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# 154 ACTION POUR LES ENFANTS (APLE) "The Truth Inside", by Marc Swenson

I have asked the author of this article, Marc Swenson, for his permission to publish it here on this blog.

He has given it.


Cambodian NGO Aple – The Truth Inside


Marc Swenson

The French aid organization APLE (Action Pour Les Enfants) is alleged to have brought hundreds of people to court in Cambodia by manipulating evidence and witnesses ultimately resulting in innocent people going to prison for a long time. 

Has the APLE founder, Thierry Darnaudet, been funded through donations generated by the abuse and trafficking of children ?


The temple is the quietest place here. People sit in small groups in front of the large golden Buddha. The men here are not monks wearing orange, they are prisoners wearing red. These are the prison clothes of Prey Sar, the infamous maximum security prison about 20km outside of Phnom Penh.

Around 3,500 prisoners are detained here including 100 foreigners. We sit together with Hang Vibol, a friendly looking Cambodian. His features vary between composure and anger. For four months now, Vibol has been detained in custody in Prey Sar on suspicion of sexually abusing children in his care. In 1994, he founded the aid organisation “Protect” in Cambodia. He then met Frenchman Thierry Darnaudet and co-founded APLE with him in 2003 with headquarters in France.

The APLE acronym stands for “Action Pour Les Enfants” (Action for Children). The APLE Mission: to protect children from sexual abuse. These are honourable goals indeed. Vibol founded ‘Our Home Orphanage’, a home for street children. Thierry organised the fundraising and found numerous sponsors including “Brot für die Welt”, USAid, “Global Humanitaria”, “Terres des Hommes” and many more.

Thierry Darnaudet knows how to promote himself to the media. Soon, APLE became a child abuse powerhouse sitting on the Human Anti-Trafficking Advisory Panel in Cambodia. Thierry Darnaudet quickly became a cult figure in the child protection world as a result of his successes in Cambodia which was considered a Child Molester’s paradise. Numerous volunteers from many countries followed him to fight against this widespread child abuse. The reality is actually very different. In 2013, for instance, there were about 2,000 child abuse cases in England with only about 200 similar cases in Cambodia.

The country is still suffering from the consequences of the Pol Pot regime. Massacred, impoverished, and now exploited by sexual predators, this continued abuse simply makes APLE seem credible, essential and necessary. So good in fact that, in 2007, Thierry spread APLE’s wings by founding the ACCT (All Children Together Trust) in Kolkata, India. However, it was not long before that he was confronted with abuse allegations there.

The sister of a young boy had been watching the sexual abuse of her brother who eventually testified accordingly. Thierry nearly beat him to death. The boy was hospitalized with serious injuries. It was not the first time that Thierry Darnaudet had been accused of child abuse in India. Adriana, an Australian volunteer had caught Thierry five times having sex with young children. He bribed Indian officials with large sums of money to buy the authorities silence. These bribes were paid from APLE donations from Cambodia.

On another occasion, Vibol caught Thierry red-handed as he abused the young boy named Pen Dom in the office of “Our Home Orphanage” in Phnom Penh. This brought everything to a head again and Vibol filed more charges against Thierry. But how can there be an investigation when Thierry controls the investigating authority? Between the Ministry of Interior in Cambodia and APLE there is a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ that allows APLE employees to investigate suspects for the “Anti-Human Trafficking Police” as though APLE is the police. An NGO is operating as the police?
Apart from the lack of a legal basis for this unofficial policing, what qualifies APLE volunteers to operate in this way? They were, after all, unable to recognize the systematic abuses perpetrated by its own founder.

Is this the modern Jimmy Savile scandal?

The actual abused child is easy to find. The teenager, Pen Dom, hangs around at the Riverside in Phnom Penh today. Riverside is the place of choice where the volunteer ‘APLE Police’ secretly photograph male suspects who are in contact with children. As 56% of the population are minors, this contact can hardly be avoided. For the over zealous anti-peadophile hunting volunteer ‘APLE Police’, who are predominantly women that have travelled from Europe and Australia, photographing these hapless souls is a kind of sport, except with real victims. In fact, it is just like big game hunting as they try to ‘bring down’ a paedophile pig regardless of the facts that actually have no legal merit or place in court. Do they know what they are actually doing? 

Vibol’s English is broken but understandable. Again and again he sinks into thought. He is tormented by the guilt of having reacted too late. Now he wants to unload the full truth. For two years Vibol was the Country Director of APLE so he knows the structure and the system to the last detail. Perhaps the first time he realised the significance and error was when he accompanied two child witnesses to Australia who were to testify in a trial against the Australian ex-ambassador, John Holloway, who had made himself unpopular by criticising the Cambodian government at the time. Suddenly, he saw himself exposed to child abuse allegations.

Among 15 selected photos the two boys pointed to the ambassador’s photo. His life was henceforth ruined. On their return flight after the trial in Australia, at which incidentally the children were completely discredited as viable witnesses, the children suddenly declared that they did not know the ambassador after all. They only liked flying to Australia. 

APLE’s main sponsor is the Spanish-American organisation “Global Humanitaria”, The donations from sponsors are performance oriented states Vibol. The more convictions achieved, the larger the donations. How might this be lawful or ethical in one of the most corrupt countries in the world? It is alleged that APLE manipulate the evidence with money, with threats, with blank signed statements. One doctor acting for APLE had attested to the court that one girl had lost her virginity three times in separate cases. Numerous children have used the same framework of written statements and vocabulary. Astonishingly, many children are detained against their and their parents will in closed sheltered facilities and subjected to brainwashing says Vibol. The fact that this is all illegal seems unimportant as nobody cares. APLE do what they want. 

At the end of 2013, Vibol had experienced enough. He complained to the Ministry of Interior about APLE’s machinations and distanced himself from the organization. Shortly afterwards, he himself was reported to the police. Vibol, it was alleged, had indecently touched the children in ‘Our Home Orphanage’ while in the shower according to APLE. However, since his arrest, the children have retracted their statements but Vibol is still in prison. Anyone who criticizes APLE immediately has abuse allegations made against them. Vibol was not the first. 

Zippy is sitting in our group. He is a skinny Australian male with white hair and a beard. Around 60, his body is emaciated and haggard from the rigours of prison conditions after four long years. He lives with 75 other people in a 120 square metre cell where the heat frequently rises to 38 degrees. Prisoners sleep on a stone floor, food and drink must be purchased and the hygienic conditions are catastrophic. APLE claims to have established the abuse of the daughter of his cleaner by Zippy. However, four prosecutors involved in the case have scrutinised the evidence and have called for the termination of the proceedings against him. Unbelievably, the judges sentenced him to eight years. Why did they do that? 

‘APLE pay the court judges to sentence foreigners’ explains Vibol. This produces convictions and, therefore, increased donations. Hundreds of foreigners have been detained over the years. Some committed suicide, others starve or suffer miserably from infectious diseases and almost all of them are traumatized for life. Undoubtedly, among them are also real culprits but technically nobody is guilty. Guilt may only be reasonably established and lawfully determined by a fair trial within a functioning legal system with proper due process. Unfortunately, the Cambodian judiciary has the charm of a Mexican drug cartel. It applies the law of George Washington only. His portrait adorns every dollar bill.
Many investors and their businesses have been devastated by the long prison ordeals.

This lack of legal security obviously discourages investors. The number of accused foreign entrepreneurs is remarkable. There is, for example, Brian, an American aircraft operator. The license which he received ten years ago is today worth gold. There were quarrels with the partners and the authorities. Now he is in prison. Two thirteen year old girls have made allegations against him. They left their police interviews looking remarkably happy as each will get a thousand dollars for their testimonies. APLE will make much more money.

However, more and more resistance and resentment against the abuses of APLE has materialised. The Internet is filled with critical and accusatory blogs. Even well-known NGO’s are now distancing themselves from APLE and the embassies of many countries recognise APLE as a real problem in Cambodia. The Russian ambassador, for instance, is lobbying for the release of a fellow countryman who has fallen into this trap over 18 months ago. The judges drag out the pre-trial detention for years and wait for payment. Depending on the assessment of the assets, the claims can go up to $150,000. Those who cannot pay ‘sit’ in prison for up to 15 years.

The numerous victims of this scam and scandal are now organising together legal action in the International Courts of Justice in The Hague. They collectively accuse the Cambodian judiciary of grave human rights abuses culminating in the systematic extortion of hundreds of foreigners. A criminal complaint in France is the only conceivable action to expose what must be considered nothing short of international organized crime.

Pure human suffering is in actuality being bought and paid for from international donations. The remaining question is, “Do these international donations finance the paedophile impulses of APLE, Cambodia’s leading children’s protector?” For the international donors, it would be a disaster beyond all expectations. They would be well advised to expediently seek a transparent investigation into the actions and suitability of APLE.

This comes at a very inconvenient time for Prime Minister, Hun Sen. He is currently renovating the severely battered image of Cambodia in order to attract investors while working through a multitude of corruption scandals and failures of his government to meet minimum international legal and trade standards.

In 2013, Thierry Darnaudet was expelled as a “persona non grata”. He was, thanks to his connections, spared from criminal investigations and the usual prison sentence of between five to ten years imprisonment. In an interview in February 2015 in the Phnom Penh Post, he states he is concerned about the reputation of what is clearly still his organization. He is now in hiding in India although he has plans to extend his Child Care Program into Haiti, another very impoverished country.


  1. What a horrifying mess of an NGO that this is!! The NGO situation in SCAMBODIA is long overdue for major house cleaning. Perhaps laws to soon be enacted, where NGO's will be forced to reveal their funding sources will help to focus on those sources and help to cut off/reduce funding. Where are the human rights organizations?? Only in SCAMBODIA!! Easy to how Neeson can fit in with this group! Thanks for sharing this Ricketson.

  2. a mess indeed; this is what happens when the fox is left to guard the hen house; aple is so bad people cannot believe it. They have exploited so many people, not to mention the poor helpless children; These are the most horrible kind of people; they accuse others while they are the actual criminals; Stay away from Cambodia if you can; never buy Cambodian made products, never give to any charity that claims to be helping in Cambodia;

  3. Come on Ricketson (aka "the fuckwit), I thought you made all this stuff up! The judicial corruption, the false changes, the silence of the human rights organizations, the complicincy of other NGO's! Now how are we supposed to account for this detailed information and great reporting?? We'll have to go back to sucking our thumbs!

  4. Well said anon 7.34pm - Ricketsons blog has become farcical - he has attacked nearly every person in Cambodia, accused nearly every person of being involved in a conspiracy and tried to make us believe that the majority of us people here trying to do the right thing lack common decency, ethics, integrity and common sense. I really must laugh that the few convicted sex offenders that he is trying to represent, all want us to believe that they were innocent and have all been framed. hahahahaha

    1. I think you have been spending too much time sucking your thumb Anonymous 8:26! Ricketson didn't write this story, Marc Swenson did. It just confirms what Ricketson has been saying. I think you've been spending too much time on 136 with your drinking buddies McCabe and Lemon!

    2. Drinking mates sticking together. He better double check to be sure that is his thumb!

    3. anon 9.02 - if you had half a brain you would be lonely. Its clear Ricketson didn't write that article but he has still used it to try and add credit to this farcical blog. As for McCabe and Lemon - who says I drink with those two clowns.

    4. Why isn't this blog called the kiddie fiddlers support blog!

    5. Now Anonymous 10:48, you shouldn't call James McCabe and Alan Lemon clowns. You shouldn't believe all of the allegations about stealing drugs and money, dating an underage girl from hostess bar, how McCabe was going to dispose the drugs, the suspect $200,000 in his account, Lemon's GF owning a 'hostess bar on 136 or anything else you might hear, these are two upstanding gentleman working trying to protect children AND don't forget Ricketson made it all up!!!!

    6. Matter of fact there is no corruption in Cambodia, Ricketson made it all up!!

    7. Anonymous 8.26

      You, like so many others, choose to speak in generalities. This make sit possible for you to make broad brush-stroke observations without any obligation on your part to back your observations up with facts. facts are a real nuisance, aren't they, when you have an ideological line to push?

      You write of the people I have attacked. What you really mean is the people I have asked questions of. Give me one example in which I have asked questions that were not/are not. appropriate? You will not do so. You have no interest at all in facts, evidence, truth. You are a member of Team Neeson - hoping that if you repeat the same nonsense often enough that there will be some readers here who will agree with you. An dI am sure that there are. The majority, however, are interested in appraising themselves of whatever facts are available and forming their own opinions.

  5. APLE's Business Model was installed in 2003 when Thierry Darnaudet started his Vigilante and Stalking Program that he later called PROTECT.

    Darnaudet quickly gained credit when his Organisation reported that it had caught some evil Pedophiles in Cambodia.

    At this time Cambodia had a reputation of becoming the next THAILAND (as in SEX). This reputation was established by UN Troops who had too much money on their hands. Poor Khmer and Vietnamese Families (latter mostly active in Svay Pak and K11,) took advantage of the demand for cheap sex. And in Sihanoukville as well.

    Over the years some Sex Tourists found their way to these locations - alarming the NGO's (like World Vision, Cambodia Women Crisis Center CWCC etc). The Media was hungry for such stories and thereby quickly helped to destroy Cambodia's reputation in most western countries.

    Quickly NGO's spent their donor funds on marketing Cambodia as a Pedophile Heaven. This brought the anti-sex-tourist-vigilante to the Foreign Correspondance Club in Phnom Penh. There they had a prime location pointing out suspicious western men, while sipping champagne on the riverside balcony of the FCC.

    Thierry Darnaudet took the momentum and opportunity to set up tent in Cambodia. He won the hearts and minds of governments, the media and most NGOs. His vigilante and gangstalking excursions are all nicely documented on You Tube. Even though one reporter said the methods used by Darnaudet were questionable, nobody gave a fiddlers fart what consequences his PROTECT Business Model would have on mixed race couples with a child.

    It did not take long before first reports surfaced of Tourists assaulting Expats with mixed race kids in tow, shouting PEDOPHILE, INTERNET, INTERPOL.

    This happened to LTO a blogger on Khmer440 but many others, too.

    The Picture Marc presents of Thierry Darnaudet is spot on. He is a nothing (in the sense of qualifications to protect Khmer children). He is rather looking for a celebrity status (Saviour of the children) and while some Embassies and NGO have distanced themself from Darnaudet, not one person has brought criticism against his methods forward that left uncountable people in misery and with a life destroyed.

    The Khmer Times reported that Darnaudet LEFT APLE in 2007 but even years later he claimed to be the founder and president of Action Pour les Enfants.

    Every press release APLE sends off to the press is clearly his and not Samleang Seila's language. It doesn't mean a thing that Samleang Seila says Darnaudet is not even on the board of directors. Secretive as this NGO is, nobody is able to verify anything APLE does.

    Those that work for APLE have to sign a non disclosure contract which silences any critics from within forever. Except that we now have the Hang Vibol case going on. What transparency will we see ? I guess: NONE because money rules !
    Tom Selig

    1. Is Darnaudet getting money from aple even if he is not on the board and theoretically has no role in the ngo?

  6. I for one enjoy Ricketson's nonsense. It's hilarious.

    1. Peter, so good to have you here, returned from the grave, offering your words of wisdom!

  7. A few of my opinions on APLE.

    Why is Aple so afraid of me having a fair trial?

    Because they know they will lose, be exposed for what they are...corrupt!

    Why did Aple write Dany's statement and tell her to put her thumb print on it without knowing what it said?

    Dany spoke no English, how could she possible know what I had ever said to her?

    Why has Dany been spirited off to China and disappeared after she apologized to me and said she would deny in court I had raped her or had sex with her?

    If I had done the above, I would be charged with people trafficking, why has Aple not been charged or challenged by the media?

    Why has Dany's mother been moved out of her lovely home that Scott Neesons charity RENTS out to her and she could not afford it and was so frightened by Neeson, so she asked me to help her with the rent?

    Why did Neeson offer to help her finally when he wanted something from her, like framing me? And what has he done for her since she made her statement against me for $30,000? (which she never got) Nothing. Neeson used Dany for as long as she was useful and then cut her loose.

    Aple and Neeson started a war me........

    It is far from over...............

    Aple considers a girl brutally raped by me comes back to me to be brutally raped again - in a bar that did not open for another six months. Then an official court medical report states Dany is still a virgin and hymen in tact. If Aple really believes this, they are very corrupt or very stupid and not qualified to be doing what they pretend to do.

    Aple have stated they have more evidence of my wrong doing. Bring it on Aple in a fair trial. Sorry i forgot you do not know the definition of a fair trial.

    You watched me 24 hours a day, filmed me, photographed me, of all the comings and goings for 2 years. You found no evidence of me raping Dany twice at my bar that hadnt opened yet. Very strange or lies.

    Have you paid Dany and her mother the $30000 you promised they would get if Dany signed the statement and went to court?

    Have you paid her $5000 she was also promised?

    Has your co accuser Scott Neeson paid her? Or is he too busy in his counting house, counting out his money.........?

    And one last message from me to Aple and Neeson;

    Far more intelligent and powerful people than you have tried to eliminate me.......
    I am 71 and still here, they are not!

    As James would say,


    And I you have not heard the last of me......

    No matter how long it takes.................

  8. Hey David, Lets call a spade a spade here. right here on this blog, did you ever have yang dany strip down naked when the two of you were alone in a room?
    forget the rape charges and anything else, did you or did you not have yang danny strip nude with you alone in the room with her?

    1. Notice how Ricketson and Fletcher avoid answering this question? I wonder why?

    2. Fear not, Anonymous 6.14, I will be feeling to this end time prevails. In some detail. Indeed, I will devote a new blog entry to look at the question.

    3. David John FletcherOctober 9, 2015 at 10:01 PM

      Thank you blog oct 9th. 6.25am. For asking a sensible question.

      No I did not strip Dany alone in a room or give her alcoholic drink, ever! As per malicious rumors. I cannot prove a negative as many other fabricated claims, such as trying to buy her etc.

      Simply to answer your question, NO, no way!

      Thank you for asking, I am comfortable with calling a spade a spade, as far as I am concerned it is the only way.

      I apologize for any delay in answering any questions, but am sure you realize my situation concerning speed of reply. But I will always respond to honest civilised debate.

      David John Fletcher

    4. I appreciate the candor of your answer, didnt yang danny state at one point that you had her strip down nude while alone? if so with only spoken testimony of 2 people it is he said she said, how can we believe either?
      ive been to PJ before, i completely understand your limitations in being able to respond, and i greatly appreciate your efforts to try and answer questions put to you/

  9. where is the proof that yang danny was moved to china? do u have a report from immigration police? a job contract? ive followed this story from the beginning but ive never seen one shred of evidence that yang danny was "moved" to china other than ricketsons assertions.

    1. Would her Mother's word be good enough for you Anonymous 6:26?

  10. The Khmer Times - a copy and paste Newspaper that does not check the facts!

    Here is a perfect example of NEWS-CONDITIONING by APLE:

    On Oct.7,2015 the Khmer Times posted this story on the Hang Vibol/Thierry Darnaudet case.

    Instead of checking the facts the Khmer Times simply printed what APLE's Country Director Samleang Seila told them:

    Quote: "Mr. Darnaudet left APLE in 2007 and lives in Kolkata. He could not immediately be reached for comment."

    What a joke the Khmer Times makes of itself !

    If you read the facebook entry of Thierry Darnaudet of august 8, 2013 you who discover is still in the drivers seat of APLE: Thierry Darnaudet !
    Darnaudet's Facebook entry:
    Thierry Darnaudet
    to ‎SOS Child Abuse
    August 8, 2013 ·

    Good evening, I am Mr Thierry Darnaudet, president of French NGO Action pour les Enfants, working against travelling sex offenders in Cambodia ( often work with FBI and ICE to deport US sex offenders from Cambodia back to the US. We and OBB south Africa are launching a petition (ring the alarm) addressed to the Dutch Minister of justice to ban the pedophile Dutch group Martijn and any similar groups. We have 123 NGOs from 35 countries in our side already signed up already ( and we are seeking the support of US based strong advocacy groups against sexual exploitation of children such as yours and others. Can you kindly have a look at and see if you can be a part of our effort not to have a Nambla similar group in Europ? I thank you in advance. Thierry Darnaudet.

    This is a perfect example of journalism in Cambodia. Except for the Cambodia Daily not a single media outlet has reported any unbiased facts about the Hang Vibol case, the David Fletcher case, the Matt Harland case and many others.

    Is this just bad journalism or are the Phnom Penh Post and the Khmer Times being paid NOT to report the truth?

    1. The Phnom Penh Post and the Khmer Times obviously have a 'special relationship' with APLE and only publish those facts that show APLE in a positive light.

    2. You are 100% right about that! Does that make you a conspiracy theorist? No, just the facts man. Need to add Neeson to that 'special relationship', I think!

  11. All of France, all of Europe, all of the world should be aghast at this organization!!

  12. Hey David . . .how are things with you mate? It's a shame how stuff turned out between us but look at the bright side. You have a roof over your head, you get fed and I have to say you've trimmed down a bit. I'm looking forward to your book too. Will I be in it?

    1. Well Peter it's great to hear from you again. Obviously they have put you to rights in the very hot climate in which you now reside - with the boss prodding you with a three pronged fork.

      At least you have returned a much nicer guy. That's great! Just goes to show there is hope for me yet.

      Yes, thanks for the compliment. I am much lighter due to Thailand's health farm diet. I still retain all my good looks and brains which i passed on to my children, they got the rest from their mother!

      Khmer440 is not a patch on when you were running it. I do not bother to read it these days, since you passed away.

      I am so pleased you are now on a great blog with a great person running it.

      So refreshing to exchange with you once again and so pleased you are coming over to my side. Many others are seeing the light also.

      One thing I would like to ask you, do they really have all the bad girls in the place you are staying in? I have always said I do not want to go to heaven where the good girls are, but the fun place where the bad girls are.

      Great to hear from you, come up to PJ and have a cold beer with me and we will let byegones be byegones.


      Cheers to you, I will now have a few beers for old times sake.

  13. As it stands, the Marc Swenson story in the OP amounts to nothing. Without the references, citations and links necessary to support the various asserted facts, the OP is just a story, a tale - maybe containing some truth, maybe just a figment of the writer's imagination. There is no way to tell which because the writer has provided no means of checking. Might as well include lizard people in the story for all its worth as it stands. And who is Marc Swenson?

  14. Yes, who knows how much truth it contains!? That is what we are trying to find out. Certainly, APLE could shoot Swenson's article down in flames if it chose to do so. APLE choses not to do so. This NGO operates in secrecy and has zero committment to the precepts of transparency and accountabilty. That Marc Swenson can provide no way of checking applies, of course, to APLE also. And herein lies the importance of the 4th Estate - to ask the minds of questions that are likely to reveal as much truth as it is possible to discover.

    1. One thing that has emerged obviously this last week is that Samleang Seila has lied about the role played in APLE by Theirry Darnaudet since 2007; that he has lied about Liam Williams and that he has lied about David Fletcher. And who knows how many other lies! Seila is obviously a pathological liar and cannot be trusted to speak the truth. Do the Phnom Penh Post and Khmer Times know that Seila is a liar but go along with whatever he tells them because they are incompetent or because they are corrupt? Seila should be in jail. His case against Hang Vibol is a joke. Why does anyone take this idiot seriously?

    2. Here’s the answer to your question why newspapers don’t expose NGOs like APLE and the Cambodian Children’s Fund

      Cambodia's bribe-seeking press corps
      Hundreds of the country's reporters eke out a living by finding news - then burying it for a price.
      Julia Wallace, Kuch Naren | 31 Oct 2014 11:07 GMT | Cambodia

      Phnom Penh, Cambodia - San, a 47-year-old former soldier, has worked full-time at a newspaper in Cambodia for the past 14 years. He carries company-issued business cards, a government-issued press pass, and a walkie-talkie on his hip, but he has never been paid a salary.
      Instead, like hundreds of other members of Cambodia's press corps, he cobbles together a living by combing the countryside for news, then accepting bribes not to publish stories.
      In some cases, San uncovers wrongdoing and approaches the law-breaker for hush money. Other times he receives regular "envelopes" of cash from local officials to ensure he doesn't even start hunting for news in their vicinity. Either way, he doesn't publish many stories.
      This way of doing journalism is ingrained in Cambodia, but is rarely discussed openly…

      Its good this is being talked about openly now.

  15. Telling tales on internet does not make one part of the Fourth Estate. It may just make one a kook. Internet is full of them. Tossing around unsupported accusations does not make them worthy of address. In fact, it may specifically make them unworthy of address. Making claims about something or somebody, in itself, does not mean there are now two opposing positions that stand as equals unless addressed by the other side. If I post a blog entry accusing Obama of being a lizard man working with the Illuminati, the fact that he doesn't address my claims or provide a way of checking does not put me and Obama on the same level - both holding unproven positions. It just makes me a kook.

    Marc Swenson, assuming that is his real name, has made a series of factual claims, most of which should be supportable by newspaper articles, official documents and such. Even a high school essay requires citations, references and sourcing, and most high schoolers understand that. Marc Swenson's article does not meet the minimum standards of a passing high school essay, let alone journalistic standards. As it stands, completely unreferenced and unsourced, it can and should be dismissed without serious consideration, and Marc should take a night course or two in writing and reporting at a nearby community college.

    1. Dear Anonymous 3.31

      Your Obama-as-lizard comparison is just casuistry of a not-very-clever variety - a seemingly intelligent person's way of shooting the messenger.

      In the case of Liam Miller, there are no 'unsupported accusations'. There are facts that can be verified by looking at the relevant court documents and APLE website report. The Phnom Penh Post was/is wrong. APLE lied.

      APLE lied also in its initial press releases about David Fletcher.

      Whilst it is not always true that where there is smoke there is fire, it is part of the journalist's job to at least investigate where the smoke is coming from and to ask some questions.

      Given the now long history of questionable convictions achieved by APLE it is not unreasonable for myself or Marc Swenson (or anyone else) to ask questions about APLE's modus operandi. Wether March Swenson is a real person or, like you, prefers to remain anonymous, does not delegitimise the questions he is raising.

      It has been interesting, this past week, to see just how often neither Samleang Siela and Thierry have been unavailable for comment regarding the hang Vibol case. Only a fool, or an APLE apologist, could not see that there is a problem with APLE investigating an allegation about a former APLE employee (Hang Vibol) who had himself complained to the police about the behaviour of another APLE employee - Thierry Darnaudet. This doe snot go to the question of who is guilty (or not guilty) of the sexual abuse of children. it gods to the question of credibility.

      APLE should not be investigating APLE. Full stop. And if you think that it is appropriate that APLE is involved in the Hang Vibol case in any way, I'd love to hear your argument in support of such involvement.

    2. My comments above regarded Marc Swenson's blog entry only. Not your blog in general, Liam Miller or Fletcher. Swenson's article does very little in the way of raising questions. The bulk of his blog entry is series of factual claims spun into a tale, with absolutely no support, references or citations. Whatever may be wrong with APLE and their investigations, whatever injustice may have befallen Liam or Fletcher or Vibol, it does nothing to address Swenson's total failure to support the claims he has made. If I was going to start making factual claims, especially then spinning them fantastic conspiracies like Swenson's, I would cite accessible references such as other newspaper articles and official documents, or failing that, at the very least let their veracity rest on the the reputation of my media outlet and my name as a reporter, or I would expect not to be taken seriously. But I am not making factual claims. Swenson is.

      Swenson aside, I agree, APLE investigating APLE is an obvious conflict of interest. The whole accusation/counter-accusation thing between ex-APLE directors, all being investigated by APLE, is very suspicious and smacks of internal politics, impropriety and dirty dealings. And there is some deep irony in an APLE director trying to escape pedo charges by claiming APLE and another APLE director have made false accusations for ulterior reasons.

    3. May I turn a light on it.
      My article is based on the reports of Co-founder of APLE, Hang Vibol. There is no better evidence, if the Mafia Boss personal spill the beans. His testimony has been written down by three witnesses. You may look at the header banner on
      Guess what it is?

      Marc Swenson

  16. a question for David Fletcher please: David, you have stated many times that you was not in Cambodia when the so called rape took place; can you tell us where you had actually gone?

  17. APLE's change of mind ?

    APLE started posting press clips of the Hang Vibol case on it's website. Without any comment - that is !!! Whatever caused this change of mind (to keep things as secret as possible) remains unknown. Perhaps the current country director samleang seila is looking for an escape door ?

  18. One of the most important questions the 4th estate still refuses to
    answer is:


  19. The APLE starts to smell foul !

    A report by the Cambodia Daily has raised more questions about APLE:


    Mr. Vibol claims the accusations against him have been fabricated by a
    group led by Thierry Darnaudet, the co-founder of APLE and a former
    close friend, who stepped down as president of the organization last
    year (2014).



    Mr. Vibol’s lawyer, Suy Sokhon, said the alleged victims—now between the
    ages of 13 and 27—had been coerced into giving false testimony, adding
    that there was no material evidence to prove the guilt of his client.



    APLE’s current director, Samleang Seila, could not be reached by
    telephone Tuesday and did not respond to multiple requests for comment
    made through his assistant.




    1. Let's call a spade a spade. APLE is a scam NGO that is way overdue to be exposed by the media. Reading between the lines it looks like the Cambodia Daily is ready and rearing to do an expose. It also looks like the Post and Khmer Times are going to keep on acting like arms of the APLE public relations machine.

    2. Was Thierry Darnaudet expelled and labeled Persona non grata in Cambodia or India or any other country for that matter ?

      Samleang Seila, the current country director of APLE claims that Thierry Darnaudet has nothing to do with APLE anymore and that the NGO is his!


      This sounds to me as though Thierry Darnaudet has planned a clever disappearing act in order to avoid responsability for the Vigilante - Stalking NGO Scam he has set up here. He has left the mess for Samleang Seila to deal with.

      Seila works for APLE because the money is very good. As a teacher, his previous job, he would have to work a decade or more to get his hands on that kind of cash.

      Some time ago Darnaudet claimed that his than 55 undercover employees make a hefty 1.000 USD/month, each.

      I leave it up to the reader to guess what kind of money Samleang Seila makes.

    3. If these figures are correct, that's more than $600,000 a year to pay spies to uncover pedophiles. For that kind out outlay APLE needs a constant supply of convictions to prove to sponsors that it is doing a good job. If the demand for sex offenders outstrips the supply what is APLE to do? Join the dots people.

  20. David, I understand why you were framed by APLE since they need convictions to keep their lucrative donations coming in, plus they apparently are closely affiliated with Scott Neeson. I also understand that Neeson could feel threatened by a charity such as yours which accomplished so much by expending all donations for the purpose intended, unlike his charity. It is still difficult to understand how he could be so vicious and evil that he would be a part of the conspiracy to frame you. Is that just his character, or lack thereof, or are you aware of any other reason for his actions?

    1. Thanks for yourself question Anon Oct at 4.02.

      I have no idea and can only speculate why Neeson and his ' ilk ' are so vicious with their unsubstanciated demonising. Neeson is in print with just sheer defamation against me with absolutely no evidence whatsoever.

      From the very first time I discovered those poor children in that hell, i knew I had to do something to help them, now, not in six months time. And do you know, out of all the times I took truck loads of food etc to them, sometimes 10 times a week, other than the very good dedicated schools , I saw no NGOs or religious groups with boots on the ground helping those wonderful children. I say wonderful because I was filled with admiration for them for surviving that hell. I admit the absence of these so called do gooders gave me an everlasting negative view of them, Neeson and ilk have confirmed and compounded my opinion.
      You would have thought over six years I would have seen some others helping? No!

      I met Neeson for the first time about a year into the project, he was actually at the dumpsite with his minder, he was looking down his nose at me and my truck load of food. So David being David went over to him, i was covered in mud and dirt from the dump. His minder steps in front of him to be in my way. He had arrived in his $150,000 silver pick up, i was in my $10 an hour hire truck!

      I did not know who he was, I asked him as he had a label around his neck in Khmer.

      I guess I ruffled his feathers because I said he had a nice pick up truck, he gave me one of his insipid grins that you see on his publicity photos that look like a cats posterior. I asked him , being my usual very suttle self, why he did not spend $150,000 on food etc for the children rather than a flashy pick up?

      I believe i upset him!!!!!

      I can only speculate that this and his ' ilk '
      On khmer440 etc disliked me for being outspoken in my opinions, they got together, and this was in print on khmer440, that they declared open season on Fletcher. I loved it!

      James said to me once that I went around antagonizing the NGOs. He was right! I agreed with him. They are all named in my book.

      There was only one thing that made me angry after discovering those poor children, that was NGOs pretending to help them but were just lining their own pockets with creative accounting. And as you are aware this has been proven by their own accounting and spin.

      Talking of Neeson and ilk, I am, a get it done today type of guy. I do not sit on my butt in an ivory tower or silver pick up or having a big Mac with the Dalia Lama, i rather be boots on the ground feeding children.

      While I am on my soap box, there is no more wonderful feeling to give a hungry child an armful of good fresh food and see that look in their eyes. Please try it if you are able.


      thanks for listening,


    2. Could it be that you were up to other sexual misdeeds with minors, but they (APLE, CCF, SISHA, 440, etc) weren’t able to catch you at something serious enough to draw you the sort of sentencing they felt you deserved, so they took one of your lesser sexual misbehaviors with minors and spun it up into something more serious? After all, even Dany (who was 17 [16 as barang count?] years old at the time,) says that you took her to your place and undressed her, (though according to her later retraction you didn’t actually rape her at that point.) You have a previous conviction in the UK for statutory rape. Shortly after finishing your sentence for bedding a minor girl in the UK you come to Cambodia of all places, the media world’s “Haven for Pedophiles,” and start working with vulnerable children in a self-created, unmonitored, unlicensed situation. You, at 65 years old, glom on to a minor girl of borderline age of consent from this vulnerable situation and take her to your apartment and have her strip naked, presumably with sexual intent. And it is unlikely this in the only one. And you can’t imagine how you ended up in the position you are now? Come on dude. Even if there was no “rape,” even if you didn’t do anything strictly “illegal,” I am really surprised you can’t figure out what’s happened here, that you imagine this must all boil down to NGO jealousy and ruffled feathers. You came here with an underage sex crime conviction already under your belt, you made plenty of local enemies, you acted like a creepy old pedo in a place known for being a pedo-playground, you involved yourself sexually with a minor girl again, and unsurprisingly, some overzealous, prosecutorialy-minded anti-trafficking types took advantage of it all and took you down. This is not rocket science. It’s like a template for what not to do if you don’t want to go to jail for sex crimes in Cambodia.

    3. Dear Anonymous 1.55

      (1) Could it be that "(APLE, CCF, SISHA, 440, etc) weren’t able to catch" Mr Fletcher, over a course of two years, because he was doing nothing wrong?

      (2) Could it be that "APLE, CCF, SISHA and CEOP, having discovered, after 2 years, that there was no evidence that Mr Fletcher had either raped or groomed young girls, decided to stitch him up with a rape charge?

      (3) I interviewed Yang Dany three times. Each time she told her story in a slightly different way. The one part of her story that remained consistent what that she had neither had sex with Mr Fletcher, not been raped by him. This is borne out by the doctor's report prepared for the Phnom Penh Municipal Court that declared Yang Dany to be a virgin; her hymen intact.

      (4) The fact that David Fletcher had illegal (though consensual) sex with an underage women women in 1998 is not evidence that he raped Yang Dany - even if she did not deny it; even if she were not a virgin after the alleged rapes.

      (5) Whilst Mr Fletcher can (and I suspect will) write on his own behalf in response to this comment, I imagine that he is not, in retrospect, surprised that certain people have gone to so much trouble to see him stitched up for a crime he could not have committed - for reasons that would be apparent in any trial conducted in accordance with Cambodian law.

      In retrospect, it is easy to see that with his criminal record, his age, and his decision to help poor children, Mr Fletcher left himself wide open to being set up but certain persons and organisations. Ah, the wisdom of hindsight!

      (6) On a personal note. For 20 years now I have, in my own small way and with my limited resources, been helping many poor families in Cambodia. The families I have been helping often have young women, in their early to mid teens. I have been followed and photographed by a variety of NGOs hoping to find me guilty of...God knows what. They have found nothing because there is nothing to find.

      Let's just say that certain people, certain NGOs, pissed off with me because of what I write in this blog, decide to set me up? With enough money they could probably find a poor family, tell the mum and dad that there was a $30,000 pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if their daughter (or son) were to allege that I had raped them.

      So, charges are laid, a court case is held in secret, I am found guilty on the basis of no evidence at all. And someone like yourself, on someone else's blog, writes: "This is not rocket science. It’s like a template for what not to do if you don’t want to go to jail for sex crimes in Cambodia."

      I suspect that you mean well but do you realise that you are giving your imprimatur of approval to the setting up of men like David Fletcher (or myself) who genuinely wish to do whatever we can to assist desperately poor families?

      Think a little more clearly about what you write before you press the 'publish' button.

    4. A few misinformed persons maliciously talk incorrectly about my previous conviction in the UK of 19 years ago.

      You are obviously entitled to your thoughts, but not to defame me with pure misguided supposition.

      I make no excuse for my mistake ( of course I know I am preaching to people who are perfect and do not make mistakes).

      I was out of order I agree 19 years ago. But you do not seem to tar your buddies such as McCabe, one of Neesons muppets, HUMBUG!

      I did not make an underage young lady pregnant to gain sympathy from the courts.

      The following is a short chapter from my book covering this very issue.

      Sorry Peter, you are not in this one!

      CHAPTER 30


      (Previous offence in UK)

      Naturally people will say a previous offence in 1996 proves i am guilty of todays malicious bogus allegations, a misconstrued parallel which has proved to be total fabrication created and coerced by a bogus victim has become fact. Hopefully you are more intelligent and not narrow minded and bigoted as Phnom Penh expats, N.G.O.s and plebeians. However, there is a difference between an inappropriate relationship with a 15 year old, ahead of her time UK girl and peadophilia.

      Whilst on this subject, research the correct definition of a peadophile, as most people invariably use this terminology incorrectly out of pure ignorance and malice, in particular the media! It is malicious ignorance and very dangerous to assume a parallel between the two, also, in S.E.Asia a dowery, which is part of Khamer culture, should not be confused as people trafficking, as is the agenda of many N.G.O.s purely to attract credibility, when in reality it is 'creative accounting'.

      The young lady in the UK was adventurous, voluptuous and mature for her years and had plenty of boyfriends, we had a fling for a few months and all was very mutual. She wanted to live with me and run away with me, which of course was totally impractical ( All court recorded evidence ). I was charged with statuary rape, not rape, which the gutter press at once dropped the statuary, surprise! she was a few months under 16, the age of consent in the UK, for the uneducated, statuary rape is rape of the law, not a person and, yes, when we had private times we did enjoy our own videos, the judge watched these and listened to phone tapes as evidence, his comments were ’the young lady was not an unwilling partner’. I did not ply her with champagne, she had a drink yes, at her request, not mine.

      For this offence i was sentenced to 15 months incarceration which equated to seven and half months, if this had been construed as peadophilia, my sentence would have been seven and half years. I was also given three months sentence, served six weeks for possession of prohibited weapons, this was the result of defending myself against five young thug muggers. I had been threatened by these thugs twice before outside my place of business in Cambridge, i reported this to the police, they did nothing! And when this issue was brought up in court, Cambridge police mysteriously had no records of my complaints.

      more coming

    5. James 3:27 - I didn't say it was right, i said it doesn't take a rocket scientist (or hindsight) to figure out why this happened, and it's not because of ruffled feathers and Neeson being jealous of Fletcher. It is because his behavior left him wide open for this type of thing to happen...legally, technically and ethically wrong as it may be. Yes James, i think there is a slight danger of a contentious person such as yourself being stitched up in a place like this. I guess it could happen to any of us if the powers that want us are strong enough, but in the real world it is far more likely to happen to somebody with a previous sex crime convictions against children, hanging out in groups of children here in the 'haven for pedophiles,' and taking vulnerable minor girls to his apartment to undress them, like Fletcher. From a legal and human right perspective, what has happened to Fletcher is probably wrong, and for the sake of the integrity of the system and the safety of the people who live under it, this wrong should be corrected. But this, "I was just standing there minding my own business heroically helping poor people when vindictively jealous conspiratorial NGOs swept in out if the blue and stitched me up" is BS. Fletcher may not be guilty of this particular crime, but he is clearly no innocent, and playing the persecuted saint is doing nothing to make the rest of his story believable.

    6. Dear Anonymous 4.11

      I have already been stitched up by Citipointe Church (SHE Rescue Home) so I know, first hand, that it is easy for a corrupt NGO such as Citipointe to go about trying to desroy or discredit those it does not like for one reason or another. I have, incidentally, no prior convictions for sex offences, but this is inferential if an NGO wants to use the Cambodian judicial system to destroy you.

      What makes you so sure that Mr Fletcher asked 16 year old Yang Dany to take her clothes off. And let's just presume, for arguments sake that he did, is a 10 year jail sentence for removing a 16 year olds clothing a just Punishment? If so, what punishment do you believe James Mc Cabe, running Scott Neeson's 'Cild Protectiom Unit' deserves for removing the clothing of the 15 or 16 year old going woman who was to become his wife?

    7. James 4:29 - I assume for sake of discussion on this blog that it happened because you have repeatedly cited Dany's mother's denial that Dany was raped, as if her word in this matter is credible. And in that same statement she says that Fletcher disrobed Dany. If we are to take part of her statement as true (i.e. the part that clears Fletcher of rape), I think it is fair to take the whole of her statement as true, including the part that paints him as less that a saint.

      I don't know what the appropriate punishment should be, if any, for bedding barely legal minors, especially ones in vulnerable positions like Dany. It is a legally gray and morally distasteful area. Nor do I think it is particularly relevant to the fact that somebody who did not commit rape should not be convicted of rape, particularly in absentia, and even more especially to have their legal rights to appeal subverted by the state.

    8. I am resubmitting this post. I posted this an hour ago and it still doesn’t show.. I see other posts going up after this one was submitted, so I assume something has gone wrong. So, one more try…

      James 4:29 - I assume for sake of discussion on this blog that it happened because you have repeatedly cited Dany's mother's denial that Dany was raped, as if her word in this matter is credible. And in that same statement she says that Fletcher disrobed Dany. If we are to take part of her statement as true (i.e. the part that clears Fletcher of rape), I think it is fair to take the whole of her statement as true, including the part that paints him as less that a saint.

      I don't know what the appropriate punishment should be, if any, for bedding barely legal minors, especially ones in vulnerable positions like Dany. It is a legally gray and morally distasteful area. Nor do I think it is particularly relevant to the fact that somebody who did not commit rape should not be convicted of rape, particularly in absentia, and even more especially to have their legal rights to appeal subverted by the state.

    9. Dear Anonymous 5.43

      (1) Both Yang Dany and her rmother deny that any rape took place. Their claim is backed up by medical evidence that Yang Dany remained a virgin after the alleged rapes.

      (2) It could be argued, in a properly constituted court of law, that a 17 year old girl's hymen cold remain intact despite two 'brutal rapes'. ANd this is the place where such an argument should be presented for consideration. Likewise, Mr Fletcher should be entitled to call, through his lawyer, an expert witness to talk about the statistical likelihood that Yang Dany could remain a virgin after being raped.

      (3) The same logic you use to claim that the whole of Yang Dany'[s mother's statement is true can be used to claim that it is false.

      (4) Yang Dany's mother was not present when it is alleged by her (Sekun) that Mr Fletcher disrobed Yang Dany. Given that this charge was made AFTER Mr Fletcher had left Cambodia and AFTER Sekun had been told she and her daughter stood to gain $30,000 in compensation, I think it should be taken with a grain of salt.

      Again, this is a matter for a court to decide - a court operating in accordance with the Cambodian Code of Criminal Procedure. It is not for you to decide, on the basis of Sekun's statement, that Mr Fletcher 'bedded' Yang Dany.

      As for your last statement, I do not understand what you are trying to say here: "Nor do I think it is particularly relevant to the fact that somebody who did not commit rape should not be convicted of rape, particularly in absentia, and even more especially to have their legal rights to appeal subverted by the state."

      Can you express this a little more clearly please?

    10. Not sure how I could state it more clearly.

      I don't think discussion of the appropriate punishment for disrobing a minor, whether by Fletcher or somebody else, is relevant to discussion of the legal reality of Fletcher's current dilemma. People should not be convicted of crimes that they did not commit, even if they may be guilty of some other crime or indiscretion, even Fletcher. And the whole process of Fletcher's conviction is made even more dubious being his originally being tried in absentia and, as reported in the Daily, the subsequent failure of state officials to make it possible for him to submit his appeal papers.

      Is that clear?

  21. more

    The next attempt at mugging me finished up with four thugs on the ground, a few broken ribs, gassed by pepper spray and stunned with an electric stun gun. One of these brave souls managed to run away!
    I was charged with possession of prohibited weapons, FOR THE REASON OF DEFENDING MYSELF.

    So in total i was sentenced to eighteen months which equated to nine months served. Throughout the proceedings the young lady was systematically coerced by two lesbian police officers, after a time parts of her story changed. I was imprisoned in a cat C prison in June 1997 and released March 1998.On a personal note, society does not vilify and categorize Howard Hughes, Elvis Presley, Charlie Chaplin, Errol Flynn, Rolling Stones and many many more as peadophiles, but if it is David Fletcher, they do! Humbug!

    Saint or Devil incarnate? I don’t think i am either, many would argue the point. I was, maybe some kind of saint to my 2000 wonderful children scrapping a living on Steung Meanchey, Phnom Penh city dump, and i was certainly the Devil to the corrupt expat plebeians and N.G.O.s, all depending on your perspective i guess!

    But a Saint or Devil that never turned his back on suffering CHILDREN!

    WHAT HAVE YOU ACHIEVED.................?

    1. Do you have internet access there at Prey Sar, Dave? For somebody in prison, you seem to be able to make very timely replies on this blog. What is the situation there? Are you posting from a smartphone, or do you have access to computers, or what? Or are you not really Dave?

  22. Whilst Mr Fletcher can answer this question himself, and I am sure he will if he is able, I can also answer it.

    For long periods of time it is impossible for Mr Fletcher to communicate with anyone in any way other than face to face during prison visiting hours. As you can imagine, this communication constraint makes virtually impossible the business of getting documents to and from courts.

    Then there are windows of opportunity, usually quite brief, when communication with the outside world, including responding to blog comments, is relatively easy.

    Take advantage of this 'window' if you have questions to ask. It may not last long

  23. From David Fletcher

    Reply to blog Oct 13th 1.55

    Thanks for your points, I will do my best to reply item by item.

    No it could not be up to other misdeeds with minors. This is pure supposition on your part. Let's try to deal with reality please.

    I doubt very much that four lots of cowboy organizations would miss a thing, one lot maybe. You also forgot they missed two alleged brutal rapes, strange that!

    What I deserved was a fair trial according to Cambodian law, International Law and Human rights. But of course most people such as yourself had it all sown up by being Judge, Jury and executioner with no honest evidence other than pure fantasy.

    Wrong again on Dany's age. She was 17 in western years when I met her according to her family book. This was checked by the local police because she wanted to find employment.

    Wrong again on me coming to Cambodia. I was convicted in 1997 in the UK. I was released in March 1998. My first visit to Cambodia was in 2004.

    Wrong again about me being an unlicensed charity. I was not and never would be charity with the reputation they have in Cambodia. You do not have to be licensed to give to people or help others to give. You must try it sometime.

    I have already discussed the issue of the fabrications of a strip.

    The rest of your comments are just your own speculation and am not bothering with dreams of hate.

    To quote a very great Englishman;

    I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.

    I have enjoyed your few valid questions but you then just sank into malicious fantasy and be honest, you do not want to debate as your mind is already closed.

    David Fletcher

    1. “No it could not be up to other misdeeds with minors. This is pure supposition on your part. Let's try to deal with reality please.”

      Yes you could have. You say that you didn’t, but ‘couldn’t have’ and ‘didn’t’ are two different things.

      “I doubt very much that four lots of cowboy organizations would miss a thing, one lot maybe. You also forgot they missed two alleged brutal rapes, strange that!”

      Again, “missed it” and have sufficient evidence suitable to charge you are two different things. I think at least two orgs said as much.

      “What I deserved was a fair trial according to Cambodian law, International Law and Human rights. But of course most people such as yourself had it all sown up by being Judge, Jury and executioner with no honest evidence other than pure fantasy.”

      I had no involvement in your case.

      “Wrong again on Dany's age. She was 17 in western years when I met her according to her family book. This was checked by the local police because she wanted to find employment.”

      I said 17, and only asked about the possibility of 16. I was not wrong.

      “Wrong again on me coming to Cambodia. I was convicted in 1997 in the UK. I was released in March 1998. My first visit to Cambodia was in 2004.”

      I didn’t say when you came to Cambodia. I deliberately used the term “shortly” specifically to avoid that error.

      “Wrong again about me being an unlicensed charity. I was not and never would be charity with the reputation they have in Cambodia. You do not have to be licensed to give to people or help others to give. You must try it sometime.”

      I didn’t say you were an “unlicensed charity.” I didn’t say anything about charity at all.

      “I have already discussed the issue of the fabrications of a strip.”

      So, Dany’s mother is telling the truth when she said you didn’t rape Dany, but lying about you disrobing her? If she is lying about the second claim, what credibility can there be to the first claim.

      “The rest of your comments are just your own speculation and am not bothering with dreams of hate. To quote a very great Englishman; I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent. I have enjoyed your few valid questions but you then just sank into malicious fantasy and be honest, you do not want to debate as your mind is already closed.”

      This sort of failure to take a realistic view and understand what is being said may be part of the reason you are still in jail.

    2. Anonymous 6.01

      You have, inadvertently, revealed a great deal about your identity and your involvement in the investigation into Mr Fletcher's alleged crimes back in 2009. I will deal with this more fully in due course.

      As I hav said repeatedly, as David Fletcher has said repeatedly, it is up to a properly constituted court to decide which of Yang Dany's and her mother Sekun's statements are true and which are false. It is Mr Fletcher's right to present a defence in court. This right has been denied him for more than 5 years.

      Please stop playing word gams and just come straight out and answer this question:

      "Do you believe that Mr Fletcher is entitled to a fair trial?"

    3. Every accused person is entitled to a fair trial.

      I thought that was a given.

    4. Clearly, from many comments made here on this blog there are some who believe that Mr Fletcher is not entitled to a fair trial

    5. Clearly. I think some here have said that in almost so many words. But not me.

  24. Reply to blog Oct 13th 4. 19am

    Thanks for your observations.

    No I do not have an iPhone or access to a computer. I so wish.

    In the first year I had the use of an iPad that my good friend Sergei Polonski left behind, I used it ( which after the fact the prison told me was illegal ) they told me I was a naughty boy or khmer words to that effect.

    When I was in hospital in March for one month, the police there said I was allowed to have and use a phone. So one of them purchased one for me, I let him use it when he wanted as he had been kind to me.

    When I came back to prison I carried on using it for a few months., until I was told naughty boy again David or khmer words to that effect! I explained my position that police officers had given me permission to possess and use. This cut no ice in Cambodia as there is no ice other than in my evening cocktail.

    At present, and I obviously cannot give names, and as I understand the rules there is nothing illegal in this method.

    The blog info is passed to me verbally or a note if it is pertaining to me. I then write a note in reply and is passed down the line of communication to James.
    Obviously sometimes it's relatively quick, other times it can take a day or two, and it whiles away the winter evenings for us Band of Brothers.

    I would add the chief of the prison, staff and inmates, male and female treat me extremely well.

    Please don't say is it really me, you will get all the nodding dogs in PP saying it is James impersonating me, when a blind man can see that James writing is far more articulate than mine.

    If you know me, ask me a question only you and I know the answer.

    But I don't think you know me because, and I say this in a modest way, you would know I am not fond of my name being shortened.

    I genuinely have enjoyed talking to you.

    Thank you.


  25. David, I find it interesting that some of your detractors, faced with evidence of no rape, now say,"Well, you disrobed Dany". It is my understanding that her mother made this claim so she wouldn't look so bad for falsely claiming rape. It is also my understanding that this allegedly happened at the time the rape had been alleged to have happened. If my understanding is correct, this, too, would have occurred while you were out of the country and at a place that did not exist at the time of the alleged disrobing. Am I correct?

  26. Reply to Oct 13th at 3.18p.m.

    Thank you for your interest.

    Yes you are totally right. In APLEs and Neesons haste when they fabricated the story, they got dates, places and events wrong.

    Another fact few people know and I am so grateful to James allowing me to put my side of things, as I have so far been prevented by APLE and Neeson. The reason being they are afraid of being exposed for what they are, if I get my day in court.

    The warrant for my extradition was rejected twice by Thailand for being too weak in evidence. APLE and ilk had to beef it up, but in their haste they made their biggest mistake, which later was impossible for them to retract;

    They did not check dates they fabricated to make Dany look younger.

    The second mistake was I was not in Cambodia on those dates ( I have covered and fully explained in another blog what I was doing and why, but I do not think James has received it yet via my pony express. )

    The next mistake was location, it did not exist! It did not open until oct/Nov 2009.

    Remember this is where I was supposed to have raped her twice and stripped her in a room in March 2009 alone, that did not exist.

    Police records verify this, the lease verifies this and Angkor beer company that set up the bar and sign outside confirms this. Not to mention the local cop shop 100 metres away that helped me at the dump and came in for their reward of free beer. They were the ones that gave me all the information I needed about the nodding dog fraternity.

    Of course everyone knows the state of Dany's virginity after being allegedly brutality raped once, then came back for more a week later, according to Aple and I forgot, being stripped by me, you believe that and you believe in wrestling!

    Poor Dany was bullied and put under great pressure from our nodding dogs.

    She has apologized to me in her way and I assure her and everyone else, I never have and never will bear her any animosity whatsoever.

  27. To set the record straight because James gets, through ignorant supposition that he is a friend of mine, we are not buddies. He does not supply me daily with food and goodies, he does not visit every day, he has far more important things to see too, like helping those poor children on the dump.

    Many times we have different views, as it should be, but James and I have one very important issue in common, we are ' brothers in arms ' in seeking true and honest justice in a cesspit of corruption.

    James is of the new age concept of life, I am from the old, like me, James is justifiably proud of his agenda, I am proud of being a relic of the Empire, a dinosaur. We both have our code and our honour in a world, in particular Cambodia, that code and honour is as rare as hens teeth.

    If we had met outside this Monty Python existence, we would have respected each other's views as civilised adults should, I doubt we would have been buddies. I am sure the bigots will not take this on board as is beyond their Ken. James criticizes me more than the nodding dogs, as he should, to determine truth. James challenges me on everything I say to ensure truth and evidence of my statements. He is not interested in supposition, with malice or passive.

    A few other matters to reply to;

    Somebody accused me of trying to be saintly, my name is David Fletcher, not Scott Neeson. Please read my blog and chapter from my book ' Inappropriate relationship '

    A blogger criticized me saying ' why am I suddenly shouting and complaining now after five years'.

    The very simple answer is, I have been complaining since the day I was illegally arrested in Thailand. I called it kidnapping, as according to the the law procedure was totally illegal. Since then I have complained to just about every organization, court and some! Even my own government, they did nothing , but they are sitting up and listening now thanks to James. ( also see next item on this blog on subject). I remind you;
    I have never been interviewed by police.
    Never been allowed to make a statement in my defense.
    Never been allowed to defend myself in court.
    Never been allowed to present evidence or witnesses.
    Never bee allowed to cross examine the alleged victim.

    James has all my court papers and the oppositions.

    Do you think the above is legal? Correct? Within the laws of human rights?
    So to answer your misinformed opinion , James is the first person to examine the evidence and give me a platform to defend myself.

    Whatever you think of me is irrelevant, I could not care less. But you may be for some reason be in the same position as me one day, then it may get through to you the agenda of this justice system.

    And if you still want proof of what I say, read James next blog on the state of this nation's court system.

    Finally, I am sure you will be relieved!

    The person who has the friend in the Bangkok British embassy, the FCO has looked into you and your friend , I have a long letter from the Ambassador about you, carry on with your defamation.

    Yes I strangely I did not want to return to Cambodia, are you so limited to understand why?

    David Fletcher

  28. David Fletcher is not my friend.

    I stumbled upon his case by accident. He was clearly someone who deserved a fair trial. He was not getting one and there seemed to be no-one at all interested in advocating his right to one. No-one. Not even human rights organisations such as LICADHO.

    Mr Fletcher’s own government, the Foreign& Commonwealth Office, was (and still is) quite prepared to throw him to Cambodian judiciary wolves – even though senor FCO representatives knew back in Sept 2010 that his alleged victim remained a virgin; even though Foreign Minister Phillip Hammond knows that members of his own staff destroyed Mr Fletcher’s passport in a ham-fisted attempt to prevent egg being smeared on the FCO’s face for having conspired with these who set Mr Fletcher up on phony rape charges.

    Whilst I think Scott Neeson is a pathological liar, a consummate con artist and a scoundrel, I would defend him also if he were to be set up on a fake rape charge. The administration of the law does not apply only to those people you like, to those whose actions you approve of. It applies to everyone- David Fletcher and Scott Neeson alike. And of course to all those Cambodians who fall victim to the country’s corrupt judicial system.

    Whilst the eventual outcome of Mr Fletcher’s case is, of course, of great importance to him personally, it is of much greater importance, in the bigger picture, to the administration of the law in Cambodia for all Cambodians and visitors to Cambodia. Reform of Cambodia’s corrupt judiciary is an important step forward that Cambodia needs to take. A small step would be to allow Mr Fletcher a fair trial.

  29. so David Fletcher; did you ever attempt to buy Dany for a sum of money? say $150?

  30. I have a question David; I heard that you once received a thank you from the King or former King of Cambodia for feeding the children; do you have any proof of that? also do you know of any published reports that neeson ever received a thank you form the leaders of Cambodia?