Thursday, September 15, 2016

# 200 “There is little doubt Scott Neeson devotes his time to grooming young girls…."

 “There is little doubt Scott Neeson devotes his time to grooming young girls….The fact is these children can be bought. It’s difficult to stop it. The Australian Embassy has been told about Neeson. Many organizations have files on him, but nothing has happened. If you can get this guy sent packing you are doing a service to the children here.”

These words, spoken by Scott Neeson about David Fletcher in June 2010, played a significant role in Mr Fletcher being ‘sent packing’. Six years later, David Fletcher is still in jail. During this six years he has not even been interviewed by the police or an investigating judge.

Scott Neeson got his wish. A man whom he saw as a competitor in the Phnom Penh Rubbish dump was eliminated. Neeson became king of the rubbish dump castle and has been travelling the world ever since telling the world what a great guy he is.

No article about Scott Neeson is complete without a photo of him holding a little girl in his arms. Never a little boy. Always a young girl. Always cute. Always someone else’s daughter.

If James Mc Cabe, head of CCF’s Child Protection Unit, were to uncover a stash of photos, in the dozens, of a middle aged man with different little girls in his arms, alarm bells would ring; an investigation would be set in motion.

If the Cambodian police were to uncover such a stash of photos they would, on the basis of evidence they have presented in Cambodian courts before, use them as evidence that Scott Neeson was a pedophile.

And there is at least one NGO, smelling blood and seeing a huge advantage to itself in getting a conviction, that would tell the parents of this little girl that if she were to accuse him of having sexually abused her the family could sue Neeson for $30,000 in damages.

My reading of this photo is that the little girl is mystified as to what is going on; as if she has been chosen from a group of potential girls to be embraced by Neeson in a photo op and lifted up by him just seconds before the photo was taken. There is no sense in the photo that she even knows who Scott Neeson is.

Were this young girl’s parents aware that Scott was using their daughter for this photo op? Did they give  DI WEEKEND consent to allow this photo to be used?

Is it a matter of concern to LICADHO, AD HOC and other human rights organizations that Scott Neeson exploits vulnerable young girls in an endless stream of photos of himself with them in his arms.

Does Scott Neeson’s use of such photos amount to exploitation of poor vulnerable children and their families?

Will the Cambodian media ever get around to addressing such questions or does it, collectively, believe that such photos are a legitimate, ethical, way of inducing donors and sponsors to give money to CCF?

I will return to Scott Neeson’s factually incorrect ‘Fact Sheet’ when time prevails.


On the subject of Charity Navigator, do take a look at the scores CCF has been given in the 'Financial' and 'Accountability and Transparency' categories!

I posted a comment on Charity Navigator (see below) but it was almost immediately deleted.

Join the dots!

Post Script

21st September

Every few days one of these sponsored ads for Scott Neeson turns up in my Facebook feed. Every one of them has Scott with some cute little girl in his arms.

These photos are taken by the professional media crew that Neeson employs to to keep bolstering his image as a man who has given up everything to take care of kids (almost all girls, you could be forgiven for thinking) who have no dad (or mum) to take care of them.