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# 51 Letter # 21 to Foreign Secretary Mr Phillip Hammond

Phillip Hammond
Foreign Secretary
Parliamentary House of Commons
London SW1A                                                                                   

30th Nov. 2014

Dear Mr Hammond

The government you represent can start a war, in Iraq, on the basis of little or no evidence - a war in which hundreds of thousands of men, women and children lose their lives. When confronted with overwhelming evidence of a British citizen’s innocence, however, this same government refuses to even request of the Cambodian Minister of Justice that he grant David Fletcher his legal right to a trial carried out in accordance with the Cambodian Code of Criminal Procedure!

The proposition that the UK government cannot interfere with the internal affairs of a sovereign nation does not hold up. Ambassador Mark Kent played a pivotal role in the arrest of David Fletcher in Thailand, not on the basis of any evidence presented to him but on the basis of scuttlebutt perpetrated by Peter Hogan, Scott Neeson and others on Khmer440. Ambassador Kent then played an even more pivotal role by ordering the destruction of the evidence Mr Fletcher required for his court proceedings; evidence that he was not in Cambodia at the time of the alleged rapes – namely Mr Fletcher’s valid passport.

Now, in Dec 2014, Mr Kent’s counterpart in Cambodia could pick up the phone and respectfully request of the Cambodian Minister of Justice that he grant Mr Fletcher the trial he is entitled to and was promised by judges in the Phnom Penh Municipal Court on 27th Oct 2014. I have been around the world of international diplomacy for long enough to know that such things can and do happen.

As you know, in the four and a half years since Mr Fletcher’s arrest, there has been no trial in which he has been able to present a defense, call witnesses or take advantage of any of the legal protections that should be available to him in accordance with Cambodian law. The main witness in any trial would be Yang Dany – a young woman who has admitted that she was not raped and whose admission is backed up by evidence that she remained a virgin after the alleged rapes.

Ambassador Mark Kent and many of those to whom this letter is copied have known since September 2010 that Mr Fletcher could not have raped Yang Dany but far from offering him the assistance he deserved under the circumstances, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office has gone out of its way to treat Mr Fletcher as though he were guilty as charged.

It is difficult not to conclude that the reason for this is that the evidence in support of Mr Fletcher’s innocence is so overwhelming that a fair trial would prove an embarrassment to all of those who have played a role in his pursuit, prosecution and incarceration.  Close to the top of this list is Ambassador Mark Kent. At the very top of the list of those now complicit in this miscarriage of justice is yourself. You have known for many weeks now that Mr Fletcher could not possibly have raped Yang Dany and that he has been denied even the semblance of a fair trial. You may well have your diplomatic reasons for remaining silent but your silence, along with the silence of so many others who should have concern for Mr Fletcher welfare, will lead to his death in the next week or two.

Perhaps one compelling reason why the Foreign & Commonwealth Office refuses to request of the Minister of Justice in Cambodia that Mr Fletcher be allowed a fair trial is that in such a trial the question of what happened to Mr Fletcher’s passport would  be raised by a competent defense lawyer. How could it be, the court would be asked, that the British Embassy in Thailand was in possession of Mr Fletcher’s passport on 4th August 2010, lost track of it for close to three years and then, when it turned up again, promptly had it destroyed – despite Ambassador Mark Kent knowing that it contained evidence that Mr Fletcher was not in Cambodia at the time of the alleged rapes. For this topic to be canvassed in a court room open to the press would lead to questions being asked in a much larger forum than my blog affords.

Sue Bennett has been instructed to be as obstructive as possible; to find any and every reason she can not to provide Mr Fletcher with the documents he has been asking for for months now – documents he is entitled to in accordance with FOI legislation. These are documents that Sue Bennett admits to have had in her possession since 6th Oct. They are also documents which, if released in their entirety, would raise significant doubts about the veracity of both the versions that have been presented to Mr Fletcher and myself about what happened to his passport.

The abandonment of Mr Fletcher by the British government, your own refusal to even pick up the phone and ask the Minister of Justice in Cambodia to provide Mr Fletcher with a fair trial, has played a major role in his decision to end his life. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office claims to have a duty of care toward members of staff who may be sworn at by people such as myself but this duty of care does not extend to citizens of the United Kingdom who have been jailed for an offence they could not possibly have committed.

On a personal note. When I first met Mr Fletcher I told him that it was my duty, as a journalist, to take everything he told me with a grain of salt; that I would have to seek out any and all evidence available to me and, in the event I found corroborative evidence of his guilt of sexual crimes, that I would publish it. Mr Fletcher told me that he had no problem with this; that he understood and respected my position. This was before I had obtained a copy of the doctor’s report confirming Yang Dany’s intact hymen; before Yang Dany and her mother had confessed to me that no rapes occurred.

I now believe Mr Fletcher to be guilty of no crimes  whatsoever relating to the ‘grooming’ of young girls, as attested by Scott Neeson, or of his having sexually abused or raped any woman or girl in Cambodia. If I were to be provided with compelling evidence to the contrary I would cease to support Mr Fletcher as I have done for some time now. I have asked Scott Neeson repeatedly to make public any evidence he has regarding grooming but he refuses to respond in any way to my request.

It is of course not for you or I to make definitive statements about Mr Fletcher’s guilt or innocence. This is the task of a properly constituted court – one in which evidence is presented by both the prosecution and defense; in which witnesses provide their testimony and are cross-examined; in which expert witnesses from both sides can be called to give their opinion as to whether or not, for instance, a woman’s hymen can grow back.

The British Embassy in Thailand played an active role in having Mr Fletcher arrested by the Thai police on the basis of scuttlebutt perpetrated by Scott Neeson, Peter Hogan and others on the gossip blog, Khmer440. The British Embassy can now play a similarly active role by asking the Minister of Justice, Mr Ang Vong Vathana, to grant Mr Fletcher the trial he was promised by the judges in the Phnom Penh Municipal Court on 27th Oct.

Whilst I realize that this is an exercise in futility, could you also please request of Sue Bennett that she release the documents Mr Fletcher has asked for countless times and send them to myself at 316 Whale beach Road, Palm Beach 2108, Sydney Australia.

best wishes

James Ricketson

Friday, November 28, 2014

# 50 for Scott Neeson. If you have evidence that David Fletcher was 'grooming young girls' make it public now.

Dear Scott

Within the next two weeks David Fletcher will die. Although it will be by his own hand it will be because the words and actions of a large number of people, yourself included, have left him with no hope for the future.

Whilst it was Peter Hogan who, by his own admission, set out to destroy David Fletcher’s life, you very quickly jumped on the bandwagon when you publicly accused Mr Fletcher of ‘grooming young girls’.

 “There is little doubt Fletcher devotes his time to grooming young girls….The fact is these children can be bought. It’s difficult to stop it. The British Embassy have been told about Fletcher. Many organizations have files on him, but nothing has happened. If you can get this guy sent packing you are doing a service to the children here.”  

These are the words you spoke to Andrew Drummond and which he published in June 2010. As a marketing person you know precisely what impact these words would have on the readership of his article. It was the impact you wished the words to have – to destroy David Fletcher’s reputation. Your words, accepted as statements of fact by other journalists, created an atmosphere in which corrupt Cambodian officials could do as they pleased with Mr Fletcher – with no regard for his legal or human rights. As recently as last week David Fletcher was visited in prison by a ‘lawyer’ offering to ‘represent’ him. I reality this was a fishing expedition. How much money could David Fletcher afford to pay to have his conviction overturned. As you know, Scott, as the British Embassy and the entire NGO community in Cambdia knows, this is the way business is done in a country with an irremeably corrupt judiciary. Innocent men are sent to jail. Guilty men are released. Those who oppose the government are jailed on trumped up charges and used as pawns in a political game with the Opposition.

In any country in which there was the rule of law David Fletcher could have sued you for defamation. Not in Cambodia, however where you, Samleang Siela, Thierry Darnaudet and others can destroy the reputations and lives of others with impunity. And you can do so with the blessing of the British Embassy and the Foreign Secretary, Mr Phillip Hammond.

When David Fletcher dies there will be few who will mourn the loss of a man who grooms little girls. Only those who believe in the rule of law, believe in the right of an accused person to defend him or herself in court, will be left wondering if, in fact, David Fletcher was guilty as charged by you. Certainly, those who do not believe that a young woman’s hymen can grow back after two ‘brutal rapes’ will have their doubts. And so they should. No one should be pursued and prosecuted on the basis of rumour, innuendo and scuttlebutt of the kind perpetrated by yourself and Peter Hogan.

If you have any evidence at all that David Fletcher was grooming young girls or of sexually abusing underage girls (as reported by the Phnom Penh Post) make this evidence public now. If you have no evidence you owe David Fletcher a public apology for accusing him of grooming young girls. If you had the decency to admit that you were wrong in your accusation you could also add your name to a list of those who should, if they believe in the rule of law, be placing pressure on the Minister of Justice to allow Mr Fletcher a fair trail – as is his right in accordance with the Cambodian Code of Criminal Procedure.

As Mr Fletcher has told me many times, if he is found guilty on the basis of evidence, he will accept his punishment without complaint. He will not, however, accept his punishment on the basis of scuttlebutt of the kind you and Peter Hogan have engaged in.

Your silence condemns you, Scott.

David Fletcher has, this past week, been saying his farewells to friends who have stood beside him. Here is part of one such farewell:

Many Thanks for your kind thoughts. I have the greatest respect for you as you know, in my language you walk the walk, in my book that takes a real man.

You have succeeded where I failed, and I admire your guts to go on and do the right thing.

I am not giving up just because of these ignorant plebs, but the two main reasons, is not just of being able to carry on helping those poor children, but the loss of my Khmer wife.

I was hit very hard by this and has been a terrible load to carry these years. The love from the children got me over this, but without both for four and half years has been too much to bear.

In my past I have been able to stand up and fight my enemy, but I am not able to do that now because I am vegitating in hell. So now there is only one option.

You were so right one day when you said you thought there was two sides to me, but both those sides, good or bad, have their honor and code.

Here I have no honour or code, and the animals around me live on a different planet to me.

I have taken the pain, as I feel is my honour to do so, but now is enough, these neanderthals are having no more of my life.

I wish to die with dignity and on my own terms, with my finger in the air to them and go to sleep thinking of my Khmer wife and those wonderful children.

I intend to get dressed in my own clothes and die with my boots on, my mother always said that i would, as always she was right.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

# 49 This article describes APLE'S modus operandi very well

$30,000 Pedophilia NGO scam: if allegations are true, who’s watching the Watchers?


Concomitant to the meritorious work being done by international Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) in rooting out pedophilia, allegations are surfacing that innocent Western male travelers in Cambodia are being unfairly accused of having sex with minors, with uncomfortable and dangerous legal consequences.  If the allegations are true, this may prove to be an elaborate extortion scheme that no victim is willing to expose. At the heart of the scam, it is claimed, is the manner in which NGOs gather evidence to begin the prosecution process against foreigners, namely the use of paid informants, including  motorcycle taxi drivers.  In other instances, it is alleged, teams of survey-takers, purporting to be from tourism organizations, collect data on individuals, including the names of their hotels, prompting later visits by police.  One NGO openly states their investigators ” go undercover as drivers, English teachers or even craftsmen.”

While the investigative methods of NGOs remain somewhat of an in-house secret, it is alleged that informants are paid commissions for each “lead,” and are encouraged to report each day to an NGO contact, who will log the data for subsequent payments of commissions. Informants would therefore accrue the most profit by providing increasing  numbers of names, relatively easy to obtain from hotel personnel at the original point of pick-up, in the case of a taxi driver, or survey location, if done outside a hotel. 

The purported extortion scam is alleged to work like this: After a target individual has been initially identified, he is then followed and photographed on visits to establishments offering sexual companionship with those above the age of consent. 
The taxi driver or survey-taker next provides the name and photograph to the NGO. The NGO then gives the name of the individual to the police, who visit the innocent alleged “perpetrator” and demand a financial payment in order to avoid arrest for allegedly having sex with an underage female. This amount has generally been reported to be $30,000 USD. In this fashion, the taxi driver and police official both make a profit from the extortion racket, while the NGO adds yet another spurious statistic to its list of Western males having sex with underage girls. NGOs use such statistics to solicit additional funding from Western sources. Everybody in this story accrues a financial gain except the victim. If he doesn’t pay up, he is threatened with arrest as a pedophile as well as notification to his own government for potential prosecution in his own country. 

An additional issue arises when the individual seeking sexual favors does so with an individual of legal age, but who appears —to the eyes of Western police officials —to be younger, based on a photograph of the alleged underage female. Local police can use this additional “evidence” to their advantage by threatening to turn the male victim over to his own Embassy, for prosecution in his own country. In this manner, names and photographs can easily be used by local police to “shake down” the innocent victim for a bribe, even though the police know that no crime against children has been committed.  If unwilling to pay the bribe, the victim could, in theory, be reported to the government of his nation of origin as a suspected or known pedophile, with accompanying photographic evidence to “prove” the suspicion, and the imprimatur of an international NGO to confirm the suspicion. 

Today, an individual unjustly accused of sexually molesting children is all too often presumed guilty until proven innocent, and the costs associated with defending himself legally are significant.  Victims of nefarious “stings” are rarely willing to call attention to themselves by complaining to the local or international Press.  

Critics of the use of paid informants to provide unreliable data on alleged perpetrators of crimes often refer to the excesses of the days in the 1950s when Senator Joseph McCarthy rode roughshod over civil liberties to root out alleged Communists in the United States.  In that era, thousands of innocent victims were harassed and persecuted.  With today’s reliance on databases, dishonest information and shaky allegations may stay in one’s international police files in perpetuity. 

The overwhelming majority of people in all nations condemn sexual abuse of children, and NGOs have certainly done their part in bringing attention to the problem.  In bringing perpetrators to justice, though, it’s important to ensure the rights of the innocent.  If justice is the goal, the rights of all must be respected.  Reliance on word of paid informants is always suspect, overburdens prosecutorial systems, and greases the chain of bribery.  Is there any substance to these allegations of NGO and Police dishonesty?  If so, perhaps it’s time to take a better look at how NGOs go about collecting and storing information on individuals loosely suspected of abusing children,  and sharing the information with local, national, and international police agencies.  In moving forward to help eradicate the crime of sexual abuse of children, we must ensure that the innocent aren’t being thrown in with the guilty. 

Tell us your story 

Have you been unjustly accused of pedophilia by an NGO?  We’d like to hear your story. If you’ve been harassed or persecuted by a Non-Governmental Organization in the course of seeking sexual relations with a non-minor, we’d like to know about it.  Please provide the name of the NGO, places, dates, and approximate times if possible, and tell us what happened.  If you’d be willing to go public with your name, please tell us that as well.

# 48 David Makhout's email exchange with Darnaudet Part # 1

I am being inundated with complaints about APLE. I do not know which ones are factually reliable and which are not. However, unless there is a massive conspiracy taking place, they all have one thing in common – accusing APLE of lying and deceit and of setting up innocent men to be charged with sex offenses. In most countries the sheer weight of such accusations would lead to some kind of investigation. Not so in Cambodia, however. There is no one to investigate APLE in Cambodia. And, with the LICADHO seal of approval, it is highly unlikely that any overseas investigation will ever take place.

David Fletcher is but one in a long line of victims of APLE’s unscrupulous and illegal modus operandi.

APLE's President Thierry Darnaudet calls David Makhout his friend after his release from the Sihanoukville Jail, sends him numerous emails and calls him several times a day. He obviously knows APLE got someone innocent in trouble, but stops short to apologise. Some email ends with bisou (kisses) and embrasse (embrace) Jump direct to:The email files 

David Makhout, a young french artist was arrested by APLE's Agents, thrown into jail and sentenced for Pedophelia. 

His life is destroyed, since. The email's provided by Makhout to this website show the 
struggle he went through to clear his name but still hasn't succeeded.

The correspondance between APLE Founder and President Thierry Darnaudet and David Makhout, he had arrested and sentenced in 2008, reveals what kind of person he 
really is. 

Even in 2011 he is using him in his own RTL style TV Documentary on Hunting of Pedophiles in Cambodia. This is his trick: he gains the trust (heart & mind) of a person in 
order to use and destroy him later. 

Darnaudet's Agents (here again Mlop Tapang's Street Worker doubling up as spies)Mlop Tapang Social Worker undercover Cambodia had him arrested in Sihanoukville in 2008 after the following happened:

Makhout, after arriving in Sihanoukville in Cambodia decided to stay and spend the rest of his life here. Soon he finds a girl that claims to be 19 years older but is possibly 
younger since Cambodians don't count the first 12 month. With her he rents a small house and wants to found a family. His newly found wife is however not interested in having kids of her own, claiming she is still not ready for it. She suggests however that Makhout should adopt a poor child, which many better off Cambodian's do. She points out a 8 year old Girl living on the Street near the Caltex Station on the Mainroad in Sihanoukville. The little Girl is so lovely that Makhout instantly falls in Love with her. Her mother, a woman of a glue sniffing family that is living without shelter on the streets of Sihanoukville and survives with her children's help through begging agrees to the adoption.  This of course is no adoption by western Standards like Madonna's or Angelina Jolie's etc. 

Makhout, his Wife including the Kid and his mother go to the Police and the ever-present Street Children Home of Maggie Eno, Mlop Tapang to get their blessing to the adoption. No one sees a problem and the mother happily accepts the 500 $ for Maternity or upbringing of the kid, she requested for the adoption to take place.

It remains a mystery to me how on earth the Founder of Mlop Tapang, british Margaret 
(Maggie) Eno eno-at-queen-birthday-party-2011.jpg could have ever given her OK for this if she had any doubt. 

It is now widely believed that it was a trap from begin with. It was one of her Street workers that got Makhout arrested and denounced at the Police. The simple reason for this was, that he saw him swimming alone with the 8 year old girl on the beach and playing with her. On top of that the young khmer wife of Makhout had her first fallout with Makhout because she was jealous of her. She just left him, leaving the little girl and Makhout alone. 

If one understands local customs, it is not unusual to let the kid sleep in the same bed as you. Whole families share one bed and the mats on the floor. Things are different in a 3rd world tropical country where at times the extreme heat can rob your sleep ! That was the case too, in Makhouts home. 

Shortly after, the police turned up and arrested him and accused him with rape even though there was absolutely no evidence. With Rape David Makhout would have at least spend 10 years in Prison in Cambodia. 

The little girl was taken to Mlop Tapang and not allowed to go back to her mother. They needed her as a token until they had Makhout convicted and jailed.

 It was another high profile arrest case and success for APLE !

Makhout was thrown in jail, the 8 year old girl was taken into custody of the Mlop Tapang
 Childrens Home, from where she was marched straight to the ramshackle provincial Hospital of Sihanoukville to have her virginity examined. 

One can easy imagine what an ordeal that must have been for the little girl. Cambodian Doctors are not as sensitive as western Doctors, one must understand. Anyway, the APLE org was pressing for proof and the examinationexamen-14-04-08.jpg showed no proof of penetration !! The Girl was kept at Mlop Tapang and later at a World Vision Shelter in Phnom Penh and not allowed to return to her mother that lived on the street in Sihanoukville until she was no further of any use to APLE. 

The girl was threatened and indoctrinated and told that if she did not play along 
with APLE she could never ever go home again.The similarities to the CWCC Ectopia Files are clearly visual. Cambodia can and must be compared to the similar process of virginity tests that have been recently reported from Egypt:virignity-tests-egypt.jpg 

What now ? 

The NGO's are known for their Abu Ghraib like tactics when they question 
children. They keep and threaten and even deprive them of food and water as long as it 
takes to get their confession. The Foundation for these tactics where laid by the Cambodian 
Women Crisis Center Ectopia - a Story that became a Standard in Siem Reap and World Vision that only on the surface is a aid organisation but has a record of being just a front for undercover covert activities reaching back to the Vietnam War. (see World Vision )

The 8 year old girl was released from Mlop Tapang and returned to her mother at the Caltex Station, but not for long. She was sent to the 230 KM distant Capital Phnom Penh where World Vision took her into custody. After 2 month after Makhout's arrest she was sent to just another virignity examination examen-30-06-08.jpg , this time at a clinic in Phnom Penh. The result ? Positive, we now have penetration, and therefore RAPE

The suffering of the child imposed by the NGO's was not anything these people where concerned about. She became a piece of evidence (a thing).

During this whole period Makhout was in jail and had to rely on the info on what his less than interested Cambodian female Lawyer revealed to him. 

When Makhout heard about the second examination he went through the ceiling and became completly psychic in jail. That did not come as a surprise ! So who raped the girl in this 2 month period ? 

Under normal circumstances Makhout would have never found out about the second examination. In the process Makhout raised hell with the french embassy, the press, Licado human rights org etc., but to no avail. He was accused of beeing a pedophile so no one wanted anything to do with him and later be accused to be a pedophile sympathizer. He was guilty by default !

This is precisely what keeps the NGO's like APLE in the Business: You are either with us on this or you are with the enemy (Pedophiles) George W. Bush 

Since to the dismay of APLE and the court Makhout knew of 2 different examinations they where unable to sentence him fo rape but called the examination reports as inconclusive. But even that happened only after they made Makhout agree to pay 15.000 $ (for the reduction of the accusation) and another 1.500 $ to only spend a part of his term in a Cambodian Jail and the rest in France. 

Makhout got sentenced to 18 Month for molesting the child, got his passport withdrawn by the french authorities, was slapped with a 5 year travel ban and is under constant police surveillance. He was unable to return to his home town in fear for being lynched by the Mob that was whipped up by the Media on APLE's behalf and will be listed as sex offender in the Interpol files for the rest of his life. Where ever he goes, they will be waiting for him. He would rather be dead ! And that's precisely what APLE and the Media is hoping for.

The french and international press, eager for sensational headlines did never care about any details and just copied what APLE sent them as a press release.

Thierry Darnaudet met Makhout for the first time during another trial, involving his adopted daughter in the Sihanoukville Court. He instantly fell in Love and did everything to be a good friend. He clearly had a bad conscious about Makhout's arrest and sent numerous emails and even more Tel. Calls from India to Cambodia and France to soothe his conscious. 

What a RAT this guy is, after ruining this young guys life forever. 

Here are the files, most unfortunately in french. For an instant (but far from perfect translation into any language try:,or if you use Firefox you can use the Add On (Screenshot Pimp) which will give you an instant translation. 

Cambodia can and must be compared to the similar process of virginity tests that have been recently reported from Egypt:virignity-tests-egypt.jpg 
What now ? The NGO's are known for their Abu Ghraib like tactics when they question children. They keep and threaten and even deprive them of food and water as long as it takes to get their confession. The Foundation for these tactics where laid by the Cambodian Women Crisis Centerectopia---our-story.htm [5 KB] in Siem Reap and World Vision that only on the surface is a aid organisation but has a record of being just a front for undercover covert activities reaching back to the Vietnam War. (see World Vision )

To view the email exchange click at the link at your right hand corner, below to view all email's exchanged between Darnaudet and Makhout.The email Files be continued...