that yet another Australian ex soldier is now chasing child sex predators in Cambodia and therefore is seen as competition and a risk to APLE's exclusive business model.

    Meanwhile claims that the French founder of APLE, Thierry Darnaudet (close friend of Naly Pilorge of “Licadho”) is blacklisted in Cambodia and cannot enter the country anymore have been posted on the web. Since APLE and the Cambodian media keeps everything related to APLE as a secret no one knows whether this is actually true. Thierry Darnaudet tried to export his APLE Business Model to other countries but did not succeed because it was quite obvious that Gangstalking by a foreign NGO was not in the legal interest of even one more country, including India where he ran a Home for Street Children in Calcutta. There, too were claims of child abuse but nothing ever happened to this man.

    The conclusion of this is: When a NGO like APLE launches a defamation case against a critic it is well aware in which environment it is doing it. Keeping the defendant in the dark without allowing him to defend himself with facts was certainly part of it's plan and apparently has been in a number of other cases which brought people like David Fletcher in jail.

    Both the Khmer Times and the Phnom Penh Post have ignored APLE's Press Release on your defamation case !  Not much has changed since they simply decided to stay mute on any of your criticism.

  7. Another cowboy of questionable morals rides into town to rescue kids and make himself a quick buck!

    When will the Cambodian authorities put a stop to this nonsense!?

    Even by his own admission, it is an extraordinary change in fortunes for Adam Whittington.

    Eight months ago, the so-called “child recovery agent” was languishing in a stark Lebanese jail facing kidnapping charges after a failed attempt to snatch two children from the streets of Beirut and return them to their mother.

    Adam Whittington speaks to reporters in Phnom Penh on Thursday (Emil Kastrup/The Cambodia Daily)

    Now, the former Australian soldier is free and has turned up in Cambodia, where on Thursday, he was sitting in a smart bar and restaurant in Phnom Penh talking about his latest venture, which will see him shift his focus from rescuing kidnapped children to hunting down pedophiles with the launch of Project Rescue Children (PRC).

    “PRC are not rogue operators and [are] determined to not only recover children, but to ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice,” Mr. Whittington said. be continued...

    1. …following on…

      A controversial figure, Mr. Whittington made international headlines in April last year when he was arrested along with Australian Sally Faulkner—a mother had paid his Child Abduction Recovery International (CARI) organization to help retrieve her two children, and a television crew from the Australian Nine Network, who were making a documentary on the case.

      Ms. Faulkner claimed her children had been taken to Beirut by their father without her consent.

      After Mr. Whittington snatched the children from the street, they were taken to a safe house with their mother while he arranged for them to be taken out of the country by boat. However, Lebanese police had been tipped off about the operation and all were arrested.

      The TV crew, who were filming for the popular “60 Minutes” program, were released with Ms. Faulkner after the network forked out a huge payment to her estranged husband to drop the charges.

      Mr. Whittington, on the other hand, was left—in his own words—“to rot” in prison for more than three months.

      “I was in jail for 104 days. It was horrendous,” Mr. Whittington said.

      “That whole case was about money, especially when Channel Nine were involved. As soon as they pulled out their checkbook, they paid the father half a million dollars and they walked out 14 days later.”

      Mr. Whittington believes a rival investigator informed Lebanese police about the sting. He also accused the TV network of lying by claiming they had not paid him in an attempt to distance themselves from the case.

      Mr. Whittington was eventually released on bail in July and quickly fled the country.

      PRC, which on its Facebook page states “We Hunt Those Who Hunt Children,” officially launches today, although it has already been conducting surveillance work on suspected pedophiles and children at risk.

      “We want Western pedophiles to get the message that it is not OK to partake in these ‘sex holidays,’” he said.

      PRC, which is funded by private parties, but is hoping to secure funding from the Australian government, will be the latest foreign-backed NGO working with authorities to investigate child sex abuse in Cambodia.

      Mr. Whittington said in an email that his NGO had been registered with the Interior Ministry since the start of last month. In a Facebook post this week, he wrote, “PRC is now a formally established NGO in Cambodia, working closely with Cambodian Government, Police and Military officials.”

      The organization, which currently has six people on its Cambodia team, will be working in a “similar way” to anti-pedophile NGO Action Pour Les Enfants (APLE)—carrying out surveillance operations on the back of tip-offs, he said.

      “We want it to be overt, signs up everywhere, there’s a contact for people to call. The guys have gone around most of the provinces to hand out cards and things like this to the village chiefs so they know, because a lot of it is in the provinces,” he said.

      Mr. Whittington produced a photograph on his telephone of a child who he said his team suspected was being abused.

      “For example, this girl, she’s 11. This is one of the jobs that has been passed on to the CPU, it’s a very good case,” he said, in reference to the the Child Protection Unit (CPU), a policing charity that investigates child abuse cases.

      “We do much as we can and just pass it on.”

      James McCabe, director of the CPU, said he was not aware of PRC or how they would be operating, but said the end goal of foreign-backed child protection NGOs should be improving the capacity of police.

      “It’s imperative that the Cambodian National Police are conducting and doing what police should be doing, which in our case, they are,” he said.

      Mr. Whittington said his group’s prime objective would be passing information on to authorities.

      “We’re the ones on the ground doing the dirty work and making sure it’s followed up, and hopefully see them prosecuted,” he said.

  8. If anything on this blog has helped to destroy APLE,. It is good work indeed! These corrupt zealots will not be missed. I hope CCC is in your cross hairs!

    1. Make that CCF, Cambodian Children's Fund!!

    2. The Cambodian Children’s Fund is in financial difficulties for precisely the same reason APLE is. You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.

      Some big ticket donors have pulled out of CCF because they can see that CCF has nothing to show for the tens of millions spent this past decade other that relentless photos of cute kids, the occasional granny and donated houses (stolen from poor families by CCF) crammed like sardines in a community where Scott Neeson’s word is law and where no dissent will be tolerated.

      By now, after more than a decade, CCF should have so many inspiriting stories to tell of families now self-sufficient, having started up their own businesses and thriving. If there are such stories, Neeson is keeping them secret. No, its wall to wall cute smiling kids – hundreds of whom have been removed from their families and passed off as kids with no family capable of taking care of them; kids who need $150 a month is sponsorship monies to survive.

      CCF will eventually go the way of Somaly Mam and APLE and, no doubt, be replaced by yet another NGO that turns up with dreams of rescuing children from their families.

    3. CCF certainly has ruined lives of children and destroyed families. Taking children from families is abominable! Raising children in institutional care should become illegal for children with families. Scott Neeson has likely destroyed the lives of more Cambodian children than anyone since Pol Pot!

  9. OK, I get why Seila wanted to fuck you over, Ricketson, but why do it in this way? He’s just drawn attention to himself and raised heaps of questions that some journalist might ask him. Stupid. He would have been better off letting sleeping dogs lie. Maybe he was after some cash? If APLE is as dead as a dodo maybe he needs a bit green folding stuff to see him through to his next gig? Fucking stupid move on his part if you askme.

    1. Yes, a really stupid move on Seila’s part. Just when everyone had forgotten about David Fletcher Seila has put him back in the news; reminded everyone that he (along with Scott Neeson and Steve Morrish) conspired with the British Embassy and the Thai police (along with CEOP) to “get that kiddie fiddler, David Fletcher.” This was Alan Lemon’s boast to his drinking mates the day news arrived of David Fletcher’s arrest in Thailand. Alan Lemon, a disgraced former AFP officer (kicked out of the AFP for running a ‘girlie bar’ with his then girlfriend) gloated over the role he and Neeson had played in the arrest of David Fletcher – along with alleged pedophile Thierry Darnaudet – fonder, along with Naly Pilorge, of APLE. What a nest of vipers! It is hard to imagine a more unethical trio than Darnaudet, Neeson and Alan Lemon – conspiring (with the blessing and active involvement of the British Embassies in Thailand and Cambodia) to nail Fletcher. In defence of the British Embassies I can only say that the relevant personnel were stupid enough to believe what Neeson, Morrish and Darnaudet were telling them. The Embassies did not care to look too closely a the evidence. Senior personnel could se the advantage in ‘bagging a pedophile’ and Fletcher fitted the bill. Problems arose, however, when it became apparent to Foreign and Commonwealth Office that Fletcher was not in Cambodia at the time of the alleged rapes that the victim claimed did not occur. What to do! Fletcher’s passport, in the possession of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office contained evidence that Fetcher was not in Cambodia and so had to be got rid of. And it was. Got rid of. And then the FCO told a variety of contradictory lies to account for the disappearance of Fetcher’s passport whilst in the care of the FCO.

  10. Comments are disappearing. Heres another:

    Ask Yang Dany, the girl David Fletcher supposedly raped ! Oh thats right she got shipped off to China . most likely in a brothel or forced marriage , just 2 years before Scott Neeson claimed he had saved her . was Scott Neeson behind her being/sold sent to China ?

    1. Just like Scott Neeson "saved" the children that he has taken from their families!!

    2. Scott Neeson is a con artist who has taken in $37 million since he started CCF and has nothing to show for it other than his own land holdings and the Black Bamboo restaurant where he wines and dines government officials, distzy Hollywood actresses and rich New Yorkers looking to dodge some taxes and smell good to their Liberal friends back in the Big Apple. Somaly Mam's scams were nothing compared to Neesons.

  11. Right now it seems that ALL comments are disappearing shortly after the are made !?

  12. Like always Ricketson, you have an excuse for every time you are sued or accused of being guilty. The reality is that you defame people constantly without evidence and based only on your warped and jealous opinion. Hopefully more people will take action against you and other blogs that look to defame good people and organisations. Here'a news flash for you - you cannot accuse someone of doing something if you dont have evidence.

    1. Read the Addendum below. All of the evidence I have is on the public record. It all comes from court records. There was never ever any evidence (other than a statement from Yang Dany after she and her mother were offered $30,000) that any rape occurred. This is confirmed by the observations made at the time (and committed to writing for the court) by Steve Morrish, by CEOP and by APLE. NO EVIDENCE.

      Later, after it became clear to her that she was not going to get her $30,000, when it became clear from the doctor’s report that she remained a virgin AFTER her rape, Yang Dany admitted that no rape took place. Some years later APLE’s lawyer made it clear, in court, that the issue was no longer whether or not Mr Fletcher had raped Yang Dany but that he had got his appeal paperwork into the court late.

      You can apply whatever adjective you like to such a process but even a passing knowledge of Cambodian law will tell you that not one past of the Cambodian Code of Criminal Procedure was applied in Mr Fletcher’s case. Not has it been applied here, in this latest legal farce. A defendant has the right to be appraised of the charges against him, to be presented with evidence and be given an opportunity to defend him/herself. None of these have been accorded to me, just as they were not accorded to Mr Fletcher.

  13. James, I wonder if you realise that an appeal against a verdict reached in the Phnom Penh Municipal Court must be made within 28 days. The option of appealing ceased for you in mid-January - three weeks before you were notified that you had been tried and found guilty. this is no accident. The last thing that Selia Samleang would have wanted is for you to have lodged an appeal and had an opportunity to defend yourself. Seila has manipulated the Cambodian justice system in the same way he did Mr Fletcher. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.

    1. Thanks for this information. Yes, I was vaguely aware of the 28 day time frame within which an appeal must be made. This is where David Fletcher got caught out also.

      it does not surprise me that APLE waited until a few weeks after the deadline before notifying me (via the Cambodia Daily) of the verdict reached on 15th Dec. As someone else has commented, it would have been known to Immigration that I was (a) in Cambodia and (b) staying at the same address I have stayed at this past five or so years.

      It has been suggested to me that the reason Seila Samleang has gone to so much trouble to take me to court and keep it secret is not that he hopes to get 15 million Riel out of me (he has no chance of that) but to scare me off; to intimidate me into not returning to Cambodia Citipointe Church tried this and several Scott Neeson Trolls have issued threats against me in hopes of achieving the same end.

      The reason why Seila Samleang would not want me in Cambodia is this:

      In Jan last year the Supreme Court agreed to hear Mr Fletcher's case. APLE had 28 days in which to respond to the Supreme Court decision. APLE failed to do so.

      A Supreme Court hearing would be a disaster for Seila Samleang. He would be obliged to produce his key (his only) witness - Yang Dany. Given that Yang Dany insists (as does her mother, Sekun) that no rape took place, the last thing Seila Samleang would want is for her to testify. Luckily for Seila Samleang Yang Dany has disappeared to China. Her disappearance came just a few days after Yang Dany told me that she had been told by APLE's lawyer not to appear in a forthcoming court hearing.

      When I visited Yang Dany and her mother in their home it was clear they were very poor. And yet, just a few days later, Yang Dany was able to travel to China. It is impossible to find out if she did so with a valid Cambodian passport or if she was smuggled across the border by people traffickers. If she travelled with a passport, where did she find the money to buy one? If she was trafficked, who arranged for this?

      There are a few people who would be highly embarrassed (to say the least) by a trial for David Fletcher in which certain facts emerged. APLE is close to the top of this list. So is Scott Neeson - who played a very significant role in Mr Fletcher's arrest. So is Licadho's Naly Pilorge - though i doubt very much that Naly would knowingly be involved in people trafficking. This leaves Seila Samleang and Scott Neeson at the top of the list of those who do not want to see Mr Fletcher receive a fair trial. Any trial.

      Precisely who is pulling the strings behind the scenes to guarantee that Mr Fletcher's Supreme Court hearing does not go ahead I have been unable to ascertain. All I know for sure is what I have been told on the legal grapevine - namely that I (or David Fletcher) would need to pay 'big money' to have the Supreme Court hearing proceed.

      I will keep pushing for a Supreme Court hearing but if 'big money' has already changed hands my chances may be those of a snow-flakes in hell!

  14. You obviously have no intention of returning to Phnom Penh any time soon James judging from your frank comments above. Are you able to have an appeal hearing whilst in Australia or will you let things rest for a while. I would imagine there will be a few in the judicial system also wanting your scalp at the moment after the comments made above

    1. Will return to Cambodia to see what I can find out about the charges laid by APLE. I would love to see the evidence, even if Seila Samleang has done (as seems to be the case) a very good job of keeping all details about this case secret!

  15. Some serious allegations are floating around that Scott Neeson is not so squeaky clean, and I'm talking sex, ok.

    I have heard from several people that Neeson takes young girls clothes and specifically underwear shopping and likes to spend time volunteering in the laundry.

  16. Your a cunt Ricketts and if I were you I wouldnt come back to Cambodia because you'll be hit with another big court battle when Neeson sues you fordefamation. Your dead meat mate youve been warned

    1. I would LOVE Scott Neeson to sue me, though I’d much prefer he inform me of the court proceedings, unlike Samleang Seila!

      Scott won’t sue me, however, because the last thing he wants is to draw any attention to his scams; for journalists to get a sniff of a good story, to start asking a few questions and doing a little research. Fortunately, any such journalists who do appear from time to time in Cambodia, curious and full of questions, don’t hang around long enough to get beyond the bullshit Neeson feeds them.

      The fact is, and it is a fact that anyone can find out for themselves, Scott Neeson publically defamed Mr David Fletcher with the express intention of having him arrested and destroyed as a ‘competitor’ in the Phnom Penh Rubbish dump.

      A quote from Neeson:

      “There is little doubt Fletcher devotes his time to grooming young girls….The fact is these children can be bought. It’s difficult to stop it. The British Embassy have been told about Fletcher. Many organizations have files on him, but nothing has happened. If you can get this guy sent packing you are doing a service to the children here.”

      Scott was just one of a small band of conspirators (including APLE’s Thierry Darnaudet) who wanted to nail Fletcher – despite their having no evidence at all that he was guilty of ‘grooming’ young girls. This can all be verified by the court documents. No, Neeson wanted Fletcher out of the way and the day Mr Fletcher was arrested Alan Lemon boasted to his drinking mates, “We got that fucking kiddie fiddler.”

      Seven years later Mr Fletvher is still in jail. He has not once been interviewed by the police in relation to the rape charges, has not been interviewed by an Investigating Judge and has never been able to present a case in his own defense – despite Yang Dany denying that any rape took place and despite the court appointed doctor’s report declaring that no rape had taken place.

      For this crime alone Neeson should have been charged, fined and possibly jailed.

      That Neeson, to this day, feels no qualms at all that Mr Fletcher in in jail in large part as a result of his own (Neeson’s actions” says much about Neeson’s character.

  17. CCC and APLE are just different t bran he's of the same tree! Scott Neeson and Seila Samleang both have scam models to rip off well intentioned donors and profit from the ignorance of the donors. Unfortunately, Neeson's model does direct harm to children! I see one poster believes hat taking children from families and homes from the impoverished must be a good thing?

    1. Make that CCF (CAMBIAN CHILDREN'S FUND)!!

  18. Yes, Mr Neeson, after 10 years why are there no inspiring stories?

    Surely with $37 million dollars and more raised and spent by you, Mr Neeeson, there should be brigades of 'OnePlus' type businesses, shops, engineers, small farms, hydroponics, computer shops and small businesses of all kinds.

    Is the best you can do is trot out endless photos of smiling kids? And the odd granny? $37 million!

    Please explain, Mr Neeson.

  19. Each time someone posts the following comment anonymously it disappears from the blog in a few minutes!?

    The case against you James was the last backstabbing of APLE in order to save a shaky reputation. The day's of APLE are numberfed as you can read on website. By 2020 APLE should be History !!
    quote form APLE's website:

    Although APLE’s work has been invaluable to police and other child protection groups, the orga­ni­sa­tion was never intended to be a permanent solution to Cambodia’s child-protection problems, but rather a bridge between the needs of victims and the capabilities of the police to respond. To that end, APLE intends to divest a large proportion of its operations and shift its emphasis to supporting the national police in capacity building and to sustainable partnerships with other victim support agencies. This is clearly stated in our 5-year strategic plan 2016-2020. We believe it’s now time to step back and let police do their job.

    The press release from Samleang Seila contains the precise language that Thierry Darnaudet used to publish on the web. It is therefore realistic to believe that he is still remote controlling APLE without stepping into the limelight. He's been absent from the web since 2014.

    Why do the Khmertimes and the Phnom Penh Post not loose a single comment on your case remains a mystery to me. Here is what they should consinder for their next step:

    And here is a comment on the lessons to be learned for the media:

    All of the above comment should be read by every single donor before they donate anything at all to one of the more than 5.000 NGO (registered) and the many more unregistered ones in Cambodia.

    1. From the web address mentioned above:

      Somaly Mam, a lesson for the media, NGOs and donors
      The Cambodia Daily reported this Thursday that “After Somaly Mam Resigns, Trafficking NGOs Anxious.” I think that such anxiety should not correspond to transparent and professional organizations, because a honest NGO does not relay in fantastic stories like the ones of Somaly Mam Foundation, but in processes. Donors relaying their funds in processes should not be affected also, because they are already trained to receive objective results from the transparent organizations they use to reach the victims of social evils and poverty for years. Those donors that have been attracted by Hollywood-and-even-Bolliwood-stories-like will be by sure stop to give funds to organizations that relay in scripts rather than in processes. 
      I am not agree with what Samleang Seila of APLE said to The Cambodia Daily in that article that “It would be sending a very confusing message about human trafficking in Cambodia and the number of victims and who the victims are”. Yes, we need that confusion. We need that donors become more critical, more conscious and more active in auditing their own support. This is a benefit for the real victims or those who benefit from the action of any ONG or official department. A blind support or a support attracted by tricks, does not help the people in real need. It is important also to show results, to show stories, but those results and stories are inside very well designed processes, not on the mouth of celebrities. We don’t need superheroes, but we need superprocesses with real aims and results to fight social evils.

      The media

      This is a very good lesson for the media. The Pulitzer must be given to Simon Mark, to the Newsweek and to the Cambodia Daily. In journalism skepticism is a virtue.

      The first thing we should realize is that victims of sexual trafficking do not go in front to cameras to speak out. It is a dream for several media to have the story of a real victim in cameras or radio in order to increase rating. Of course, most media in the Somaly Mam’s case were taking the flag of a great campaign to end slavery and we can believe that it was their genuine intention and thanks and sorry for the dismay. But as well as donors should learn how to do when it is about supporting causes, the media must learn also that there are more effective means to do and one is applying to the rigor of journalism, being objective and respecting also the dignity of victims.

      Then we need to go through professionals and persons on the terrain. In Cambodia we have many organizations, NGOs and officials, with the authentic professionalism to fight realities such as human trafficking. While those organizations are on the terrain following effective processes and needing more funds to increase their effectiveness, the media was hypnotized by a woman who said that she was a sexual slave and coaching her own girls to say the same.

  20. David Fletcher attempted to help the poor children of Cambodia; look what it got him; James attempted to expose APLE and neeson; look what it got him;
    What a horrible place and from some comments I see on the blog, it attracts some very interesting people; makes me wonder? I will never visit that country nor buy anything made in Cambodia; I will encourage everyone I know to stay far away and protest with their wallet;

    1. You truly are an idiot Wes

    2. I think not; I think if that's the best you can do then I can see why you are attracted to a p
      lace of pigs, being one yourself, you enjoy the company;

    3. No Wes, I can do much better than that. I somehow think having a thing about sex with young girls is something very close to home for you. Maybe Fletcher and your father have the same tendencies towards having sex with underage children (just remember I know your fathers history) It sure runs in the family - and you have the audacity to call me a pig ?

    4. anonymous, have you ever done anything good and decent in your life? do you have any idea what good is? do you actually think of this stuff you write or is your master neeson telling you what to say? Have you ever considered making a contribution to the world you live in? You know that David did not rape that young girl; you know he is innocent yet you spew your evil. whats going to happen if you fall out of favor with your master neeson? when he tires of you...........and yes, you are a pig; you will always be a pig; you hang with pigs, you want to bring parents into this; I am not going to stoop to such a low level; only someone as low as you would do that; a pig;

    5. These defenders of Neeson are endorsing taking children from their families and taking gifted houses from the impoverished! What kind of people are they??

    6. Sorry Wes but correct me if I am wrong, I have never once suggested that David raped a young girl, I did however suggest that both he and your father had unnatural sexual tendencies towards young girls. That is FACT. Maybe I am a pig, tho knows - but even if I am that is much better than being a paedophile and having a friend and supporter such as your good self

    7. I'm not Wes.

  21. David Fletcher has paid a terrible price for the caring and help that he provided the impoverished children and families of Cambodia. I have to believe that his false imprisonment will not be in vain. His situation, as well as others like his, will surely awaken journalists and others in Cambodia who care about their country to start taking action against the corruption. The courts, APLE and Scott Neeson's Cambodian Children's Fund would be great places to start. Tourism and the economy could flourish for all people of Cambodia if enough people would start a campaign to eradicate the overwhelming corruption that exists and is condoned there.

  22. Neeson the Narcissist

  23. Children have the right not to be unnecessarily separated from their parents. Neither poverty nor disability can be a justification or a basis for placement of a child in an institution.
    “All children have the right to grow up in a family, and government and donor resources should support families and children, not large institutions.”

  24. Mr Ang Vong Vathana
    Minister of Justice
    Samdech Sothearos Road
    Sangkat Chaktomouk
    Daun Penh

    13th March 2017

    Dear Mr Ang Vong Vathana

    I have written to you several times before regarding the case of Mr David Fletcher. He has spent 7 years in jail now without a trial at which he has been able to produce evidence in his defense. Fifteen months ago he was informed that his case would be heard in the Supreme Court. He has heard nothing at all back from the Supreme Court.

    This letter is not about Mr Fletcher, however. It is about a court case involving myself.

    On 8th Feb 2017 I received an email from Colin Meyn, editor of the Cambodia Daily. He wrote:

    We plan to write a story today about this case. Do you care to comment on the decision?

    Will you return to Cambodia to appeal?

    I had no idea what case Mr Meyn was referring to (I was in Australia at the time) but soon learned that Action Pour les Enfants (APLE) had sued me for defamation in the Phnom Penh Municipal Court. This was the first I heard of the case. I had not been served with any papers, had not been informed when, where and on what date the case would be heard.

    I have come to Cambodia to find out what I was charged with by APLE; to find out why I was provided with no documents relating to this matter; was not invited to attend court; why I was only informed about the case after it was over.

    The Phnom Penh Municipal Court informed me late last week that it has no record of any case against me in its computer. Needless to say, I am very confused. Did the Cambodia Daily make a mistake in publishing a story to the effect that I had been found guilty of defamation? Or did APLE provide The Cambodia Daily with false information, upon which the newspaper based its story? Or is it simply that the Phnom Penh Municipal Court has lost or misplaced the file relating to this case?

    In the event that the fault lies with the Phnom Penh Municipal Court’s filing system could you please instruct the relevant person to find the file and to provide me with the documents I should have been provided with prior to the case being heard. If the court can arrange for the documents to be delivered to my hotel (see address above) I will look at them and respond accordingly. I would like to go on record here as stating that, yes, I do wish to appeal the sentence handed down to me but cannot state the grounds for my appeal until I know what I have been charged with!

    What my case shares in common with Mr Fletcher’s is Action Pour les Enfants’ ability to manipulate the Phnom Penh Municipal Court in such a way as to guarantee that neither of us was aware of the case against us until after it had been heard and after a verdict had been reached.

    How do you explain, Minister, that this has happened to me twice now – taken to court by NGOs (the other being Australia’s Citipointe Church) without being notified of the charges against me; being found guilty without being invited to attend court proceedings and only finding out about the case when a journalist calls me to ask me for my comment on the verdict.

    I eagerly await the arrival of the Phnom Penh Municipal Court’s delivery of the court documents to my hotel. I will be in Cambodia for another two weeks.

    best wishes

    James Ricketson

    cc Colin Meyn, editor Cambodia Daily

  25. So the cowards of the press have no comment on the wonton destruction of people in Cambodia? They just allow this NGO to do whatever it wants, it allows the corruption that is CCF and Scott Neeson and APLE Between the corrupt NGOS, the corrupt government, and a press petrified to expose the truth, how will there ever be any justice in Cambodia? Unfortunately the corrupt government, NGOS and the silent corrupt media have taken the life and freedom of David Fletcher, a man who was only helping impoverished children!

  26. hi james,

    good to have you back (with that bone, that you don't want to give up). What a nightmare you have become for APLE and the Judge . I am certain they never expected you to come back into the country. So what is there to expect?

    I believe they will stay mute and not reply at all. As for the CD it will be interesting how the sole media in cambo will react.

    good riddance james. I am proud of you

    1. Yes, given that the Phnom Penh Municipal Court has no record of the case being heard, perhaps it never happened! I think it more likely, however, that the case did happen but that, as you say, it was never intended that I would find out about it until after the expiry date to file an appeal; that I would then be intimidated into not returning to Cambodia.

      The appeal date expired before I was even notified that I had been tried and found guilty, so I guess this is the most likely scenario. Intimidation. Using the Phnom Penh Municipal Court to intimidate me!

      To provide me with any paperwork at all now would be dangerous because, in all likelihood, the charges against me (the evidence, if there is any!) would be demonstrably absurd (Samleang Seila is not the brightest of sparks!) and an embarrassment to APLE if it were to be made public. If Samleang Seila thought that such a ham-fisted ploy would scare me off, he is sadly mistaken.

    2. Yes, given that the Phnom Penh Municipal Court has no record of the case being heard, perhaps it never happened! I think it more likely, however, that the case did happen but that it was never intended that I would find out about it until after the expiry date to file an appeal; that I would then be intimidated into not returning to Cambodia for fear of arrest.

      To provide me with any paperwork at all now would be dangerous for APLE because, in all likelihood, the charges against me (the evidence, if there is any!) would be demonstrably absurd (Samleang Seila is not the brightest of sparks!) and an embarrassment to APLE if it were to be made public. And Samleang Seila knows that I would make it public. Organizations like APLE can only work effectively in the shadows, with no one monitoring their activities; holding them accountable. APLE was able (with the assistance of the FCO, SiSHA, CEOP and the Cambodian Judiciary) to see to it that David Fletvher received no trial because there was/is no-one who will stand up in public and say: “David Fletcher is entitled to a fair trial based on evidence.” No one. And certainly not Cambodia’s cowardly media. Poor Cambodia – not just saddled with a corrupt government but with too many corrupt NGOs also and an English language media that gives such NGOs a free pass.

  27. Mr Samleang Seila
    Action pour les Enfants
    c/o Cambodia Daily

    16th March 2017

    Dear Mr Seila

    According to the Cambodia Daily APLE has sued me in the Phnom Penh Municipal Court (PPMC) for having defamed your organization. Given that I have been provided with no paperwork, given that I was not appraised of the charges against me or invited to attend the court proceedings, I have no idea what this is all about. I have visited the Phnom Penh Municipal Court to enquire about the court case and been informed that there is no record in the the PPMC computer of any such case having been heard. I have written to the Minister of Justice about this (letter attached) requesting information.

    Given that it is you who brought the charges against me I wonder if you would be so kind as to deliver to my hotel (address above) whatever paperwork should have been delivered to me when the charges were laid; prior to any court proceedings. It is not possible for me to appeal the PPMC conviction without knowing what charges have been brought against me and what evidence has been provided to the court in support of these charges.

    best wishes

    James Ricketson

  28. These people are cowards James!

    1. Yes, but more important than their cowardice are questions surrounding the whereabouts of the file relating to the case against me? I am working on the presumption that there must have been a case - else why would the Cambodia Daily publish a story? But why am I not allowed to see the files, to know what the charges against me are so that I can file an appeal? Another question arises: Who is responsible for sending a policeman to my hotel every morning? He turns up in a policeman's uniform from the waist down but wearing a civilian shirt. Is his intention to intimidate? Doe she have some message for me - other than his desire to intimidate? Why is he wearing only half a policeman's uniform? Is he here on police business or freelancing; doing a little work on the side for 'someone'?

    2. Ah, paranoia. The late phase symptom of the chronic conspiracy theorist and fantasist. The tin foil can't be far away.

  29. Morb Veasna
    Phnom Penh Municipal Court
    Samdech Monireth Blvd (217)
    Phnom Penh

    20th March 2017

    Dear Mr Morb Veasna

    The clerks in the Phnom Penh Municipal Court inform me that there is no record of a case being brought against me by Action Pour les Enfants (APLE). They likewise inform me that you are the only person in the office with sufficient English language skills to be able to help me.

    I have written to both the Minister of Justice and to Action Pour les Enfants in an attempt to find out more about this case. I have received no response from either the Minister of APLE.

    I wonder if you would be so kind as to check your computer and/or your filing system and find records relating to my case. I have travelled to Cambodia with the express purpose of filing an appeal and cannot do so if I do not know what crime I have been charged with and what the nature of the evidence against me is.

    If you do locate the paperwork related to my case could you please either (a) arrange to have it delivered to me at my hotel (see address above) or (b) send me an email and let me know when and how I can pick it up from the court.

    Yours sincerely

    James Ricketson


    Dear Colin

    This morning I made my third trip to the Phnom Penh Municipal Court. On three occasions now Mr Veansa has not been available for me to talk to about my case. On this occasion, anticipating that Mr Veansa would not be available, I hand delivered the following letter to the front desk of the the Court Administration Office. The two young women at the desk (one of whom speaks passable English) informed me, again, that there is no file relating to any case that involves myself and Action Pour les Enfants. She said to me, “I am sorry I cannot help you.”

    The loss or misplacing of the file relating to this case (which I am presuming actually took place!?) may be simple incompetence on the part of the court. On the other hand it may be that someone (some organization) does not wish me to be be appraised of whatever evidence was presented to the court!

    This modus operandi is very similar to that I experienced with Citipointe Church. As with this case, the first I knew of my trial was when the Cambodia Daily called me to ask for my response to the verdict. It is also very similar to the case of David Fletcher – tried in absentia in a case brought against him by Action Pour les Enfants and only informed of the case after the verdict had been delivered. In my case this is annoying; in Mr Fletcher's case it has resulted in his doing 10 years in jail for a crime that even APLE admits he did not commit. (Oh, but he got his appeal paperwork in late so its all OK in Mr Samleang Seila's books!)

    Having attempted through the Court, through APLE and through the Minister to obtain details of the charges against me, there is nothing further I can do. If Samleang Seila had any respect for due legal process he would bring copies of all the relevant legal paperwork to my hotel. He will not, of course, because the last thing he wants is for me to lodge an appeal with the Phnom Penh Municipal Court.

    Given that the Cambodia Daily story is based on an APLE press release, perhaps you could ask Samleang Seila for the relevant documents?



  31. perhaps you should ask Licadho's Frontwoman Naly Pilorge for assistance. She as a former listed owner of should know enough about the case to defend your human rights. I believe however that she will not answer to your request since her view of human rights is strictly aimed to bring down the current government. Amen.

  32. The unending corruption of this country, the courts, the NGOs and the press is unimaginable! The fact that you were never given an opportunity to defend yourself in a court of law, but were found guilty in abstentia, is a repugnant stain on this country! Didn't the same thing happen to David Fletcher, an innocent man, left to rot his life away in a Cambodian prison, without being given a chance to defend himself! Where is a legitimate press or legitimate human rights organizations??

    1. Dear Anonymous 6.40

      Twice I have been tried in absentia in Cambodia and only learned of it after I had been found guilty and received an email or phone call from the Cambodia Daily. In this latest instance the Phnom Penh Municipal Court claims to have no record on file that the case brought against me by APLE ever happened! If it did (and I am still guessing that it did), it is in someone's best interests to see to it that I never know what the evidence was upon which I was convicted; that I never be in a position to lodge an appeal. To whose advantage this might be I will leave to the reader to guess. How they manage to make a file within the Phnom Penh Municipal Court disappear I will also leave to the reader to guess.

    2. I should add that whilst this is mildly annoying for me, this is precisely the scenario that resulted in David Fletcher receiving a 10 year jail sentence for a rape that did not occur (the alleged victim's statement to this effect backed up by a doctor's report) without his being invited to attend the trail, without even knowing that a trial was taking place until after he had been found guilty. And then, when he tried to appeal the sentence the paperwork arrived at the court late through no fault of Mr Fletcher and his appeal was denied on this technicality. APLE has all but admitted that no rape took place but Samleang Seila insists that Mr Fletcher's conviction must stand because he was late lodging his appeal. Again, I will leave it to readers to decide what word (or words) best describe Mr Samleang Seila.

  33. Dear Anonymous 6.36

    Yes, Naly Pilorge of LICADHO was one of the founders of Action Pour les Enfants. She claims to know that Mr Fletcher is guilty but refuses to divulge the evidence upon which she has made this judgment. LICADHO has no interest in cases such as Mr Fletcher's - despite the overwhelming evidence of his innocence; despite the fact that he was clearly denied any form of fair trial - conducted in accordance with the Cambodian Code of Criminal Procedure.

    Nor does LICADHO have any interest in the breaches of the human and legal rights of poor families whose children are illegally removed from their care; illegally detained. Citipointe Church's SHE Rescue Home and Scott Neeson's Cambodian Children's Fund are but two examples of such human rights abuses. There are many others. Not only do LICADHO and AD HOC turn a blind eye to the illegal removal of children from their families, so too does the English language media - even when undeniable evidence of such criminal activity is presented to them. It has been suggested to me many times that LICADHO's primary purpose for existence is 'regime change'; that 'human rights' is the cover given by LICADHO's funders to conceal the NGO's real purpose. I have always taken this with a grain of salt but as I see, year after year, LICADHO turning a blind eye to the the multiple fake orphanage scams that proliferate in Cambodia, I can't help but wonder if LICADHO is, after all, much more about 'regime change' than human rights!

  34. Why aren't the news media all over this? The corrupt Cambodian media just continues to turn a blind eye? They are as complicit in Cambodia's atrocities as the courts, the NGOs and the government! How is it possible that the paper can't explain it a trial took place or not? It is as rediculous as having a man like Scott Neeson taking children from families or James McCabe running a child protection agency!!

  35. Is it true that James McCabe is a drug dealing armed thief, that now runs Scott Neeson's child protection unit?

  36. I wonder what it is that attracts these repetitious, malicious and boring commenters to your blog, James?

    1. I imagine that different people have different reasons for visiting this blog. Whatever they may be, to date there have been 168,000 page views so I guess there must be something of interest in it for a few people. Why do you bother to visit?

    2. Anonymous 4:16,. You must be one of those people that supports taking children from their families and homes from the impoverished? WOW, what a great person you are for destroying these lives!

  37. If you know the answer about McCabe, why don't you answer it? If it is boring, why do you keep checking in? Could you be one of the disgraced ex-policemen that Neeson chooses to employ?

    1. Everyone who is interested knows the truth about McCabe. It's not hidden. There have been articles in newspapers about it. He's done interviews about it. He's got a past. He's still done more to protect and help the children of Cambodia than every last one of the gossips and conspiracy theorists here, including our wannabe-martyr host blogger. The reason I check in is similar I would imagine to why people slow down at car crashes. And it's not to help.

    2. New readers all the time that don't know the truth about your friends James McCabe and Alan Lemon! Yes taking children from their families is great work!

    3. Dear Anonymous 8.04

      As a troll you are at least able to construct sentences and do not feel the need to engage in personal abuse but, really, do you really have nothing better to do with your time than watch car crashes? And as for the slow-motion car crash that is the Cambodian Children's Fund, are you slowing down to merely watch that also? Or are you helping out?

  38. Mr Ang Vong Vathana
    Minister of Justice
    Samdech Sothearos Road
    Sangkat Chaktomouk
    Daun Penh

    24th March 2017

    Dear Mr Ang Vong Vathana

    On 13th March I wrote to you regarding the case brought against me by Action Pour les Enfants (APLE). I have received no response.

    On 16th March I wrote the following to Mr Samelang Seila – the person within APLE who orchestrated the legal case against me.

    Dear Mr Seila

    According to the Cambodia Daily APLE has sued me in the Phnom Penh Municipal Court (PPMC) for having defamed your organization. Given that I have been provided with no paperwork, given that I was not appraised of the charges against me or invited to attend the court proceedings, I have no idea what this is all about. I have visited the Phnom Penh Municipal Court to enquire about the court case and been informed that there is no record in the the PPMC computer of any such case having been heard. I have written to the Minister of Justice about this (letter attached) requesting information.

    Given that it is you who brought the charges against me I wonder if you would be so kind as to deliver to my hotel (address above) whatever paperwork should have been delivered to me when the charges were laid; prior to any court proceedings. It is not possible for me to appeal the PPMC conviction without knowing what charges have been brought against me and what evidence has been provided to the court in support of these charges.

    Mr Samleang Seila has not responded to this letter. Nor will he respond. The last thing Samleang Seila wants is for me to appeal against the sentence imposed on me and to run the risk of being exposed in public for having used the court to silence a critic. Samleang Seila would much prefer to be able to present APLE’s case in a Press Release (as he has in this instance) and give me no opportunity to respond. And I cannot respond since I have no idea what the evidence is that he has presented to the court hearing to which I was not invited! be continued...

    1. ...following on...
      As you know from a great deal of previous correspondence I have been a critic of APLE for having orchestrated the arrest of Mr David Fletcher in 2010 on charges of rape and then orchestrating a court case to which Mr Fletcher was not invited and whose verdict he only learned about after he had been convicted and jailed for 10 years.

      APLE has admitted that there is no evidence that Mr Fletcher raped Yang Dany but for Samleang Seila this is irrelevant. Mr Fletcher did not present his appeal paperwork to the Phnom Penh Municipal Court within the appropriate time frame and his right to appeal expired. For Samleang Seila it is right and just that a man should be jailed for 10 years simply because he filed his legal paper work late. (Not that it is relevant, but it was not Mr Fletvher’s fault that the paperwork was delivered late to the court.)

      I can’t help but wonder if the disappearance of the file relating to my case from the Administration Office at the Phnom Penh Municipal Court has been orchestrated with a similar purpose – to prevent me from filing an appeal. Not just because Mr Samleang Seila and APLE would look very foolish in court if the charges against me (and the evidence in support of them) were made public but because Samleang Seila also wishes to orchestrate my arrest at some point in the future on the grounds that I have not paid the fine imposed on me by the court?

      Samleang Seila’s ham-fisted attempt at intimidation or orchestrating my future arrest is annoying and time-consuming but is nothing compared with what Mr David Fletcher has had to endure. He is in the 7th year of a jail sentence for the crime of rape that the alleged victim – Yang Dany – insists did not occur. Yang Dany’s declaration that she was not raped is backed up by the court-appointed doctor whose report submitted to the Phnom Penh Municipal Court declared that Yang Dany was still a virgin – after she had allegedly been brutally raped twice by Mr Fletcher!

      In Jan 2016 Mr Fletcher was granted the right to an appeal in the Supreme Court. This seemed to be, at the time, a small step in the right direction - an opportunity for Mr Fletcher’s case to be heard and judged on the basis of facts; of evidence. To date, the Supreme Court has given no indication of when or even if Mr Fletcher’s case will be heard.

      In the meantime, where is Yang Dany? She is not just the key witness but the only witness for the prosecution? She is, according to the last information at my disposal, in China. And why and how did Yang Dany leave Cambodia for China?

      At a time when Yang Dany was talking to the media, including myself and two journalists from the Cambodia Daily, insisting that she had not been raped, she told me (a) That APLE had instructed her not to appear in court, (b) That APLE had instructed her and her mother, Sekun, not to talk to the media and (c) that APLE had offered to rent her mother a new place to live in. be continued...

  39. ...following on...

    Shortly after this conversation Yang Dany disappeared. She went to China. And her mother (who also insists that Mr Fetcher did not rape Yang Dany) had moved from the address I was familiar with and was now staying in rented accommodation paid for by APLE. Sekun’s address was secret now and, according to others in the community, she had been instructed not to talk with the media.

    In the meantime, mystery surrounded Yang Dany’s disappearance to China? How had an unemployed scavenger with not enough money to feed herself managed to acquire a Cambodian passport at such short notice? Or had she entered China illegally? And if she had entered China illegally, had she been trafficked?

    Who is going to ask such questions? Just as importantly, in whose interests is it that such questions do not get asked? In whose interests is it to see to it that Mr Fletcher is not given the Supreme Court hearing that he was promised 14 months ago?

    Imagine such a hearing. APLE is asked to present Yang Dany for cross-examination. APLE has to say, “This is not possible as she is living in China.” This in itself would open up a Pandora’s Box of questions that Mr Samleang Seila and his APLE lawyers would not want to be heard in public. Just as importantly, the non-appearance of Yang Dany in court would leave the prosecution with no case to run. On the basis of the doctor’s report alone (Yang Dany still a virgin) the Supreme Court would be left with little choice (if it were to abide by the Cambodian Code of Criminal Procedure) but to declare that Mr Fletcher had no case to answer; that he was free to go.

    Leaving aside Mr Fletcher’s case I believe the time has come for Cambodia to stop outsourcing its policing to foreign NGOs whose staff earn good money (and live extravagant lives) doing what Cambodian police earn little money for doing. It seems that any foreigner wanting to make a quick dollar can set up an NGO in Cambodia and start to hunt down pedophiles and other sexual predators. As with rescuing poor children from their families wand warehousing them in institutions, chasing pedophiles is something that generous donors agree is a good thing to do and are prepared to support. And so the dollars roll in, the NGO’s coffers swell, they get hailed as heroes back in their home countries; current affairs programs get made about them and they live in the lap of luxury like old style colonialists in Cambodia. Too many of them the people who go into the pedophile business are ex-Australian policeman. In the case of the Cambodian Children’s Fund’s Child Protection Unit, this is run by two corrupt former Australian Federal Police Officers – one of whom did time in an Australian jail for his involvement in drug ‘stings’.

    Are these really the kinds of men you want to whom you wish to outsource police work that should be done by Cambodian police?

    Please instruct the Supreme Court to set a date for Mr Fletcher’s hearing and request of Samleang Seila that he set in motion finding Yang Dany in China and arranging for her return to Cambodia to be cross-examined in relation to her original charge that Mr Fletcher raped her.

    yours sincerely

    James Ricketson

  40. I hear on the Aussie pub grapevine that CPU has run out of coin. Anyone got the good oil on this?

    1. Lack of coin hasn't affected Mc Cabe's and Neeson's use of coke.

    2. Well its obvious that you are just talking shit and there is no grapevine. CCF have 5 years of funding for the CPU. If you do some research like I do and check some of the facebook posts of Cambodian police that are associated with CPU, you will see that McCabe just took a police delegation to Sydney, I assume all paid for by CPU as the Khmers wouldn't pay for it. Trouble with this blog site is that most of the posts and comments are just made up lies from people who have no direct or intimate knowledge of anything they post about.

  41. We can all hope that CCF runs out of coin and that Neeson is forced to give up the children that he has stolen from their families!

  42. Good article by Luke Hunt about the types of people attracted to a counry in which there is no rule of law:

    "Claims that two women accused of assassinating the North Korean leader’s half-brother in Kuala Lumpur rehearsed the hit in Phnom Penh have added another unwanted twist to Cambodia’s long history as a playground for the world’s less savoury characters.

    The Cambodia Daily stunned the government when it reported recently that Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong, 29, and Indonesian Siti Aisyah, 25, had met and practised the February 13 assassination of Kim Jong-nam about a dozen times in the Cambodian capital.

    The pair, charged in Malaysia with killing the half-brother of Kim Jong-un by smearing VX nerve agent on his face at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, have claimed they did not know what they were doing – saying instead they thought they were taking part in a prank meant for reality television.

    Whatever the outcome of their case, that such a sordid affair should be linked in some way to Cambodia will do little to help efforts to rehabilitate the country from its reputation as an exotic – and sunny – safe haven for criminals, terrorists, child sex offenders, drug addicts and even a prime minister on the run.
    The lawlessness that accompanied a 30-year war, porous borders, endemic corruption and an underpaid police force all helped the likes of disgraced rock star Gary Glitter and Hambali (Riduan Isamuddin) – the Islamic militant behind the 2002 Bali bombing – in setting up home here.

    ... to be continued...

    1. ...

      It’s a reputation that the government, business groups and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations had hoped was fading, at least until the report in The Cambodia Daily. Prime Minister Hun Sen has yet to respond, but the report is the latest diplomatic upset in what were once close ties with North Korea. During the cold war, North Korea built a palace in Pyongyang for Norodom Sihanouk, Cambodia’s former king.

      The deterioration in relations seems to have accelerated since Sihanouk, who used to employ North Korean bodyguards, died in October 2012. A slew of defections, among them staff from a tightly controlled North Korean restaurant, followed.
      Cambodia’s appeal for shady characters and dreadful criminals is helped by a low-cost base, relaxed attitudes towards visas and a seamy nightlife helped by a well-documented culture of impunity – made famous by the former president of the Chamber of Commerce. Two decades ago, Theng Bunma complained to an airline about bad service by shooting the tyre of the plane.

      He once told an interviewer: “I would like to tell you that if Theng Bunma does something, he never answers questions about it inaccurately. If I say I will shoot you, I’ll really shoot you! Like I shot the plane’s wheel. I really shot it.... I shot the plane’s tyre, I think wrongly, in anger.”

      In the same interview, with Fortune magazine, he was asked about accusations of drug-running by then co-Prime Minister Norodom Rannaridh: “If I smuggle drugs, why don’t you arrest me, since you know I’m involved in drugs? Or don’t I give you enough money?”

      Not everyone was such a straight talker.

      American euthanasia advocate Roger Graham came to Cambodia in 2003 stating: “All I want to do is to run a little cafe and live the rest of my life in peace. I intend to die here.” He was deported three years later for soliciting customers into a do-it-yourself suicide programme.
      “Criminals and con artists are another touch of colour in the remarkable diversity of humanity in most Southeast Asian cities,” said Keith Loveard, a regional security analyst with Jakarta-based Concord Consulting.

      He said “interesting” places attracted “interesting” people, especially those that also offer affordable beer. “Singapore is unlikely to attract bottom feeders because a beer is too pricey”.

      Access to prescription drugs, normally unavailable elsewhere, attracts addicts of all types. Prescription pills like methamphetamine are cheap and have been linked to the Russian mafia. The Russians, encouraged by favourable exchange rates, arrived as Graham was leaving with businessman Alexander Trofimov, beginning work on a US$300 million tourist resort on Snake Island off the southern coast. Cash and a fast lifestyle endeared him to the moneyed and politically connected, known here as the “Khmer Riche”.

      ... to be continued...

    2. ...

      Politically connected

      Unbeknown to his friends, Trofimov’s private life was sordid and more in keeping with Glitter, aka Paul Gadd, who was deported from Cambodia in 2002 and eventually jailed in Britain for 16 years for sexually abusing three young girls.

      In 2007, Trofimov was arrested on 17 charges of sexually abusing minors, including a six-year-old. He was royally pardoned and freed. But the authorities finally lost all patience when he was found with a girl, believed to be 11 or 12 years old, and deported him.

      “Off-the-beaten-track capitals [like Phnom Penh] tend to have more rogues, eccentrics and ne’er-do-wells than suited business types. In some you find all types, but they rarely mix,” Loveard said.
      That was the case with billionaire property developer Sergei Polonsky, noted by Forbes magazine as one of Russia’s most unusual businessmen, now awaiting trial in Moscow on charges of fraud. He was given his marching orders after “unlawfully depriving Cambodian seamen of their liberty”.

      Political connections can help, as Thaksin Shinawatra, the former Thai prime minister, discovered. Ousted by a coup in 2006, he has lived in exile since his conviction for corruption, but that did not stop his friend, Hun Sen, from hiring him as a special economic adviser.
      Shortly before Sihanouk’s death, French architect Patrick Devillers made a splash on newspaper front pages when he was found in Cambodia and “urged” to return to China where he gave evidence in the sensational case of Bo Xilai, the former Communist Party bigwig jailed for life on corruption charges.

      At around the same time the 27-year-old co-founder of the file-sharing website The Pirate Bay, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, was found in the capital hiding from a Swedish arrest warrant and deported.
      Why does Asean pretend to be united when it’s not?

      As Warg was deported, Stockholm announced a US$59 million foreign aid package to promote democracy in Cambodia. He served a three-year prison term for copyright infringements and was released.

      However, for the terrorist Hambali, freedom is about as likely as an unconditional release for the women accused of assassinating Kim who are stuck in a Malaysian jail. Hambali fled Cambodia and was arrested in Thailand. He remains tucked away in Guantanamo Bay where he is listed by the American military as one of 17 high-value detainees. The Guantanamo Review Task Force has recommended him for prosecution over the Bali bombing, which killed more than 200 people, and permanently stained this country’s already dubious security record.

  43. Angela Corcoran
    Ambassador to Cambodia
    Australian Embassy
    16B, National Assembly Street
    Sangkat Tonle Bassac
    Lhan Chamkamon,
    Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    7th April 2017

    Dear Ambassador

    On 8th Feb, whilst in Australia, I was informed by the Cambodia Daily, in an email, that I had been found guilty in the Phnom Penh Municipal Court of having defamed an NGO by the name of Action Pour les Enfants (APLE). This was the first I had heard of this court case.

    I travelled to Cambodia hoping to learn about the circumstances surrounding my case and to lodge an appeal.

    The Administration section of the Phnom Penh Municipal Court informed me, on three occasions, that it had no record of any case brought against me by APLE in the Court computer or in their filing system.

    I wrote two letters to the Minister of Justice regarding this matter (see below) and one to Mr Samelang Seila – the person within APLE who issued a press release announcing my conviction. The full text of my letter to Mr Samelang Seila is contained within my 2nd letter to the Minister of Justice, dated 24th March 2017.

    After three weeks, doing all I possibly could to find out about my case and lodge an appeal, to no avail, I returned to Australia. Neither the office of the Minister for Justice nor Mr Samelang Seila has, this past week, provided me with any details relating to my case, as requested.

    If there was no court case, the Cambodia Daily has been remiss in publishing a story based on a press release without checking to see if it was true or not. If there was a court case and if I have, in fact, been found guilty, the question then is: “Why is there no record of my case in the Phnom Penh Municipal Court computer?” Is it possible to lose all record of a recently completed court case? Or is there some other explanation for the Court’s inability to provide me with any details pertaining to the case?

    Could the Australian embassy please make contact with the Minister for Justice requesting information regarding this matter.

    yours sincerely

    James Ricketson

  44. Any word from the Australian Embassy James?

    1. Yes, I have heard back from the Australian Embassy. Will update in the next day or so.


    Dear Colin

    As the email below makes clear, the Australian Embassy in Phnom Penh is attempting to get some answers to questions regarding my case that I have not been able to obtain from either the Phnom Penh Municipal Court or from Samleang Seila.

    I am quite prepared to accept that the administrative section of the Court may have misplaced the relevant files. However, I trust that it has not escaped your attention that Samleang Seila has not, as I requested of him a few weeks ago, provided me with any information about the charges brought against me by APLE. If Samleang Seila had even the most basic commitment to transparency and accountability, to the rule of law, to the notion that a person accused of a crime is entitled to be provided with evidence of it and invited to attend court proceedings, he would responded to my letter of 16th March. He would have provided me with the documents I should have been provided well in advance of any court case.

    Why has Samleang Seila refrained to do so?

    One possibility is that it is in his interests, in the interests of APLE, that I am never appraised of the evidence he presented to the court; that I am never given the opportunity to appeal against the court's verdict. If this be the case then it is possible that I could, at some point in the future, be arrested in Cambodia for non-payment of the Court's fine.

    In the event that I am arrested, I trust that the Cambodia Daily will do more than simply publish a brief cut-and-paste article about my arrest; that you will place my arrest in its appropriate context - namely that my attempts to obtain from the Phnom Penh Municipal Court and from APLE documents relevant to this case have yielded no results.

    In the interests of transparency I am copying this to APLE - in the hope that even at this late date Samleang Seila might have the decency to forward to me any and all documents relevant to the case he and APLE brougt against me.


  46. James, to do sided that APLE has any interest in the rule of law is absurd! They only have interest in manipulating the law to their advantage and to keep donations rolling in. If rule of law was important, David Fletcher would be walking as a free man! Your case has many similarities to Fletcher's, but his is 100 times more agregious as you have an innocent man with an effective death sentence and never having had a chance to defend himself!!

    1. Yes, my case is almost identical to Mr Fletcher's in terms of its dynamic. See my letter to Mr Samleang Seila below.

  47. Mr Samleang Seila
    Action pour les Enfants
    by email

    14th April 2017

    Dear Mr Samleang Seila

    You have not responded to my letter of a month ago (16th March) requesting of you the paperwork I should have been provided with in advance of any court proceedings against me.

    Nor have you availed yourself of the opportunity to provide me with such paperwork
    when I asked a second time - implicit in my email to Colin Meyne, copied to you 4 days ago.

    It is no longer possible for you to argue, with much credibility, that the Phnom Penh Municipal Court is totally to blame for not notifying me that I had been charged with an offense, with not notifying me that I was due in court and thus with an opportunity to defend myself and with ‘losing’ all record of the case within its filing system.

    Given your refusal to provide me with any information regarding the case you brought against me I think it fair to conjecture that APLE never had any intention of informing me of the charges laid against me, never had any intention of allowing me to know what the evidence against me was, never had any intention of notifying me that I was due in court on any of the dates that preceded my conviction in absentia, never had any intention of allowing me to appeal the sentence (hence the APLE press release released after the date had expired when I could appeal) and now, in April 2017, has no intention of providing me with any information that would make it possible for me to pursue this matter further.

    I will leave it to others, including those to whom I am copying this letter, to arrive at their own conclusions regarding what such behaviour of yours and APLE’s part signifies.

    There is another dimension to the in absentia trial I have been subjected to that is of interest. It has been made clear to me on more than one occasion, through the usual intermediaries in Cambodia that convey such information, that whilst the Supreme Court notified David Fletcher 15 months ago (Jan 16) that it would hear his case, this would not occur unless either he or I were prepared to pay ‘big money.’

    I never enquired as to what sum constituted ‘big money’ but even if it was only $10 I would not pay it. And nor would Mr Fletcher. (I have never once paid a bride in Cambodia and have no intention of starting now!) Mr Fletcher wants his case heard in court. He wants to be interviewed by the police and an Investigating Judge – nether of which, as you know, has occurred this past 7 years. He wants to be able to present a defense in court in accordance with his rights as outlined in the Cambodian Code of Criminal Procedure. He wants to be able to call Yang Dany as a witness – the young woman offered $30,000 to accuse him of rape; the young woman whom the court appointed doctor declared to be a virgin; the young woman who insists (as does her mother) that she was not raped; the young woman who was instructed by APLE not to talk to the media; the young woman whose mother was relocated by APLE so that the media could not find her; the young woman who mysteriously disappeared to China shortly after she had admitted to myself (and my camera) and to two Cambodia Daily journalists that she had not been raped.

    APLE has acknowledged that there is no evidence that Mr Fletcher raped Yang Dany but you, champion of human and legal rights as you are, declared that this was now irrelevant; that Mr Fletcher was late submitting his appeal paperwork to the court and so deserves to spend 10 years in jail!

    I will leave it to others to find the words to describe the character of a man who believes that a 10 year jail sentence, in the absence of any trial to which the accused was invited, is fair and just – simply because he submitted paperwork late! be continued...

  48. ....following on...

    The dynamic of the case you brought against me is identical. You have arranged for a trial to be conducted without me knowing about it; without being appraised of the evidence. Perhaps you have done so in hopes of intimidating me into silence as regards Mr Fletcher’s right to a fair trial? Or perhaps, by guaranteeing that there is no possibility of my appealing the sentence handed down by the Phnom Penh Municipal Court, you hope that this will lead to my arrest in Cambodia?

    Whichever of these is the case, be aware that I will not be paying any fines levied on me by the Court in the absence of any evidence that I have even committed an offence; in the absence of a trial conducted in accordance with the Cambodian Code of Criminal Procedure. If this leads to my arrest, so be it. The subsequent publicity would shine a light not only on APLE’s modus operandi as regards Mr Fletcher being denied a trial but to questions being raised about the funding model employed by APLE – a model that requires the continuous arrest and conviction of ‘pedophiles’; a model that sees men like Mr Fletcher as fair game and as a means whereby APLE can justify the funding provided to it. Whether Mr Fletcher is innocent or guilty is of secondary importance to you or to APLE. The publicity surrounding his case has, no doubt, contributed to APLE’s fund-raising efforts: another scalp on APLE’s belt!

    For the Supreme Court or any other court, in 2017, seven years into a 10 year jail sentence, to find Mr Fletcher innocent of the crime of rape would raise serous concerns in the minds of those who fund APLE as to its credibility, its honesty, its competence.

    I will leave it to others to join the various dots highlighted in this letter.

    If you and APLE wish to retain any sliver of credibility as an organization committed to the basic precepts of transparency and accountability, to the rule of law and natural justice, you will forward to me, today, all the documents regarding my case that should have been delivered to me when charges were laid by you on behalf of APLE.

    best wishes

    James Ricketson

    1. Samleang Seila cannot answer because he is waiting for the "SCRIPT" of APLE's Mastermind and founderThierry Darnaudet who seems to be on holiday. All Statements incl. APLE's recent pressr eleases point to the french founder Darnaudet as they use the identical language as he did during his reign when he forced former Country Director Catherine Keane to put outright lies in her reports in order to increase fundraising results. Seila is simply remote controlled, knows no ethics or moral and is completely money focused. (for his own benefit). The silence or badly camouflaged support of APLE's modus operandi by the entire NGO Industry in Cambodia also reveals how these people work. Familiar NGO Slogan in Cambodia: We came to help the Cambodian Children and done well !

    2. Why isn't the Cambodian Press all over this?

    3. Because nobody in the Cambodian Press could give a rat's arse about the fate of Ricketson and even less about his revolting chum Fletcher.

    4. Or about the hundreds of children that Scott Neeson has stolen from their families, or the homes he has stolen from the impoverished, or about the drug dealer Scott Neeson employes to run his CPU, or about Scott Neesons cocaine addiction!

  49. Dr Kek Pung

    by email

    16th April 2017

    Dear Dr Kek Pung

    I have been informed that in Dec 2014 a man by the name of Tom Selig wrote to you regarding the case of Mr David Fletcher – accused and convicted of rape and now serving a 10 year jail sentence. It is my understanding, based of the information provided to me by Tom Selig, that Director Naly Pilorge answered on your behalf.

    I have pasted below a record of the email exchange that Tom Selig claims took place between himself and Naly Pilorge.

    My first questions for you are these:

    (1) “Did such email communication between Mr Selig and Naly Pilorge occur?”

    (2) “If so, is Mr Selig’s documentation of his communication with Naly Pilorge accurate?

    (3) “Has Mr Selig’s record of the email exchange between himself and Naly Pilorge been edited in such a way as to alter its meaning?”

    If the communication is genuine, further questions arise:

    (4) What findings does Naly Pilorge believe I have arrived at as regards Mr Fletcher’s case?

    My key ‘findings’ are as follows:

    (a) Yang Dany was declared, by the doctor appointed by the Phnom Penh Municipal Court, to be a virgin after the alleged rapes.

    This is a fact, as anyone who has read the relevant court documents can attest.

    Has Naly Pilorge arrived at a different finding as regards Yang Dany’s post-rape virginity? If so, what evidence does she have and why has she not presented it to the court?

    (b) Yang Dany and her mother, Sekun, have told myself and two Cambodia Daily journalists that no rape occurred.

    If Naly Pilorge has arrived at a different finding – namely that rape did take place – what evidence does she have and why has she not presented it to the relevant authorities?

    I have suggested, many times, that Mr Fletcher has a right, in accordance with the Cambodian Code of Criminal Procedure, to a fair trial. He has not had one.

    Does Naly Pilorge disagree with this? Does she believe that holding a trial in secret and only notifying the defendant that it has taken place afterwards is appropriate? Legal? Respectful of Mr Fletcher’s legal and human rights? be continued...

    1. ...following on...

      Now we come to Ms Pilorge’s comment: “we cannot reveal the details of the case to protect the parties involved.”

      The first observation I would like to make about this statement is that nowhere, in the court documents, is there anything to suggest that LICADHO was a stakeholder in this case. I think it fair to presume that Ms Pilorge has acquired her ‘details’ from APLE. This would be logical since Ms Pilorge was one of the founders of Action Pour les Enfants and a friend of Thierry Darnaudet.

      However, just which ‘parties involved’ does Ms Pilorge believe she needs to protect? Yang Dany, the alleged victim who insists that she was not raped? If not Yang Dany, who? APLE?

      I trust, Dr Pung, that you will answer my questions and not give this to Ms Pilorge to respond to.

      In addition to seeking answers to the above questions I would like to add a couple more about Yang Dany? If she was, indeed, a victim of rape, LICADHO’s advocacy on her behalf is right and proper. If Mr Fletcher is not guilty of rape, LICADHO should advocate on his behalf in a similar manner. Given that there has been no court case in which evidence has been heard, in which cross-examination of Yang Dany has occurred, in which Mr Fletcher has been able to plead his innocence, how can Ms Pilorge be sure that he is guilty of rape? This seems to be implicit in Ms Pilorge’s ‘other findings’ comment? If there is some other explanation for the ‘other findings’ comment, could you please let me know what it is?

      And finally, is it a matter of concern to you (and to LICADHO) that Yang Dany disappeared to China at a time and under circumstances that raise the question:

      “Was Yang Dany either paid to go to China or was she trafficked to China?”

      There is, as far as I know, no evidence that she entered China legally or that she is living in China legally.

      Will LICADHO make any enquiries at all as to whether Yang Dany entered China legally or was, perhaps, trafficked?

      The email exchange to which I refer above is pasted below.

      best wishes

      James Ricketson

      On 12/21/2014 6:54 PM, Tom Selig wrote:

      Dear Dr. Kek Pung,

      cc: Director Naly Pilorge,

      my name is tom selig. I live in Cambodia since 2003 and believe that i
      contributed to the wellbeeing of the Khmer Citizens as much as i can.

      I have met Mrs. Naly Pilorge before she left Sihanoukville and found
      that she was a great defender of Human Rights, particulary concerning
      those of the Khmer People.

      I recently learned from other expats that you are aware of the David
      Fletcher Case who is imprisoned at PJ Jail in Phnom Penh on charges that
      cannot be true. The details are well known to you as i can read in one
      of the most engaged blogs on this subject> run
      by australian Mr. James Ricketson. I learned from the blog that you do
      not respond to any of his enquiries or emails.

      My question is WHY ?

      It seems obvious that David Fletcher is a victim of miscarried Justice
      in Cambodia. He therefore is as much a person that should get all
      support of a human rights organisation like yours. The same is true for
      Mr. Matt Harland another Barang in Jail without any fair trial.

      I would very much appreciate if you would answer to my email because
      otherwise your non-reaction will make me wonder what kind of Human
      Rights Organisation you are if you do not protect the human rights of
      Barang also.

      Best regards

      Tom Selig be continued...

    2. ...following on...

      On Sun, Dec 21, 2014, at 04:52 PM, LICADHO Director (Naly Pilorge) wrote:

      Dear Tom Selig,

      Thanks for your email. We are following the case, our findings differ from James Ricketson but we cannot reveal the details of the case to protect the parties involved, thanks.

      Naly Pilorge
      (+855) 12 803 650

      ----- Original message -----
      From: Tom Selig
      To: "LICADHO Director (Naly Pilorge)"
      Subject: Re: Human Rights in Cambodia
      Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2014 21:12:54 -0800

      dear naly,
      thank you for your prompt answer. I don't know in what way your findings differ from those of James Ricketson but it is apparent that Mr. David Fletcher was denied basic rights when i simply follow the news in the Media and the proceedings (or non action) of the court. So my question remains, where do you Licado stand on Human Rights when it concerns other than Khmer.  By answering this question you do not reveal any detail of the David Fletcher case. In denying any statement that would give me a clearer picture of where you stand. Currently you appear to simply protect the interest of and it's highly controversial methods which are illegal in most countries around the world. And the remaining question still is : WHY ??
      Tom Selig

    3. questions to naly pilorge.

      1. Can u confirm that you, Naly Pilorge has been listed as OWNER of website when u still resided in Sihanoukville ?

      2. How is your Relationship to APLE's founder Thierry Darnaudet ?

      3. Does Licadho defend Human Rights exclusively for Cambodians or other Foreigners residing in Cambodia aswell ?

      4. Why don't you answer any questions regarding the case against David Fletcher who never received a fair trial. Is his 10 year sentence not the equivalent of a death sentence ? Which means you support the death penalty ?

      5. How about the recent report in the Cambodian daily that claims that Action Pour les Enfants (APLE) has had James Ricketson (a serious critic of APLE's modus operandi and Licadho's Silence on the above cases) sentenced in absence and without his knowledge eventhough the Cambodian Gov. knew his exact Hotel Location in Phnom Penh ? According to James Ricketson APLE used the same tactic it used on David Fletcher to deny him any chance of an appeal since Ricketson only learned about him being convicted for defamation after the period of appeal expired. Don't you think that your persistend silence on that matter is damaging for your Organisation ? When , if ever will you make a public statement ?

      6. Does Licadho only follow Human Rights Violations if they can be connected to be of political value to bring down the current government ?

    4. For Cambodia 440

      A reply to Tom.
      From Agent4DF.
      David says,
      Thank you for your continued support Tom. Nothing will change in Cambodia until parasitic reptiles like A.P.L.E. and Neeson are eliminated, and a justice system that refuses to enforce its own laws wakes up! Maybe in a hundred years, but I doubt it! If these judges,
      Secret trial in camera May /2011 case #1551, trial # 1854.
      Judges Ke Bhang An Son, Mr Me Sakhan, vice head of council. Mrs Chaing Sinat, vice head of Phnom Penh municipal trial court, as head of council. Chea Sok Heang, judge of Phnom Penh municipal trial court as council judge.
      can come up with this,
      After a 12 page medical examination produced by the prosecution in court of an alleged brutal rape victim lasting an hour ( twice ). Proves that the victim is still a virgin and hymen in tact. The judges comment was ' her hymen and virginity has healed up nicely' ! What chance of justice when three obviously uneducated judges declare such a stupid, ignorant and incompetent statement. Are they total ignoramuses or have they been bribed? Which is illegal according to the Cambodian criminal code and the Royal Cambodian constitution. Which I wonder? Doesn't take much imagination does it?
      This illegal trial held in absentia, as James, was to prevent a defence. This trial abused 22 articles of the criminal code and 3 articles of the Royal Cambodian constitution. As James I was never given notice, and was illegal because I was under due process at the time instigated by the Reptiles A.P.L.E. and Neeson.
      There was also complicity from the British FCO and the Plebeians in Phnom Penh. The British embassy 'lost' my passport when they discovered it proved I was not even in Cambodia at the time of these alleged bogus rapes. When they 'found' it they said they did not know where I was, despite visiting me every few weeks. They destroyed my valid passport. They also believe in wrestling!

    5. This is an incredible story where a human rights organization is complicit in the persecution of an innocent man!!

  50. For your info: APLE's current id for their website. The registrant/equivalent to owner is currently Vando Khem


    Registrant Name: Vando Khem
    Registrant Organization: APLE CAMBODIA ORGANIZATION
    Registrant Street: #46
    Registrant Street: St. 103
    Registrant City: Phnom Penh
    Registrant State/Province:
    Registrant Postal Code: 12300
    Registrant Country: KH
    Registrant Phone: +855.23950151
    Registrant Phone Ext:
    Registrant Fax:
    Registrant Fax Ext:
    Registrant Email:
    Registry Admin ID: C130877891-LROR
    Admin Name: Mart van Santen
    Admin Organization: Greenhost
    Admin Street: Weesperstraat 3
    Admin City: AMSTERDAM
    Admin State/Province:
    Admin Postal Code: 1018 DN
    Admin Country: NL
    Admin Phone: +31.204890444
    Admin Phone Ext:
    Admin Fax:
    Admin Fax Ext:
    Admin Email:
    Registry Tech ID: C60709043-LROR
    Tech Name: Tech Contact
    Tech Organization: Greenhost


    The adress is usually fake so nobody can track them. The fact that the website is now hosted in the netherlands is pointing to aple's longtime supporter Terre des Hommes, Netherlands.

    Why is Samleang Seila not the listed Registrar ? Is he planning his exit already ?

    Maybe Colin Meyne cold ask some question rather than just publish whtever bulshit press release Samleant Seila gives him

  51. cat got your tongue james?

    1. Dear Anonymous May 1, 2017 at 1.33

      No, unlike you, I only write here on this blog is I have something of value to say.

  52. is rickety kricket dead or in prison?

  53. Almost four months and many letters later (including enquiries from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs I have still not been able to acquire any details of the case that APLE brought against me. Or, to be more precise, the case that APLE may have brought against me! Given that there appears to be no record of it, perhaps there was no case! Perhaps the story in the Cambodia Daily was 'fake news'? Perhaps, knowing that the Daily would publish pretty much any press release given to it as 'news', Samleang Seila simply manufactured a fake Press Release? Who knows? Why anyone takes Samleang Seila seriously is a mystery to me! Why APLE's fraudulent modus operandi has not been exposed by the media is another mystery to me. In my case, Samleang Seila's fraudulent charges (f they even exist!) is a minor annoyance. For David Fletcher, however, APLE's use of Yang Dany to make demonstrably false allegations of rape against David Fletcher has resulted in his spending the last 7 years in jail. Of course, David Fletcher is but one of many people jailed of trumped up charges by Cambodia's corrupt judicial system. There are several members of the CNRP locked up under similar circumstances and there will be more between now and the election next year as Hun Sen tries to cling onto power.

    1. APLE should be prosecuted for fraud, closed and removed from Cambodia. This is a fraudulent organization that conspires to incarcerate innocent men to fuel their profitability model. Shut them down!

    2. ADD Scotty Neeson to that list. Let him do his prison time before they deport him!

    3. Agent4DF
      David says,
      When Will Cambodia wake up to the scum in this beautiful country, it's reptiles like these that keep Cambodia a ' begger' country and high on the global corruption scale?
      Scum like this;
      Samleang Seila (APLE). the media, (Cambodia Daily), Scott Neeson and the British Embassy, Thierry Darnaudet, Steve Morrish, Naly Pilorge, Phnom Penh Post and numerous Plebeians in P.P.
      These Parasites have no doubt thrown poor Dany to goodness knows what heinous fate, by offering her a 30,000 dollar reward ( which of cause she never received ) from court if she put her thumb print on a fabricated statement that she could not read or understand, all so they could carry on with their greed and ego to scam more good meaning people out of donations under false pretence to line their own pockets. Good honest people that could not even begin to imagine the dark side of these scammer parasitic reptiles.
      Talking of pockets, Muppet complicit Cambodia Daily and Phnom Penh Post take their thirty pieces of silver from this scum, so don't expect any honest journalism from that dept.
      Now these parasite's have ' finger pointed' the wrong person with their Kangaroo style court scam once too often. A very good , and very rich and very religious old American that does so much for countries all over the world has been falsely accused by A.P.L.E. ( as their norm practice) . He is about to be released, but for these reptile's it is far from over, he is backed by American Senators. Like as me, they started a war and they are going to regret it, as well as being very expensive for them. Neeson and A.P.L.E. keep paying your millions to keep up your fake facade to look honest, it's not going to last......
      The other fakers;
      A high up ( ha! ha! ) ex Royal Navy scammer at Mekong University with a secret agenda.
      Fat Fred ( ex OX GOLD scammer)
      A Norwegian owner or ex owner of a guest house next to what was Bogie and Bacall on 136 st, with a very dark agenda.
      Not forgetting our Australian ' GUNNA' Les Patterson in his very old silver Merc and a Muppet body guard that he needs to keep away his creditors.
      Then the Gunnas buddy gov minister who supplies the brown envelopes.
      The fake spook for Neeson and Muppets Isaac Veth! What a Walter Mitty facade! and a bigger liar I have never met.
      For all these scum the Chickens are coming home to roost! ALL revealed and their secret agendas in my book ' The Conspiracy.
      A.P.L.E don't try your absentia trial scam, you know where I am, shall I send you a white stick! You are up against American Senators now!
      Give me a chance to challenge your evidence in court and expose your lies. If you remember I challenged you and Neeson three years ago ( The Conspiracy, chapter 22, page 292 ) neither of you had the guts to even reply, because you knew your framing, lies and bogus allegations would be exposed.
      As far as the complicity of the FCO ( British Embassy ) with these reptiles is concerned, PROVEN! By their own documents by FOI ( freedom of information act ) Also chapter and verse in ' The Conspiracy ' they are so guilty they dare not give me answers.

    4. From AGENT4DF
      David says,
      This is the letter, which James can confirm, I sent to the reptiles from my hospital bed in March/April 2015. I had come out of a coma, which by the Embassy report they gave me a 5% chance of survival. I did survive, much to the disappointment of the reptiles no doubt to fight them another day and as long as it takes.
      To: Thierry Darnaudet, Samealing Siela, Scott Neeson, Steve Morrish, Naly Pilorge and CEOP.
      Over the years you all have accused me of unsavoury acts and questioned my reasons for giving genuine help to the poor children and their families at the Stung Meanchey dump. You have openly accused me of just about every evil thing that goes through your minds. It was Peter Hogan who set the ball rolling but was you Scott Neeson that made sure the whole world got yo hear these nasty rumours when you lied to Andrew Drummond. Yes, you lied. Despite rumours of me being dead, I am very much alive and still hoping to have my day in court and hoping the local media have the courage to print the truth. I attach a photo, although not the best of me, to prove to you I am very much alive and ready to take you on and any others with unsavoury rumours about Mr. Now is your chance Scott and Steve , Thierry, Samleang and Naly Pilorge to publish hard proof of your allegations against me. And please, none of your fantasies of me raping a 17 year old girl twice, then miraculously a few months later she is still a virgin with hymen intact.
      And then, she is spirited away to China so she cannot be cross examined in court. Now is your chanc, I openly challenge you all to bring your hard evidence to prove your allegations in public. I assure you, I am alive and fighting and ready to meet you all in Court, despite your money, to put your evidence where your mouth is.
      I wonder? But I doubt knowing your agenda, how you would feel locked up for five years for something you have not done and certain people keep continuously demonizing you with blatant lies? No I don't think you could even imagine could you??????
      Very much alive David John Fletcher.
      Back to today, you can see why I look forward to them sueing me.

  54. David Fletcher asked me to publish this:

    Dear All,
    It has now started the rainy season, which gives some relief from the heat albeit very humid at times, but nights are better which I stay awake to get some peace and quiet, apart from the bugs every few minutes. They are now charging me 16 dollars a month for electricity for my fan and outside light, although we get 9 hours a day power cut. I am now on day 14 of my hunger strike, although I drink watered down milk if my stomach burns, the Korean boys made me some soup the other day when I began to founder. Asians cannot understand this type of protest or cope with it. The prison is scared but obviously the supreme court do not give a toss, I have heard nothing despite complaining to my lawyer and embassy, of course the embassy do not care and do nothing. I shall publish my letters to the supreme court next week as they have not had the courtesy or good manners even to reply, as the British embassy.
    Nothing from the UN of course. I have won my battle with the prison, I now have my property back, my stove and my boots. Also my radio but that does not pick up the BBC here in Siem Reap.
    I can roam the prison as I like but now do not have the energy to do so. We had no water for two days because the pump for our building broke, they charged us five dollars each ( 120 dollars ) to fix it. So for two days we had to buy bottled water to drink, wash and go to the toilet. I am lucky I now have 4 sq metres to live in and I wear my leather boots again. I have my electronic book but somebody stepped on it by accident and broke it, another thirty dollars when I can afford it, it goes on and on. This prison as PJ has learned not to take me on.
    You are all aware of the status of the situation with the supreme court, I have sent you the letters, please lobby all the addresses I give below to do something about this illegal delay in giving me a hearing when they are hearing cases placed after mine because they have accepted bribes to do so.
    Please lobby my lawyer also as she is not replying to my mail or SMS. Madam Champs +855 123 85155. monvichet@
    Not much else to tell, the library is good to sit and read, but only two shelves of English books given by PA and other prisoners.
    Love to all that care and a special lady Dee Holmes in OKC, USA, her birthday soon , we have never met but she has been a wonderful Angel in supporting me as Wes and Gary, Christians that walk the walk instead of just talking. Gary has also believed in me from the start and when he did not really know me, it gives me great comfort to know that people that care about me know I have not let them down.
    Also PA have been so wonderful always without fail doing as much as they can for me.
    Please lobby these people in particular Boris Johnson, foreign sec, to show him how his fco treats an Innocent man and does nothing about a corrupt supreme court.

    1. Thank god you cant get the BBC, thats one torture less. I do hope you filed a postal vote for your local member. Did he ever advise you to keep your member in your pants?

  55. As I am banned from Cambodia440 and do not follow it at all I am unsure what this message from David Fletcher is in response to but Tom, if you are reading this, here is Mr Fletcher's response:

    For Cambodia 440

    A reply to Tom.
    From Agent4DF.
    David says,
    Thank you for your continued support Tom. Nothing will change in Cambodia until parasitic reptiles like A.P.L.E. and Neeson are eliminated, and a justice system that refuses to enforce its own laws wakes up! Maybe in a hundred years, but I doubt it! If these judges,
    Secret trial in camera May /2011 case #1551, trial # 1854.
    Judges Ke Bhang An Son, Mr Me Sakhan, vice head of council. Mrs Chaing Sinat, vice head of Phnom Penh municipal trial court, as head of council. Chea Sok Heang, judge of Phnom Penh municipal trial court as council judge.
    can come up with this,
    After a 12 page medical examination produced by the prosecution in court of an alleged brutal rape victim lasting an hour ( twice ). Proves that the victim is still a virgin and hymen in tact. The judges comment was ' her hymen and virginity has healed up nicely' ! What chance of justice when three obviously uneducated judges declare such a stupid, ignorant and incompetent statement. Are they total ignoramuses or have they been bribed? Which is illegal according to the Cambodian criminal code and the Royal Cambodian constitution. Which I wonder? Doesn't take much imagination does it?
    This illegal trial held in absentia, as James, was to prevent a defence. This trial abused 22 articles of the criminal code and 3 articles of the Royal Cambodian constitution. As James I was never given notice, and was illegal because I was under due process at the time instigated by the Reptiles A.P.L.E. and Neeson.
    There was also complicity from the British FCO and the Plebeians in Phnom Penh. The British embassy 'lost' my passport when they discovered it proved I was not even in Cambodia at the time of these alleged bogus rapes. When they 'found' it they said they did not know where I was, despite visiting me every few weeks. They destroyed my valid passport. They also believe in wrestling!

    1. James, I think you will find Cambodia440 is the name of your own website you fool.


    Dear Jodie de Jong, Michael Dickinson, Chancy Chhorn, Kate Ginn and Van Roeun

    It is now four months since the Cambodia Daily published a story to the effect that I had been found guilty of defaming Action Pour les Enfants.

    It has proven impossible to obtain any details of the case against me from (1) The Phnom Penh Municipal Court, (2) the Cambodia Daily, (3) The Ministry of Justice, (4) Samleang Seila of APLE or (5) via the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs.

    Under the circumstances it is difficult not to entertain the possibility that Samleang Seila's APLE press release was 'fake news' - released in the knowledge that the Cambodia Daily would publish it as news without bothering to check to see if it was true; released in hopes of intimidating me into silence.

    Apart from wasting my time and being a minor annoyance, Samleang Seila's ham-fisted attempt at intimidation is of no consequence. However, it does reveal a modus operandi on the part of APLE that should be of concern to the media. Samleang Seila is a man who believes that David Fletcher deserves to spend 10 years in jail for failing to get his paperwork into the Phnom Penh Municipal Court in time. Samleang Seila is a man who does not believe that the accused (in this case David Fletcher) has a right to a trial held in accordance with the Cambodian Code of Criminal Procedure and who arranged to have the case heard in secret without the accused even being aware of the charges against him until he had been found guilty.

    As was established by the Phnom Penh Municipal Court, Yang Dany remained a virgin after the alleged rapes - a fact reinforced by Yang Dany's declaration (made to myself and two Cambodia Daily journalists) that David Fletcher had not raped her.

    I think that it is high time that some questions were asked of Samleang Seila. You could work backwards by asking: "Where is Yang Dany now? Is she still in China? Did APLE play any role in Yang Dany's disappearance to China at the point where her allegations of David Fletcher's innocence had attracted media attention? At a point when her appearance in court, declaring that she had not been raped, would have been a huge embarrassment to APLE?"

    And you might also like to ask some questions of Naly Pilorge (one of the founders of APLE), who has gone on record as stating that she is in possession of information suggestive of David Fletcher's guilt. I have asked Naly many times to reveal what her 'evidence' or 'information' is and why it is that she has never shared it with the police or the court. Naly refuses to answer such questions.

    If Samleang Seila's press release was, indeed, 'fake news' I think that the Cambodia Daily should acknowledge this. If it is not 'fake news' perhaps the Daily could make its own enquiries about such cases before publishing articles based on APLE press releases!


    1. In all this time, has there been no retraction on the article that they published? Are there no ethical standards for the Cambodian press?

    2. No 'retraction'.

      If the story was, in fact, 'fake news' I don't care all that much as it has no real impact on me. What does concern me is that the Cambodia Daily has a habit of cut-and-pasting press releases and publishing the results as 'news'. For me it is annoying; for others can destroy their reputation and undeservedly enhance the reputation of those who issued the press release.




    According to Khmer Judges;

    In 2011, case #1551, trial # 1854 in secret, in camera, not made public until 2 weeks later!

    1. Judges Ke, Bhang, and Sok.
    2. Mr Ke Sakhan vice head of Phnom Penh municipal trial court, at head of council.
    3. Mrs Chang Sinat, vice head of Phnom Penh municipal trial court, as head of council.
    4. Chea Sok Heang, judge of Phnom Penh municilpal trial court, as counsel Judge.

    In a Phnom Penh municipal court in Cambodia, in a secret trial, supported by the British FCO, CEOP, CCF, APLE and SISHA. An alleged brutal rape trial of a 17 year old Khmer young Lady.

    The alleged victim, the story goes, was brutally raped on two occasions ( after the first rape she returned to the non existing bar a week later to be raped again) the alleged perpetrator was an English citizen, who was not in Cambodia at the time.

    The Phnom Penh municipal court in September 2010 required an official medical report of the alleged victim for court records.

    The prosecution produced the said official 12 page report with detailed diagrams. The medical examination declared the alleged brutal rape victim remained a vigin with hymen in tact after full deep penetration of the vagina for two hours.

    The three Khmer judges declared that the young ladys virginity and hymen had healed nicely and was virginal again!

    AS A RESULT, globally, ladies that have read the judges conclusion are now rushing to cambodia to obtain the same results!


    1. Brilliant David!

    2. This story should be sent to the Cambodia Daily and see if they print it!?

    3. From AGENT4DF
      David says;
      As you are aware, my valid passport contained court evidence of my undeniable innocence.
      As far as complicity of the FCO ( British embassy ) with the reptiles is concerned, they never came up with an answer concerning the destruction of my valid passport. But were ordered by the British ombudsman to apologize to me! That issue is far from over also!
      Excerpt from ' The Conspiracy ' , page 355, chapter 29.
      A letter from the embassy dated 21/2/13 said my valid passport had been destroyed.
      Documents from the FOI ( Freedom of Information act ) says embassy destroyed my passport on 6/8/13, six months difference! To this day the FCO have not answer these questions, who ordered the destruction of my valid passport? Who had possession between Aug 2010 and Oct 2013? Who destroyed my passport and what date? Where are copies of orders for destruction?
      THEY DARE NOT GIVE ME THE ANSWERS. Also many more! But in a civilised world they will answer under oath in London! Very soon!
      Footnote for the smart arses; I am sure you will correctly point out that immigration Dept's of Cambodia and Lao will support my evidence! Have you ever tried to communicate with these banana republic departments? Precisely!

    4. Haha, looks as if at last Ricketson has got what was coming to him for droning on and on and on Lets hope he also gets whats coming to him in terms of the length of time they keep him locked up.

  58. James Ricketson Arrested in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for allegedly spying with a drone?

  59. You are a fucking moron Ricketson. I cant stop laughing today. What kind of a fucking idiot, goes to a political rally and uses a drone, when its common knowledge that the government has warned and banned people form using them. Of lets wait for it - it wont be your fault, you will be innocent and this will be a conspiracy fro some NGO to get you locked up. Thanks Ricketson for showing everyone that you are a class A fucking moron. Hope they put you in jail.

  60. 26/12/15


    Dear Mr Seila

    I have written to you in the past, asking politly for the evidence that you say you possess relating to my alleged unsavory acts with children at Stung Meanchey city dump. I have asked you to publish this evidence and report it to the Cambodian police.

    As you no doubt are aware Mr Neeson of CCF did the same as you, made allegations via the press, you know the ones, they treat your word as gospel, at the moment ! He did as you, very quick to demonize me, very slow, in fact static, to produce evidence.

    History tells us you are very good at writing other peoples court statements and shall we say, being very creative with the truth and pie in the sky promises! Of course you get away with this when it's a poor girl who cannot speak English and has no idea what you have written, and does not even know the definition of rape!

    Then of course you are very good at framing and defaming anyone that might marginally fit your profile of a prospective peadophile. The donations just glaze your eyes and give you wet dreams. But you see, history tells us that this is your agenda - lies, scams and false promises. So now is your chance to prove me wrong and yourself righteous and interested in the truth!

    Publish and give to the police all of the wrong doing I have supposedly done. Give the world your evidence of me living with an underage girl that you accuse me of, when in fact she was my 26 year old wife.

    Lets talk with Dany and mother in court openly to see if I raped her, lets ask the questions in a language she understands, not a fantasy you have written and she is told to thumb print and she will get $30,000. That is if you can find her after people trafficking her to China. Oh her mother has been moved also, how strange?

    While we are on the subject of strange, following me for two years and you are keeping secret all that evidence of me doing unsavory things. You and your ilk must have a huge amount of evidence after all that work and the donations you have wasted. Cash all this in and give the police the evidence. Don't forget to tell them that the alleged crime scene did not exist and you were not watching or filming that day! Don't forget to tell them I was not in Cambodia at the time, oh, I forgot, you were not watching and filming then were you! Very strange that.

    I will give you one thing Mr Sliela, at least you don't even pretend to be interested in the facts and have said so in public. Its just a matter of law. My papers were delivered late to the court through no fault of my own but that is enough reason in your eyes for me to spend the rest of my life in jail.

    I cannot think of the right words to use to describe a man of your character.

    1. Hey Fletcher - there goes your chance of getting an early release. Your mate ricketson will be joining you soon. How fitting - 2 vile grubs sharing a cell.

  61. How can we help you James?

    1. hahahaha how can we help you? You can start by buying him some food wile he spends time in gaol where he belongs.

    2. What a wonderful person you are anonymous 11:10 and 11:08. Are you helping Neeson take children from their families? How heroic!

    3. Looks more like he is an asshole anonymous 12:12!

    4. Call me what you like but karma is a beautiful thing and how fantastic that 2 vile grubs like Fletcher and Ricketson are locked up.

  62. So let me get this straight - Fletcher is on hunger strike and Ricketson has been arrested awaiting court. Life certainly can't get much better. I can almost hear the champagne corks popping as Lucifer stokes up the fires in preparation.

  63. Mr Ricketson can't post I'm afraid. As he has said before he is banned from his own website

    1. I thought you were dead.

    2. Yes, peter hogan is worm food. It was a great day when that cunt died, hopefully painfully.

  64. It's interesting that all Ricketson's 'anonymous' posters have stopped posting since he got banged up. Could it be that it was Ricketson himself was posting messages supporting his own posts?

    Anyway, the guy is toast. The Cambodian authorities have charged him this morning and he is facing 5-10 years in Prey Sar. Or perhaps he will end up in PJ with Fletcher. That would be ironic.

    1. That's very true Anonymous 11.32! A lot of loud voices have gone quiet along with Ricketson. How peculiar...

  65. There is a GoFundMe page raising money for Ricketson. On hang on, they want to raise money to pay the judges to keep him locked up for at least five years. Screen Australia are chipping in.

    1. very good ken, keep it up old son

  66. Lets just hope they have read all the comments Ricketson has made on here about the courts being corrupt. My guess is that they might be following this blog very carefully from now on. Hopefully he will get the full 10 years inside the scumbag- deserves all he gets and more, shame it is a max 10 years.

  67. Fletcher used to wear that red tie as a bandana in his bar, what a pounce he was. Ricketson must be spewing that he can't access his own mis named website. They wil make a great couple in the monkey house. I will go and visit and push rotten bananas through the bars. I just write the book- Fletcher my part in his downfall. Champagne corks popping at embassies, NGOs and Film Australia tonight.

    1. Ken Svay showing your colours again - always shit canning people when they cant respond back. Its well known that you are a snivelling coward who shits his pants when confronted by the people you try to defame. In terms of low cunts who are stealing oxygen in Cambodia, you are up there with the rest of them. And there will be lots of people popping corks on the wine bottles when you croak it. Fucking loser!

  68. keep the fires burning baby, rhythm makes you hot. have a flute for me ken me old son.

  69. ken svay thinks he plays significant roles in everyone's downfall. I recall him boasting about his part in Steve Morrish's downfall also. Like all old men who will die soon, he has an overinflated sense of his importance, maybe because he knows he will soon be dust. Sad old fuck. In many ways, he is as tragic a fuck-up as Ricketson himself.

    1. Yes and how ironic it all is. All of the people boasting that they created Morrish's downfall are either dead or in gaol, and where's Morrish now. Well from what my friends who drink with Morrish tell me, he is doing very well running his risk company. I wonder is having all the laughs.

  70. I heard Ricketson confronted Ken Svay (who is really that old fuck humphrey hollins) and hollins nearly started crying as he weazled his way out of a confrontation. He is a class act old humphrey the coward and its well documented that he is a sexual predator just like fletcher. here's one of the many posts from khmer440 that mention hollins being a predator.

    AnonymousDecember 3, 2015 at 5:57 AM
    Hows this for an example of what a quality citizen Humphrey Hollins is. Hope he doesn't look into a mirror when he is saying that David Fletcher was preying on young vulnerable girls - Hollins has been doing it for years - just ask him what bar his current girl has come from.

  71. This really is very interesting. For years, these blogs have been peppered with anonymous commenters joining in with Ricketson's deranged hatred of Scott Neeson and echoing Ricketson's conspiracy theories. You might expect them all now to be howling about how Neeson will have pulled strings to have had Ricketson arrested. Instead... silence. It looks just like some of us suspected - those anonymous commenters were all just Ricketson himself, trying to make himself look credible. Now Ricketson is locked up without access to a poison keyboard, so are all the voices in his head. I don't want Ricketson to die in a Cambodian prison, but I hope when he emerges he realises that his pathetic crusade is over...

    1. What a deranged post Anonymous 12:53! Are you now part of the four musketeers or Neeson's new drug dealer?

    2. Haha haha - brilliant post. You might not know irony, but you know how to illustrate it.

      So now we have proof that there is one real life embittered Neeson-hater not locked up. Any more?

    3. Still taking children from their families Allen Lemon?

  72. With all his friends in high places lets just hope they can help him (I pray the courts never get to see him in his role as unofficial photographer and self proclaimed journalist for Sam Rainsy though) Hope you are enjoying your holiday James maybe you can ask Screen Australia to help you fund a film about your experiences in a few years when you get released.

  73. AGENT4DF 12.6
    David says,
    Neeson/A.P.L.E are now living up to their ' Whale feces ' status by crawling from their depths to attack James Ricketson whilst he is unable to reply with the truth, of which, always terrifies Neeson/A.P.L.E. and their Muppet's . The reason being you have no idea of the word TRUTH, as your lap dogs and paid for lip service by local press. All of you with your so bravely spoken slime, living up to your well earned W.S. With your two brain celled Muppet's as cowardly alcoholic/keyboard warriors that dare not even print their own names, what heroes!
    I have challenged Neeson/A.P.L.E. for years, their systematic rhetoric of pure lies and verbal diarrhea says it all about them. No guts to face a Court with their fabricated evidence, of which, I have never been able to defend myself against this Slander/Libel in an honest, not paid for Court of law.
    And, what about poor Dany and Mother disappearing? What fate poor Dany spirited away to China by you? But the video evidence of their statement, that I did not rape her, witnessed by three independent journalists will NOT disappear, or the12 page medical produced by YOUR prosecution stating the evidence that Dany was still a virgin with hymen intact. According to your written bogus allegations that I brutally raped her twice. More cloud Cuckoo fantasy!
    The Supreme Court has asked where Dany is also! I wonder why?
    Your lying facade achieves only the audience of the very naïve, gullible, corrupted and stupid people, wherever they are. More white feather's all round for you scum.

  74. Give it up Fletch, you old pervert. Noone cares anymore. It's confirmed that you are not on the list of pending Royal Pardons, and Ricketson is in prison for at least the next few months, and likely much longer. It's all over.

    How is the hunger strike? Are you losing plenty of weight?

    1. Peter Hogan , you pathetic example of humanity
      David Fletcher was "convicted "at a secret trial , unknown to him , where he had no chance to offer any evidence on his behalf , and where the court appointed doctor showed several pages of medical evidence that the girl he was supposed to have raped was still a virgin !
      These are proven facts
      You and tour fellow scum mates , from APLE , Neeson and co conspired to have him behind bars
      If you answer this and you want to have any credibility do not follow your Modus perandi and just smear .
      Give us specific facts , support ,
      James Ricketson has something you will never have , love and respect from numerous people in Cambodia , Australia and around the world

    2. James Ricketson also maybe has a very sore arse at the moment from all the inmates wanting to play hide the sausage with a barang. He deserves everything he gets from the Cambodian authorities, may he rot in hell with Fletcher. Of his 2 friends in Asia one is rightfully banged up as a pedo and the other has some very questionable activities going on with young girls in Thailand which I am told are being looked into by the authorities there. Respect did you say ??? His other so called friends in Cambodia seem to have gone into hiding now that they have finished loading bullets for Ricketson to fire.

    3. Typical Anon" 4.53PM
      How did you arrive at the figure of 2 friends in Asia?
      The other malicious assertions you make are nothing more than low gutter talk .
      Again you provide no facts , specifics , support for your claims , you just throw dirt
      another example of your inability to present anything that has any credibility

    4. As Fletcher is thankfully still banged up I guess you must be the one with questionable dealings with young girls in Thailand then Anon 10.07. You certainly appear to be an expert on malicious assertions and low gutter talk. My guess is that Citipoint, APLE Neeson and Screen Australia are getting the last laugh. Or more to the point they will do when scumbag Ricketson gets sentenced. Crawl back into your hole you pathetic idiot

  75. There is far too much obsession with the girl's hymen by Ricketson and his supporter (i was going to say supporters but since he has been banged up, it's become clear most of this supporting posts were done by himself).

    It is possible to be raped without breaking a hymen. Tt is possible to be raped without Fletcher using his rancid little girl loving dick. That you fuckwits don't understand basic concepts like that is a damning indictment on you.

    1. You are hanging your hat on that? After two reported rapes lasting over an hour? You are as ingnorant as the judges that claim that "her hymen must have grown back"!

  76. A tribute to James Ricketson,
    A man for all seasons and the right stuff.
    The Thousandth Man

    0NE man in a thousand, Solomon says.
    Will stick more close than a brother.
    And it's worth while seeking him half your days
    If you find him before the other.
    Nine hundred and ninety-nine depend
    On what the world sees in you,
    But the Thousandth Man will stand your friend
    With the whole round world agin you.
    'Tis neither promise nor prayer nor show
    Will settle the finding for 'ee.
    Nine hundred and ninety-nine of 'em go
    By your looks, or your acts, or your glory.
    But if he finds you and you find him,
    The rest of the world don't matter;
    For the Thousandth Man will sink or swim
    With you in any water.
    You can use his purse with no more talk
    Than he uses yours for his spendings,
    And laugh and meet in your daily walk
    As though there had been no lendings.
    Nine hundred and ninety-nine of 'em call
    For silver and gold in their dealings;
    But the Thousandth Man he's worth 'em all
    Because you can show him your feelings.
    His wrong's your wrong, and his right's your right,
    In season or out of season.
    Stand up and back it in all men's sight
    With that for your only reason!
    Nine hundred and ninety-nine can't bide
    The shame or mocking or laughter,
    But the Thousandth Man will stand by your side
    To the gallows-foot - and after!


    1. Ode to a cunt would be far more appropriate Anon 9.19 Not sure about a man for all seasons maybe more of "a fool for ten reasons"

  77. What an arrogant, worthless, no nothing group of assholes! There is not enough pain in the world!D. Let's all help Scott Neeson take babies from their Mothers!!

  78. In order that you do not expose yourself as an illiterate ignorant troll again Anon 5.38 "no" is actually spelt "know" when used in this tense. With this sort of level of ignorance I have little doubt the gossip you try to spread is equally wrong. Try spending your time getting some sort of education instead of criticising others

    1. Allen, are you the guy whose bar girl friend dumped you in favor of the Afrikaner that she had the baby with? Ummmm.

    2. Yes Mr. Pedantic, that ranks right up there with stealing children from their mothers to raise in institutional care. Quite a set of priorities that you have.

    3. Another illiterate wanker. And an Afrikaner is a white person - not a black man - don't you "no" you ignorant prick?

    4. Are you saying that it was a "black man" that she dumped Lemon for??

    5. That must make Lemon feel like the complete loser that he is!!

  79. Scott Neeson , James McCabe , Alan Lemon and the list of board members and child stealing creeps of CCF .. burn these fuckers . creepson weird habit of drugs and collecting children and you fuckers and worried about Rickestson you all should be burnt at the cross .

    1. LOL, I think the only one worried about Ricketson the slimeball is Ricketson himself. It has become obvious since he has been caught that none of his keyboard warriors or family give a fuck and are as happy as the rest of us to see him rot in hell.

  80. word is Neeson and his crew of pigs have been at the helm to bury Rickeston

    1. And this is just another piece of drivel based on zero facts and coming from the mouth of an insignificant moron who dreams of being significant. If this is true, how about validating your comment by listing some facts which I doubt you have.

  81. One thing is for sure, all the deadbeats in Cambodia who run blog sites are learning what karma is about. Hogan = dead, Ricketson = jail, forget his last name but Rob from penhpal = deported out of cambodia. Maybe its a hidden message - dont crticize the government on social media.

    1. Rob Jamieson wasn't deported. He left voluntarily and is now living at home in NZ.

    2. Jamieson was a loser. Only expat in Cambodia's history to be banned from Browns coffee shop because he had no money and was sitting in their shop all day using their internet. He was constantly asking expats for money. He had no valid visa and had to pay back fees which were loaned to him by a concerned expat (which I hear hasnt been paid back yet). Lets not forget his blog site which like Ricketsons, criticized the government and some very connected people. Jamieson is now back in NZ living at his mothers house. Talk about bottom of the barrel.

  82. Was Alan Lemon working with James McCabe when McCabe was stealing and dealing drugs (if he has ever stopped)? Aren't they both disgraced ex-police?

    1. Not sure where you get that information from. Nothing on google to say that Lemon was sacked from the police.

  83. The Scoot Neeson you mention , is that the same Scot Neeson who was a Hollywood Marketing guy , who is a well know cocaine addict, I get it, that's why he needs an ex crooked cop who was involved in drug crimes to obtain his supplies : fact check anyone ?

    1. Proof? Do you actually have any evidence to show that Neeson is a drug user or is this just more drivel from another washed up deadbeat expat who has a gripe with Neeson?

  84. Cambodia is one crazy place! The criminals are outside the prisons, and innocent people are inside the prisons. That is one country that I will never visit.

  85. If you have never been here how do you know innocent men are in prison and criminals are on the outside anon 8.52. Ahhh I see, you read it on this blog so like many others you think it must be true. Who do you personally know that is a criminal and lives on the outside or is innocent on the inside. Please do not say Fletcher or Ricketson are innocent and thereby lose any slight credibility you might have left

    1. Hymen intact, girl was a virgin. Testimony recanted by the girl and her mom in front of three journalists. Said they testified because APLE said they would get $30,000 if Fletcher found guilty. Those are facts.

  86. Must be very crowded with both James McCabe and Alan Lemon sucking off Scott Neeson!

  87. Why not grow a pair and identify yourself you cowardly prick? And then repeat your poisonous drivel. But you won't will you chicken shit? Just another drunken/drug-addled keyboard warrior with nothing better to do. Fairly typical of the scum that old Ricketty attracts.....

    1. Dear Mr. Anonymous 11:22, what did you say your name was?

    2. You tell me yours chicken shit and I'll tell you mine. Since you threw the first turd, that's fair isn't it? C'mon man up dickhead.

    3. Anonymous 12:52, just find a mirror and you'll see a dickhead.

    4. Just try to figure this out and maybe you can help me. What is that has you so upset? Is it the part about Neeson stealing babies from their mothers, or is it that you don't think McCabe and Lemon should be sucking off Neeson?

  88. Well "Mr Pedantic" has got something there. Quite a few people "no" who the illiterate ignorant troll is - don'they JT?

  89. Just let me get this right Anon 2.37. Are we both talking about the same illiterate ignorant troll JT who thinks it is fine to slap his women around or has Ricketson found yet another illiterate ignorant friend who has a reputation of abusing women and children.

  90. Abusing children is what Neeson does when he takes them from their families to grow up in institutional care!!

  91. Yes, that would be Scott Neeson causing permanent harm to the children by taking them from their mothers to raise in institutional care!

  92. hell man what a thread crooked cops hollywood junkies, Cambodian Children Fund, cops, drug rip-offs, girly bars, payoffs , move over Blue Murder who's making this fucking movie ? . whistle blower in the slammer . grandslammer Rickets hope your freed soon .

  93. My dastardly plan is working out wonderfully. First Fletcher banged up, and now Ricketson.

    Who is next?

  94. what a blog . seen this photo of Neeson coked to the eyeballs and playing creepy sugar daddy with some teen. hires crooked police to keep him free. CCF Coke & Children Fund .

  95. media marketing charity scammer Scott Neeson pockets millions in cash while hundreds of poor children remain locked up inside the CCF institution, labeled as Cambodia's stolen generation .

    1. Anon 9.55am - obsessed with Neeson or CCF much? You are obviously an ex-CCF staff member that was sacked or perhaps you tried to build your own charity and it failed.

  96. Its NEWS TIME NOW!I read on KHMER440 that richeson is a free man as of 2 hours ago! That forum is the best in asia and they put the man away.The new ower is the one who claims now he put ricketson away and dropped some tips to cops to get ricketson locked away with no key.

    KKHMER440 is the dreamteam of Cambodia and wil lock up stupid shits like you ones! Rckitson is the man and you are losers with no life.

    long live the KHMER440!! and fuck you ignorant cunts! ruckson out now and will delete your rubbish.

    go fuck your mother!